KPTZ/JCHS Live Event and Broadcast

Every holiday season should have at least one festive party, so this year we here at KPTZ put together our own Holiday Extravaganza with the Jefferson County Historical Society (JCHS). On Saturday, December 11 from Noon to 4pm, KPTZ DJ Phil Andrus will host this live event from Jefferson Museum of Art & History in downtown Port Townsend and you’re invited! The event will be broadcast “live” on KPTZ and will feature music and a whole lot more.

Live music will be provided by:
– The Alternators (Peter Evasick and George Radebaugh)
– Le Coeur Criminel
– The Summer Band Brass Quintet
– Jean Lenke Jazz Quartet 
– Guitarist Trevor Hansen
Other events include holiday card-making and other wonderful winter activities.

There’ll be plenty of room for one one and all to join in the fun while observing safe social distancing. Room capacity is limited due to Covid-19 restrictions, and all attendees must provide proof of full vaccination status. If you can’t make it in-person, listen to KPTZ’s Holiday Extravaganza at 91.9 FM or stream it at

Thanks-Giving for Painters’ Progress!

As you may know, we’re in the midst of preparing for the big move to Fort Worden. The first big task has been all of the painting that needed to be done, ahead of furnishing the 2500-square foot square new station. KPTZ gives special thanks to our supporters at Peninsula Paint, including Port Townsend store manager Greg Hope and owners Ray and Diane Donahue for their significant contribution of all the paint, primer and supplies. “They were so easy to work with, they were awesome,” says KPTZ board member and relocation coordinator Monica MickHager.

Monica is pictured above (at right) with volunteer paint lead Sheila Long, who is president of Quimper Grange. “Sheila was a huge help,” says Monica. “She showed up for every single paint party.” 

We’re so very grateful to all the KPTZ volunteers who pitched in to help paint our new studios and offices.

Stay tuned to this page and our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on the transformation of KPTZ’s new “Studio 305.”

Community Tides ~ 12/03

Twice a month during the noon hour on Fridays, KPTZ host Chris Bricker and co-host Siobhan Canty, President and CEO of Jefferson Community Foundation, meet to discuss new developments, new paradigms, and the new normal as we flow into the months ahead. This week, Siobhan and Chris talk about the landscape of good work being done here in Jefferson County and how exciting it is to see relationships develop as complementary non-profit organizations are able to find and work with one another. Chris and Siobhan emphasize the significance of general funds in the life of a non-profit organization, and also the importance of the ability of a non-profit to be able to pay a living wage to its employees. Our hosts also note that the “season of giving” to groups that do good work really needs to last year round.

Local News for 12/02/21

December 2, 2021: Simon Jaynes – Suspect Charged in Quilcene murder; Vaccine Clinic for Children to combat possible Covid surge. (TRANSCRIPT)

New on KPTZ: Intimacy in Under 10

KPTZ has added a new short feature to the station’s programming lineup! Under 10: A Mini Intimacy Podcast with Dr. Jessica Tartaro is the podcast now airing on 91.9FM, weekly on Thursdays from 5:20–5:30pm. Each episode includes an intimacy tool you can practice immediately to grow your feelings of connection across all your relationships. Click here for more about Under 10 and host Dr Jessica Tartaro.
“Healthy intimacy is not a given. It’s a practice. It asks you for discipline and consistency. And will reward you immeasurably with the kind of love and support you desire. When the resistance comes up, just imagine my voice cheering you on and saying, ‘just do it’, in support of you letting something soften, letting love in and trying again.” ~ Dr. Jessica Tartaro, from Under 10, Episode #45

Jefferson County November 2021 Case Numbers

After our peak of 305 cases in September, Jefferson County recorded 164 cases in October and 139 in November. The other good news is vaccines are now available locally for everyone 5 years old and older.

Unfortunately, we still have a high case rate. The very contagious and potentially more serious strain, Delta, is the dominate form of Covid-19 in Washington and the U.S. Scientists are currently assessing Omicron, the new strain discovered in South Africa with many mutations which may prove to be significant.

Currently, about three out of four new cases in our county are in unvaccinated people. Getting vaccinated makes it much less likely that you’ll be infected or get a serious case if you do get infected. Plus, vaccines and masks help all of us stay healthier during the holiday season.

Please note that Jefferson Healthcare Hospital’s workforce is down about 25%, which isn’t enough to operate its 25 regular beds and six ICU beds. On multiple occasions, it has been operating about 15 regular beds and four ICU beds, and they’ve been 100% full. By taking common sense actions to reduce your chances of getting Covid-19, you also make it more likely that people with heart attacks, car wreck injuries, or other emergencies can get the care they need with the limited resources we have for the foreseeable future.

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