Wish List

KPTZ thanks the many people and organizations who support us throughout the year and during our twice-a-year pledge drives. In addition, we can benefit from specific things you may have lying around unused. Please consider regifting them to us. For example:

  • Folding Chairs – We’d like to provide extra seating for our growing Tossed Salad audience, or for other meetings held at our headquarters building on Blaine Street. Not a lot of room here, so stack-against-the-wall chairs would be ideal. xx
  • Mini Fridge – Our old fridge stopped working and has been removed. But our DJs would like to store snacks and lunch where the food won’t spoil right away. We promise to keep it cleaned out!
  • Computer Monitor – Our receptionist desk’s computer monitor is on its last legs. The screen is so pale, it’s hard to read. If you have a Mac or PC monitor of recent vintage whose screen still has a bright display, we would love to brighten the day for our volunteer receptionists.

Contact the station at 360-379-6886 if you can help.