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King Tides


(First airdate: October 31, 2019) What King Tides Can Tell Us About Future Sea Levels. Coastal Café talks with Bridget Trosin, s a Marine Policy Specialist with Washington Sea Grant. She heads up the Washington State King Tides program which monitors king tides and the flooding they can cause in coastal Washington. She hosts king tide viewing events around the coast every winter when the tides come in, showing people what our shorelines may look like in the future with rising sea levels.

Nature Now #434
Robert Pyle, Part 1

(First airdate: October 30, 2019) Robert Michael Pyle, who is noted for observation and writing about nature from butterflies to Bigfoot, joins us to share his skills

Tossed Salad for 11/01/2019

Coming to the close of our Fall Fund Drive, Phil Andrus brings us a memorable Tossed Salad featuring:
12:00 - Shayann Hoffer-Pauley, Jefferson Teen Center yoga benefit
12:30 - Dare to Be Square, with Joanne Pontrello, Paul Denison and Dave Thielk
1:15 - David Michael and Joe Breskin
2:00 - Bob Rosen, South County Report
2:30 - Wes Weddell and Joe Jencks, the news in song
3:15 - Wayne Chimenti, Community Boat Project benefit
3:45 - Tres Piedras:  Bonnie Zahnow - fiddle, Marla Streeter - fiddle, Bruce Reid - guitar, Pedro - vihuela
4:30 - Don White, reading

Jennifer Gold

(First airdate: October 2, 2019) Jennifer Gold aka Nicole Persun talks to Cris about her book “The Ingredients of Us”.  Jennifer writes very believable, of the moment,  books about women and their flawed relationships.  This is a story about love, mistakes, second chances, and finding inner strength. 

Dog Training

(First airdate: October 29, 2019) Marta Krissovich of Autism Service Dogs of America shares with Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can the experiences Marta encounters as she facilitates and transforms adorable puppies into well-behaved service dogs and in the process, significantly changes the lives of children with autism. 

Tossed Salad for 10/25/2019

Phil Andrus is back with a Tossed Salad that brings you a touch of Halloween. So sit back and shiver with:
1:00 - Haunted Histories, with Shelly Leavens and Mari Mullen
1:30 - David Schroeder, mixed musics
2:30 - Amanda Milholland, PT Farmers Market
2:45 - Tom Jay “A Word and a Poem”
3:00 - Tigran Arakelyan, Port Townsend Symphony Orchestra
3:30 - Paul deBarros and Lanny Turay
4:30 - Heather Dudley Nollette, reading

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