Compass for 5/30/2020

Unexpected changes have altered the complexion of society in a very short amount of time, and there have been all manner of creative pivots and interesting, if not profound, changes, discoveries, and “a-hahs” hitting us right between the eyes. The concept of how to throw a Film Festival has been no exception.

This week on the Compass, we speak with Janette Force, Executive Director of the Port Townsend Film Festival, and we explore the creative alternative paths staff and volunteers are exploring this summer, from the launch of the Women in Film “mini” festival, to a picture of what September’s major festival may look like.  We’ll also discuss how the times are affecting both filmmakers and the Industry.

KPTZ’s Through Science to Health ~ 5/29

Today Lynn Sorensen, RN and Phil Andrus discussed the recent directive, dated 5/28/20, by Dr Tom Locke, Jefferson County Health Officer regarding the ‘mandatory’ wearing of cloth masks in public if unable to keep the social distance and always to enter a business or restaurant. Phil asked: if visitors arrive without masks, what can be done for them? Lynn suggested that the Visitor Center have free masks to give out to visitors. She also commended all the seamstresses who have given of their time and sewing expertise to continue to offer free cloth masks to the public.

Other counties, Clallam and Kitsap will both be in Phase 2 as of June 1st. Phil asked how will this affect Jefferson County. Lynn spoke to the divisiveness of cultures and the risk of ‘vaccine nationalism’; that is, when a working vaccine has been produced, will that country share it with the world? The U.S. and China are in a competitive stance at this time.

Tossed Salad for 5/29/2020 ~ The End of an Era

Can it possibly be? This Friday will be our final Tossed Salad show? Since May 2011 when KPTZ began broadcasting, Phil Andrus has brought us Friday afternoons of live music and interviews with the likes of Don White, Catherine McNabb, Kristin and Otto Smith, Deb Hammond, Scott Wilson…the list goes on. But, fear not, Phil will return soon with another creative (and, we hope, long-lived) show. His final lineup:
12:10Carla Main at the Wooden Boat Festival, from Sept 6, 2019
12:50 – Chat with Carla Main
1:00 – Through Science to Health: Lynn Sorensen, RN, BSN
1:20Dante and Eros Faulk, Jefferson County Fair, from August 9, 2019
2:00Denise Winter, Key City Public Theatre
2:30Justine Berg, Housing Solutions Network
2:45Scott Wilson, Scott and Phil for the last time, on Lake Toba
3:15Tom Jay, on the word “community”, from June 1, 2012
3:30Judith-Kate Friedman “Songs From the Sound”
4:30Don White, introduction of reading
4:40Don White, reading ”The Visit” by Ray Bradbury

County Public Health Report ~ Tuesday 5/26

This Tuesday morning, KPTZ broadcast the Public Health Updates, live from the Board of County Commissioners’ meeting.

Last Friday, our Commissioners approved the variance for moving into the governor’s new Safe Start Phased Plan and this was approved by the State Department of Health over the weekend. This will lift some of the current restrictions on business, restaurants and other activities here in town.

Dr. Tom Locke, Public Health Officer for Jefferson County and Willie Bence, Director of Emergency Management, provided information and guidance in order to ensure the health of our citizens.

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