This Week on KPTZ: 8/26-8/31

We have some notable repeats this week:  On Tuesday, Aug 26, starting at 7pm we'll feature two notable repeats--by popular demand.    
7pm  Our Tribute to Beloved Local Jazz musician, Pete Toyne, featuring 5 of his friends, and lots of his music. 

8pm  Jonathan Ward & Colin Foden bring us KPTZ Goes to the Opera: La Boheme

New Program:  The Overlook Podcast: Steve Scher & Robert Horton    Veteran Public Radio commentators talk about Movies, and ideas they kick off. This week:  Popularity of "Food Movies -- ChefHundred Foot Journey.... Wednesday in Noon hour and again on Saturday at 11am

Barney Burke  and Friday Night Blues hits show #200.   Friday night at 8pm,  our own Blues Man, Barney Burke, celebrates his 200th show on KPTZ. He's been with us since Day 1. Thanks to Barney for  Blues knowledge, archive and hard work.

And on this week's Compass we talk with a local reporter who, but for some fluke of fortune, might easily have met the same grisly fate as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria beheading victim James Foley.  KPTZ Compass airs Mondays and Saturdays at noon, Tuesdays at 5 p.m., and Wednesdays at 10 a.m.

This Week on KPTZ: 8/19-8/23

OUR TOWN's Maryanne McNellis talks with Gwen Evans, who has turned her personal sense of style into a career. The former owner of Slather Lingerie creates one-of-a-kind clothing and leads adventures to Paris that focus on style and fashion. Hear the interview Tuesday in the noon hour and Thursday 5:30pm. 

And on Dalana's Music to My Ears, tune in for a special tribute to the late Robin Williams.  Hear it on Wednesday at 4 pm and Saturday at 1 pm.  

Coming This Week: 8/11-8/17

On Pleasures & Treasures:  Sharon Murphy, a new resident of Port Townsend, talks with Marcia Perlstein about her memoir of "living underground" to escape domestic violence.  Wednesday at 5pm,  and up on our podcast page

On KPTZ Compass, we witness the rise of a renewed Green Party candidacy from the ashes of last week’s crushing defeat in the primary election, and we give the details on a picnic to which the whole county is invited.  Mondays and Saturdays at noon, Tuesdays at 5pm and Wednesdays at 10am. 

On Broadway Showtime, with Don White :  a theme show on the "Patter Song" in musicals (Gilbert & Sullivan, Music Man, and more)   Wednesday at 3pm, and next Sunday at 1pm. 

A new experiment!  Try The Overlook Podcast - on KPTZ.  Steve Scher (formerly of KUOW) and Robert Horton, frequent participant in the PT Film Festival, discuss film, old and new.  They are letting us air their podcast this week, about the new film Boyhood (soon to open at the Rose).  Thursday at 12:30pm, and Saturday at 10:30am.

And don't forget LIVE WIRE,  Saturday at 2pm.  A live variety show from Portland, hosted by our new PT neighbor, Luke Burbank.  It's all here: KPTZ 91.9 fm

Coming up on Our Town



Take a look at what's on schedule for OUR TOWN  on KPTZ  Aug 5 & 7

Meet Gwen Moore and Pat Britt, two very remarkable women. Their first murder mystery book will be introduced August 10, but the two are better known for one of Jefferson County's secret gems - Turtle Bluff concerts - classical piano at the big house with the turtle on top. The concerts help fund music scholarships for the children of Jefferson County.


Listen to OurTown and learn all about Turtle Bluff - it's much more than a house on a hill with a gigantic turtle on the roof! The show will air on Tuesday, August 5, just after the Community Calendar at noon and again on Thursday, August 7 in the 5 p.m. hour. It will also be available online on our podcast page


Fresh, New Shows in the Dog Days of Summer

Prepare your ears for a couple of new shows on KPTZ this week!  First up: 
The Bill & Tim Radio Show      A half-hour Special featuring Local Music and Variety
Tim Holbrook, and Bill Marlow,  two lifelong residents of Port Townsend/Port Hadlock, present a fun & fast-paced music and variety show.  Produced by Nashville veteran, Bob Inglis. Music by Bill and Tim's Eagle Mountain String Band. Irreverent, silly and honest,  all at the same time.  A Bob Inglis production -- presented by KPTZ    
Tune in Friday evening July 18 at 7pm with a repeat Tuesday evening July 22 at 7pm
And next up:  LIVE WIRE    a live variety show recorded in Portland debuts on KPTZ 
Hosted by new Port Townsend resident and veteran Seattle radio personality, Luke BurbankLive Wire  is a one-hour variety show featuring comedy, interviews, musical guests, and more!  Recorded live at the Alberta Theater in Portland. Listen for Luke Burbank discussing the show on KPTZ,  and tune in for our first Live Wire broadcast, starting Saturday  July 19   at  2pm 
Our thanks to the producers of Live Wire, and to Public Radio International.


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