About KPTZ Underwriting

Let KPTZ help put your business in the Spotlight by becoming an underwriter!

Underwriting is a noncommercial acknowledgement of your business’s support of KPTZ Community Radio, which uses on-air announcements about you and your business.

While KPTZ’s on-air underwriting is limited by FCC regulations to value-neutral scripts, your specific marketing message of location, business hours, products and contact information will be played to thousands of listeners at a time.

Radio’s greatest strength is frequency. Frequency is the ability to reach a prospect many times over a given period, with the end result being awareness, familiarity, recall and having a positive association with our committed listeners.

Becoming a KPTZ Underwriter is Good for Business!

It’s good for business, good for your image and good for our community.

Underwriting at community radio stations has been proven to be an effective way of marketing businesses. Is it the right move for your business? Here are some things to consider:

    • Radio is the best medium for building name or brand awareness – it is pervasive (nearly everyone in the US still listens to radio during any given week) thereby being most effective in reaching a broad audience. It is subliminal (in a good way). Even when you are not actively listening, you are hearing information and it is being absorbed.
    • The key to radio marketing is the frequency of your message – the more often it’s heard, the more effective it will be. Radio should be an integral part of any well-designed marketing plan.
    • Whether listeners are tuned in at home, at work, or while driving in their cars, your on-air underwriting spots will reach thousands of listeners and shoppers located in: Port Townsend – Sequim – Port Angeles – Whidbey Island – San Juan Islands – Port Hadlock – Quilcene – Edmonds and even parts of Seattle; plus listeners from all over the world who stream live through this website.
    • Our KPTZ audience are educated, creative, tech-savvy, active, discerning listeners, members, donors, and other underwriters who support a community radio station that offers consistent, high-quality independent radio programming.
    • Perhaps the biggest reason underwriting works is positioning. By supporting KPTZ, you are making a statement about your business and how it fits into the listening community. A company’s support of community radio has a positive influence on the listener’s decision to purchase your products or services. When your business gives financial support to KPTZ, you are seen as part of our community radio family.
    • You can target the placement of your on-air spots around specific music programs, community interest and news segments, time of day and/or a host of variety shows.
    • And underwriting on KPTZ really is affordable.

Beyond thoughtful scheduled placement of your underwriting copy, KPTZ would also like to be a partner in promoting your business within our community through a number of available avenues, including presence on our website, social media opportunities, and announcements of any community events your business may offer.