KPTZ is grateful to have received the following dedications from our valued listeners and donors:

From May 2024:

In memory of Ray Schroff

From April 2024:

In honor of Ron McElroy
In honor of Genevieve Barlow and all her beautiful work!

From March 2024:

In honor of DJ Connie-Ma’s show!
In honor of Ellen Bonjorno
In honor of DJ Lizzz
In honor of Ronnie McCoury
In honor of Dudebabe Radio Hour!
In Memory of Bob Molise
In honor of the awesome volunteers at KPTZ!
In honor of Taylor Clark
In memory of Marcia Perlstein

From February 2024:

In memory of KLSN 96.5 FM Seattle
In memory of Dana Roberts and in honor of KPTZ’s collaboration with Allison Berry to help keep us informed and safe
In honor of Al Bergstein, for his dedication to Brazilian music in Pt Townsend and beyond!
In honor of Don White, host of Broadway Showtime
In honor of Jon Pinnow, KPTZ Board President
In memory of Richard Stiles Bigelow

In honor of DJ Kani Ma – Connie Segal & our community champions like her!
In honor of KPTZ host Phil Andrus
In memory of Bill Maxwell
In honor of our local heroes
In honor of Captain Peacock
In honor of Brenda Davis
In honor of Catherine McNabb
In honor of DJ LIZZZ
In memory of John Clise
Thanks to Larry and Pete and KPTZ
In honor of Marcia Perlstein
In memory of Julia Elaine Clark (OMA)
In memory of Mom & Dad
In honor of all of the behind-the-scenes volunteers!
In honor of Sally Weymouth