KPTZ’s Through Science to Health ~ 8/21/20

Through Science to Health, a continuing bi-monthly interview and commentary with Lynn Sorensen, RN and KPTZ Host Chris Bricker began today with a public service announcement from the Jefferson County Public Health Dept. The announcement, authorized by Dr Tom Locke, Health Officer, was sent to KPTZ on August 20 asking for people who had attended a social gathering at Tarboo Lake on August 15 and 16 to contact their provider or call the Nurse Hotline at JHC at 360-344-3094 for possible exposure to coronavirus. Two persons from these gatherings were positive for COVID-19. The Health Dept has already identified 23 contacts at this party and is working quickly to get these people into isolation and quarantine.

Other topics include clinical studies of trial therapeutics for those already infected with coronavirus: Convalescent Plasma Therapy, and Remdesivir (antiviral) and Interferon beta in combination. Both of these therapies may prove to shorten hospital stays for those with COVID-19 by 4 days. The ongoing issue of masking included the care and feeding of your mask. Local case numbers are compared with Kitsap and Clallam county.