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Tossed Salad’s Holiday Adventure Today

KPTZ’s Tossed Salad program is moving to downtown Port Townsend for today's show, from 1 to 5pm. Please join us and see how a radio show is made!

Host Phil Andrus takes his 4-hour variety program out of our tiny studio into the more spacious Pope Marine Community Building (Madison Street pier at Water Street, behind the Salish Circle). There’s plenty of room to enjoy the fun festivities ~ be sure to tell your friends and neighbors!
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KPTZ 2.0

KPTZ and Fort Worden Public Development Authority (PDA) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding that outlines plans for the station to move its operations to historic Fort Worden.

News of the KPTZ–PDA agreement debuted today (12/04/17) on KPTZ’s news magazine Compass: A tour of KPTZ’s potential future home in the basement of Building 305, thought to be Fort Worden’s first building. The joint press release from the two organizations can be found here.

The prospect of relocating to Fort Worden is exciting because it would place KPTZ amongst Port Townsend's vibrant arts, culture and education community, where we have many natural synergies. The move would greatly expand the station’s ability to inform our audience about the diversity of activities at the Fort, and to broaden our core community.

The agreement highlights KPTZ’s interest in reestablishing its broadcasting studios and administrative offices in the basement of Building 305, the cornerstone facility in Fort Worden’s proposed Makers Square redevelopment project, and relocating the radio station’s transmitter tower to Artillery Hill.Read More

Compass for the Week of December 11, 2017

This week on the Compass we take part in a bittersweet reunion of workers for what was once known as the Greatest Show on Earth, and then Seattle radio journalist Martha Baskin reports on the kiddie version of the farm to table movement.


Heart of Learning: Home Schooling

Heather McRae-Woolf hosts discussions about education in our region. On this episode she talks with two veteran home-school parents/teachers: Amber Jones of Discovery House School and Port Townsend Cottage School Co-op, and Maeyoka Brightheart who founded Wild Rose Forest School.


Louise Marley

(First airdate: December 6, 2017) Author Louise Marley talks with Cris Wilson about her newest book A Secret History of Witches published under the pseudonym Louisa Morgan. Louise also discusses her Benedict Hall series set in Seattle after WWI published under the name Cate Campbell. Her 20 novels, ranging from historical fiction to science fiction, all feature strong women who push against societal norms and expectations.



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