Stringband Theory Tribute

Kerry Blech (1947-2023) was an old-time fiddler and preeminent ethno-musicologist. He grew up in Ohio and moved to Seattle for the next 22 years. Over the years, Kerry became recognized as an expert on old-time music. Despite any due acclaim, Kerry was very generous with his time and knowledge. Sheila Blech Long was married to Kerry for several decades and they had 2 children. On Tuesday’s Stringband Theory at 8:30am, Sheila will join Dave Long live to discuss Kerry and play some music in a tribute. Hope you’ll tune in.

Sigmund Freud’s Cricket

(September 25, 2023 – Sigmund Freud’s Cricket) Sigmund Freud walks into a bar with a cricket.

Peter Lumsdaine and Willie Bence

(Airdate: September 25, 2023) This week on Attention Please! Jim Burke has a NEW interview with Peter Lumsdaine with Physicians For Social Responsibility, and who visited Ukraine in the spring to interview people there in the war torn country. Then we have a REPEAT of Jim’s interview with Director of Emergency Management Willie Bence. They discuss disaster prep, resiliency, and GO BAGS and GO BUCKETS!

Dudebabe Radio Hour

WE GOT TUNES! A weekly live show, airing Thursday form 10pm to midnight, hosted by locals Rachel Smith and Conner Bouchard-Roberts sharing new tunes, fascinating discoveries, dance jams, odd vibes, poetry, literature, and the occasional live studio guest. Email Conner.

County Connections

(September 23, 2023) This week’s County Connections features Jim Burke, co-host, County Administrator Mark McCauley, and County Treasurer Stacy Prada discussing the 2024- 25 biennial budget for Jefferson County.

Brewocracy Now ~ 9/21/23

Co-hosts Taylor Clark and Port Townsend City Manager John Mauro discussed the City Council Special Meeting that took place Monday about the golf course. Reportedly progress is being made.

NN#637 Hard Rock Geology in East JeffCo, Part 1

(Reprise airdate: September 20, 2023) Tamanowas Rock-What is it? Nan Evans explores significant rocky out-croppings in Eastern Jefferson County – Tamanowas Rock and Peregrine Rock just west of Chimacum – with geologists Michael Machette and Jeff Tepper. In Part 1, we learn how Tamanowas Rock was formed, what it can tell about the ancient landscape of our region, why it is important to indigenous peoples, and what is being done to protect it.