Heads Up on Local Housing

On Monday evening, March 13, KPTZ presented two recorded half-hour programs addressing the current challenges and lack of housing in our community, hosted by KPTZ News Producer Jim Burke.
Housing Connections, part 1 covered “What Is a Comprehensive Housing Plan and Why Does Port Townsend Need One?” and features Kim Herman, Peggy Webster and Naushard Cader

Housing Connections part 2 discussed “Inclusionary Zoning Myths” will feature Judy AlexanderFred Kimball, and Kim Herman.

On Tuesday, March 14, as part of KPTZ’s Pi Day event, Housing Connections, part 3 was a special live forum to address the challenging housing situation in our area, in an employer-focused panel discussion, moderated and hosted by Phil Andrus. The forum comprised Jake Beattie, Northwest Maritime Center, Linda Rosenbury, PT Schools Superintendent, Buster Ferris, Edensaw Woods, and Chief Bret Black of East Jefferson Fire Rescue.

Nature Now #611
The Manis Mastodon, part 1

(Airdate: March 21, 2023) Host Debaran Kelso speaks with special guest Clare Manis Hatler about finding what came to be known as “The Manis Mastodon” on their farm in Sequim in 1977. It is still one of the most significant archaeological finds in North America!  Part 1 of a two part program.

Put a Wrap on Recycling

(Airdate: March 21, 2023) Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can visits with the Port Townsend High School Students for Sustainability (SFS). This year they traveled to Olympia to advocate for Washington state’s WRAP Act, (Washington Recycling And Packaging Act ) which included packaging and bottle bill provisions. This act intends to extend producer responsibilities for certain packaging and paper, create a container deposit system that includes reuse targets, “truthful labeling” rules, and minimum recycled content standards for items like plastic thermoform containers, food tubs and single-use cups. While the bill ultimately did not move forward these students are not dissuaded and plan on bringing this bill forward at next session. Join us as we speak with the leadership team of the Students for Sustainability at P.T.H.S. 

Sara Penhallegon and Her Baby Bison

(Airdate: March 21, 2023) Maryanne interviews Sara Penhallegon, the brains and heart behind Center Valley Animal Rescue. Literally thousands of animals – both wild and domestic – have been rescued by Sara and her team. When that confused coyote somehow wandered into the hospital, it was Sara who rushed in to tranquilize and ultimately stitch her up. There’s also that bison who was born to a starving mom. The newborn bison was hand-fed largely by Sara. Not surprisingly, he now thinks Sara is his ‘mom’. That means when he gets lonely, he sometimes breaks out of his quarters and heads for mom’s living room where he was nurtured back to health. He now weighs upwards of 700 pounds and is still a growing boy! Sara’s stories are amazing. But she needs donations to her non-profit to continue her mission.

County Public Health Report ~ 3/20/23

The following is a recording of the presentation during the Public Health briefings at this week’s Board of County Commissioners meeting made by Jefferson and Clallam County Public Health Officer Dr. Allison Berry. Also Willie Bence, Director of Emergency Management, gave a report. The summary below was provided by Jim Burke, producer of KPTZ’s Tuesday’s Local News.

Dr. Berry said that news of transmission and disease from COVID-19 is “relatively good,” and on the national level, cases, hospitalizations and deaths are on a downtrend this week. We are down to 334 deaths per day nationwide due to COVID-19, but for reference, she added that number is about three times the death rate of a severe FLU season. Jefferson County Public Health reports the two-week COVID-19 case rate is 221 per 100,000 people, still in the high category. 32 new cases were added in the past week, so there have been 7,080 cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic began. There were no deaths this week. No one is currently hospitalized with Covid-19 in Jefferson County. Willie Bence spoke about resilience on the Olympic Peninsula in light of the Hood Canal bridge closures planned for this summer,

Autumn is a Big Mess

(April 20, 2023 – Autumn is a Big Mess) Ray’s obsessive need for control falls by the wayside when Autumn arrives.

Discovery Bird Rescue

(Airdate: March 20, 2023) In a reprise of a show from last year, host Steve Evans is given a tour of Discovery Bird Rescue by Cindy Daily, the amazing woman who has spent up to 12 hours a day, seven days a week for 14 years (without pay) to build a showcase hospital, rehabilitation center, haven, and conservation educational center for the wild birds of the Olympic Peninsula and beyond.