KPTZ Radio Celebration

Your local community radio station is 10 years old! KPTZ is hosting an on-air celebration Thursday, May 13 through Wednesday, May 19. We’re looking back on a decade of achievements and talking about What’s Next for the station. This is a pivotal moment for KPTZ, as we embark now on our relocation to KPTZ’s new studios at Fort Worden’s Makers Square, to be complete later this year.

Thanks to generous donors, including our own KPTZ DJs, who contributed to a pool of matching funds, all new donations during What’s Next week are being matched, essentially doubling each and every donation! Our goal is to raise $50,000 to fund the station’s budgetary needs, stay tuned and we’ll update on progress!

We’ll be asking for your support throughout the week. Please help us continue and expand what we do best—RADIO! Everyone who donates to KPTZ will receive a sticker with our new logo. Also, Pane D’Amore is offering their much appreciated and sought after prize: A Loaf of Bread Every Week for a year! All What’s Next week donors are eligible, online donors will be entered automatically. All listeners can email to enter. The winner will be announced on Thursday May 20th.

KPTZ thanks our special anniversary programming sponsors as we build community together, through lasting connections:
Corvus Crafts
Goodman Sanitation
Port Townsend Garden Center
Power Trip Energy
Rainshadow Recording Studio
San Juan Villa
Sunshine Propane
Uptown Pub

Compass for 5/15/21

After a decade of working in the cramped quarters of a former portable classroom at the Mountain View Commons, KPTZ will soon be moving into a spacious new facility in what is said to be Fort Worden’s first building. This week on the Compass, we tour the new studios as the remodel nears completion, and talk about the importance of community radio and the opportunities the move presents.

KPTZ Radio Port Townsend Day is May 14

At the May 3 Port Townsend City Council meeting, the agenda included Mayor Sandoval’s reading of the City’s Proclamation to establish May 14, 2021 as KPTZ Radio Day in Port Townsend. In honor of the station’s 10th anniversary of broadcasting at 91.9FM, KPTZ Programming Lead Ruby Fitch (upper left) joined the online Council meeting to accept the proclamation, expressing gratitude on behalf of everyone at the station. The archived audio below also includes an intro and outro from John Clise as well as Ruby’s acceptance of the Proclamation:

Brewocracy Now with John Mauro ~ 5/13

On today’s Brewocracy Now host Tim Quackenbush and City Manager John Mauro were joined by Mayor Michelle Sandoval who read the KPTZ Radio Day Proclamation. Other topics discussed included: state and federal relief funding for affordable housing infrastructure, upcoming Public Works Week, and the Drinking Water Report available on line.

Puget Sound Restoration Fund

(First airdate: May 12, 2021) Since 1997, Puget Sound Restoration Fund has been working collaboratively with many partners to restore marine habitat, water quality, and native species in Puget Sound. They do this by getting wet: literally diving in, scuba gear and all, to help restore key species and habitats from Olympia oysters to kelp forests. MaryAnn Wagner gets the inside story on this amazing organization with Deputy Director Jodie Toft.

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