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Nature Now #411
Bird Migration, part 1

(First airdate: May 8, 2019) Host Debaran Kelso speaks with Dr. Geoff Hammerson on different aspects of bird migration (this is part 1 of a 2-part show). 

#135 Daniel Evans, R2AK Race Boss

(First airdate: May 7, 2019) DANIEL EVANS: RACE BOSS OF R2AK. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Daniel Evans, Race Boss for the upcoming R2AK (Race to Alaska). This eclectic event is now in its 5th year. It has expanded and evolved. Now there’s a race from Tacoma to Port Townsend called the 70/48 - that’s 70 miles in 48 hours. Not all that difficult? Well, the boats must be people powered - no motors, no sails - just muscles and grit. The main event is the 750-mile R2AK. Sails are allowed, but there are no motors of any sort. And don’t get eaten by a bear (that’s on Daniel’s business card too!). There are amazing feats of guts and glory. One guy made it all the way to Alaska on a standup paddleboard.

Compass for the Week of 5/06/2019

This week on the Compass, we visit what its discoverer is calling the Quimper Lost Wilderness, a slice of ancient rain-shadow forest that has somehow escaped the lumberjacks’ saws despite its close proximity to civilization...until now.

Progress is Happening!

KPTZ is on track to round out our goal of completing the Sage Foundation match challenge! In the past six months station supporters have contributed 77% of the total match ~ a rousing $576,000 so far ~ thanks to the generous grant we received from Sage.

If you haven’t yet made a donation to Help Build a New Home for KPTZ, we ask you to step up now, as we close in on our time-sensitive May 10 target to bring in the remaining $58,000 still needed. This is a pivotal time to our campaign, please consider Our Vision for growing KPTZ's service as your community radio station. Thank you for tuning in! Please stop by KPTZ any weekday or contact us by email anytime, if you would like to discuss making your gift.

Tossed Salad for 5/03/2019

Phil Andrus brings us another Tossed Salad that samples goodies for the first week of May, when Spring is in full bloom. A-a-ah-CHOO!
1:00 - Anja Claire and friends
1:45 - Margie McDonald and Camille Hildebrant
2:15 - Larry Dennison, et al, Town Tavern; and Shelly Leavens, JCHS
2:45 - Rebecca Rottsolk, Rainshadow Chorale
3:15 - Peter Newland, Tarboo Ridge Coalition
3:30 - Richard and Suzanne Friedrichs
4:30 - Jane Hall, reading …

Nature Now #410
Impact of Orbiting on Oceans and More

(First airdate: May 1, 2019) Nan Evans talks with Port Townsend resident and retired oceanography professor, Dr. Peter Rhines, about what being on the Earth traveling through the universe means for the behavior of our oceans, atmosphere and life itself.

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