KPTZ Celebrates Our Local Creative Culture

On Thursday, October 29, gather around the radio for a very special day-long broadcast devoted to KPTZ’s Community Connections. Join Thursday’s KPTZ DJ hosts for a mix of music and special features, curated to celebrate the wonders of life in the awesome place we live. Keep your dial set on KPTZ all day for conversations with local leaders, artists and visionaries woven throughout our regular programming.

7:30-9:30am – Stringband Theory ~ Dave Long w/ guest Peter McCracken, Centrum Foundation/host of Crackin’ the Vault.

9:30-11am – Discovery Road ~ Tim Quackenbush w/ guest Everett Moran, Rainshadow Recording.

12:15-12:45pm – Brewocracy Now: Coffee with PT City Manager John Mauro on Recovery & Resilience.

1-3pm – Community Connections ~ Phil Andrus with guests Rob Story, Corner Store; Leigh Herron, Concerts in the Barn; Christy Kissler, Finnriver; and Kathleen Kler, BOCC.

3-5pm – Mid-Life Crisis Dance Party ~ Ray Serebrin with guests Pattie Miles, co-artistic director of The Paradise Theatre School in Chimacum; Tamara Meredith, JCL Director; Rick Smith, President of East Jefferson Rotary.

5:15-5:45pm – Robert Ambrose‘s Critical Conversation with Dahr Jamail, Environmental Author.

5:45-6:30pm  Chris Bricker, featuring KPTZ’s Compass, Through Science to Health, and Community Tides programs.

6:30-7pm – Peter Robinson w/ guest DJ Mateu.

7-8pm – Disco Geezer, host Pete Lack

8-10pm – All Over the Map, host Kurt Munnich

The day will also be decorated with opportunities to support ongoing, quality broadcasting on 91.9FM, as the station gears up for our long-awaited move and expansion to Fort Worden. We’ll be passing the hat and asking for your support. Donate now to KPTZ, using the blue Donate button at the top of this web page.

Nature Now #486
Pinto Abalone, part 1

(Airdate: October 28, 2020) Join Nan Evans and her guests Josh Bouma, from the Puget Sound Restoration Fund, and Betsy Carlson, from the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, as they tell the story of the Pinto Abalone – a hero’s journey.

Live Broadcast ~ ICG Presentation on Our Local Economy 10/27/20

On Tuesday, October 27 at 5pm, KPTZ will live broadcast the ICG presentation from Michael H. Shuman, who will speak on the topic of Rebooting Our Community After COVID-19. A leading expert on community economics, Mr. Shuman works with communities to help them develop local reinvestment strategies. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has created significant economic challenges for our community, and planning for recovery and resiliency is already underway: our elected leaders at Jefferson County, the City of Port Townsend, the Port of Port Townsend, and Jefferson County PUD have joined together to form the Intergovernmental Collaborative Group, or ICG, to begin this recovery planning effort. 

KPTZ’s October 27 Local News and Community Calendar, normally scheduled for 5pm on Tuesdays, will immediately follow this special ICG presentation broadcast. An additional airing of Our Town with host Maryanne McNellis’s interview of KPTZ Board President Robert Ambrose will begin at 6:10pm, with information about KPTZ’s upcoming move to Fort Worden in 2021. Alternative Radio, which usually airs at 6pm, will return next week at its usual time.  

Tune in via 91.9 FM, listen at, or livestream the meeting from the Jefferson County website

Port Townsend Education Foundation Inspiring Students and Supporting Teachers, Part 1

(First airdate: October 27, 2020) Holly Petta, President of the Port Townsend Education Foundation (PTEF)- speaks with Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can about their efforts to offset the financial gaps our school district faces. Port Townsend public schools are critical to the economic health and overall vitality of our hometown. Take a listen to learn more about their legacy and work to strengthen and support our schools.

County Public Health Report ~ 10/26

At today’s Public Health Briefings for the Jefferson County Commissioners, Public Health Officer Dr. Tom Locke and Willie Bence discussed:

Dr Locke:
• We are now in the third wave of the Covid pandemic, with Jefferson County now at 86 cases.
• Some Phase 3 activities are allowed here, even though Jefferson County is still under Phase 2 of the Safe Start program.
• School opening continues to go well, as example to other counties.
• The issues of indoor spread, since aerosols are causing spread.
• Encourages Flu vaccines to reduce risk of COVID-19.
• Discussion of testing accuracy and availability

Willie Bence:
• Mask availablity
• La Nina weather pattern may bring colder, wetter weather. Our Department of Emergency Management is preparing.
• People should prepare for storm situations with flashlights and supplies.

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