Stock Transfer Donations

To make a donation of stocks or securities to KPTZ, here is the needed information in order to arrange for these contributions to be transferred into our Fidelity Investments account. Your account broker or brokerage firm should be able to process a transfer, using the following information. If you would like more information in order to make your gift, we would be pleased to meet or talk with you. Feel free to call us 360-379-6886 or email

KPTZ’s Fidelity account is a corporate account in the name “Radio Port Townsend”.
Fidelity account # – Z40047002
The DTC number is 0226

Fidelity Investments
Attn: TOA Receives
PO Box 770001
Cincinnati, OH 45277-0036

Radio Port Townsend’s Tax ID is 26-0875372