Transitional Housing in Jefferson County

Photo Courtesy of Port Townsend Leader

On this week’s Compass, hosted by Chris Bricker, airing Monday July 26 at noon and 5pm on KPTZ, and also available as a podcast through KPTZ’s podcast page: A “Good Idea” has taken legs here in Jefferson County – namely, the creation of a dozen transitional Tiny Houses (or Wooden Tents) now occupied by some of our County’s homeless neighbors. It has become a community where its temporary residents can now have an address, a comfortable place to sleep, and doors they can lock behind them. This seminal effort to construct a group of transitional housing units was transformed into a village called Peter’s Place, named after one of the catalysts for the first “Community Build,” Peter Bonyun. Since then, a much bolder undertaking has taken place. With additional expertise, collaboration, relationships and contributions, a new batch of homeless shelters has been constructed, to be placed as a Village called “Pat’s Place,“ within the city limits of the Port Townsend community. Listen and learn more about “big picture’ solutions for the homeless crisis, and about a very special “Open House” on July 31.