KPTZ Programs

Rachel Muller

(First airdate: September 4, 2019) Rachel Muller is a storyteller and children’s author from Ladysmith on Vancouver Island.  She spins us a tale on this edition of Booklovers’ Cafe. 

Nature Now #427
Bats and Carnivores

(First airdate: September 4, 2019) Mary Robson talks with wildlife experts Lorna and Darrell Smith about identifying bats and teaching about carnivores.

Artful Growth at PT School for the Arts

(First airdate: September 3, 2019) Teresa Verraes, PTSA-Social Entrepreneur and Executive Director of the PT School of the Arts updates Missy Neilsen of Everybody Can on all of the offerings and opportunities to engage your artistic self. Volunteer opportunities abound at this organization from downtown to Fort Worden. Listen in to learn more!

Compass for the Week of 9/02/2019

This week on Compass, humble sailor Olivier Huin tells us his story about building a 51-foot wooden sailboat and of his first attempt in 2017 at navigating the Northwest Passage from Newfoundland to Breskell’s new home in Port Townsend. In that conversation earlier this summer, he spoke of his current preparations, as he and his five-person crew prepared to make a second attempt to cross. Since then, Olivier has been reporting in each week by SatPhone. We’ll include his latest report, along with the crew's observations about the impact of a rapidly changing Arctic climate.

KPTZ Deep Squeeze ~ All Labor Day Weekend!

The 4th Annual Deep Squeeze is a benefit for KPTZ! The other beneficiary organization of Deep Squeeze proceeds is the very fine Community Wellness Project. Awesome! 

Enjoy three days of Accordion Fun in the Sun, produced by Paul Rogers and Maggie Martin ~ all featuring 8 performing acts, for 15 shows.

Your KPTZ station that’s moving into its permanent home in 2020 can use - and greatly appreciates - everyone’s support!

For more info, check out the Deep Squeeze website. And stay tuned to 91.9FM KPTZ!

Here is the complete schedule.

Tossed Salad for 8/30/2019

Getting ready for the KPTZ Deep Squeeze this weekend, Phil Andrus brings some of the entertainers to this week's Tossed Salad. Enjoy!
1:00 - Deep Squeeze live, with Paul Rogers, his accordion friends, and Eric Reeter of MeadWorks at Wilderbee Farm
2:00 - Eva Abram, storyteller
2:45 - Jake Beattie, Northwest Maritime Center, with Scott Wilson, publisher emeritus of the Port Townsend Leader
3:15 - Tom Jay, A Word and a Poem
3:30 - Colin and Chris Gilbert, brothers in song
4:30 - Poetry read by poet Linda Robertson

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