Deeper Blues

A new locally produced program on KPTZ! Tune in for Deeper Blues with Chicago Bob Longmire, a time set aside for an in-depth focus on various aspects of blues culture: performers, styles, social issues, and more. Every Tuesday at 7pm Bob will focus on a different performer or topic for an hour to enjoy learning more of this uniquely American culture. Please also note Bill Mericier’s Jazz Notes new start time of 8pm on Tuesdays, following Deeper Blues.

Born in Tacoma, Bob Longmire lived in Chicago for over 40 years before coming “home”, drawn by Port Townsend’s creative spirit and by Puget Sound.  Deeper Blues is his chance to share music and stories that underlie the blues, toward a better understanding of those who shaped it, enjoyed it, and developed it over the decades.

Jefferson County February 2021 Case Numbers

This graph shows the monthly and cumulative number of COVID-19 infections reported in Jefferson County, from March through February, 2021. Data source: Jefferson County Public Health Department website, graph created by KPTZ.

As of February 28, 2020 the total number of COVID-19 cases in Jefferson County was 335. There were 28 cases in January, slightly more than the spike of 79 in November.

KPTZ’s Through Science to Health ~ 2/26

Chris Bricker, KPTZ host, along with Lynn Sorensen, RN, meet once again with Dr. Joe Mattern, Jefferson Healthcare’s Chief Medical Officer, via Zoom for this week’s Through Science to Health episode. Dr. Mattern coordinates JHC’s COVID-19 vaccination program and speaks to the state’s distribution of the vaccine supply and the process of getting the vaccine into the arms of Jefferson County’s 12,000 residents 65 years and older. Dr. Mattern addresses equity in access to the vaccine supply and how JHC plans to reach county residents who may be unable to access the vaccine appointment registration process via the internet.

Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was

Beginning Friday February 26 at 3pm, KPTZ presents a 6-week series from the Public Radio Exchange and Radio Smithsonian: the 25th anniversary edition of Black Radio: Telling It Like It Was. This series reveals the correlation between Black radio programming and African American culture milestones through interviews, historical airchecks, comedy, drama, and music. It explores radio during the great migration of Blacks from the South, trail-blazing Black DJs and stations, and Black radio during the Civil Rights movement. Black Radio: Telling it Like it Was will air Fridays on KPTZ, following Filter.

Brewocracy Now with John Mauro ~ 2/25

On Brewocracy Now, host Charlie Bermant and City Manager John Mauro were joined by Vice Mayor David Faber. Topics discussed included the status of the Police Chief recruitment, the recently released City Annual Report, and the effects of the new Presidential administration on the City of Port Townsend.

Sea Shanties on KPTZ

Thursday, Feb 25 from 7 to 8pm on KPTZ! A special night of music with Gilbert & McHagar, in collaboration with the Candlelight Concert Online series at Trinity United Methodist Church. KPTZ presents this evening of lively sea shanties, amusing stories and beautiful ballads of the sea. Tune in for timeless maritime tunes that once echoed across our Victorian waterfront during the golden age of sail. Listen on KPTZ 91.9FM or stream the video directly from Trinity United Methodist Church. While there is no paywall to listen, the program is partially a fundraiser for NAMI, The National Alliance on Mental Illness, in Jefferson County.

Jefferson County Anti-Racist Fund

KPTZ now partners with Jefferson County Anti-Racist Fund (JCARF), a grassroots reparations and mutual aid project focused on the individual and collective wellness of Black people, Indigenous people, and all other People of Color (BIPOC) in our local community. Since 2019, JCARF has distributed thousands of dollars in direct payments, gift certificates, locally grown food, handmade herbal medicine, and other wellness items to our BIPOC community members. As we look toward the upcoming growing season, JCARF honors the black farmers and chefs who sustain our community. Right now they are focusing on assisting 2 local black-owned businesses: Nadine’s Soul Kitchen and Woodbridge Farm. Find JCARF on Instagram at jeffersoncountyantiracistfund.