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The purpose of a Public Service Announcement (PSA) is to promote a local nonprofit organization to the KPTZ listening community. PSAs are not advertisements and are not underwriting messages. They do not market a product or an endeavor.

To submit a PSA, complete the Submittal Form at the bottom of this page. Your announcement should be 20 seconds or less (300 characters or less) when read. If accepted, your announcement will be recorded at the KPTZ studio. Be sure your announcement includes all the information listeners need to hear.

KPTZ considers submissions that:

  • Are not related to candidates running for political office, have a political agenda or directly represent a specific religious denomination, faith, or point of view.
  • Do not solicit funds, solicit volunteers to solicit funds, or promote a “members only” event.
  • It cannot use qualitative language such as “this unjust war,” “award-winning jazz trio,” or “unbeatable service.” However, if an individual or a group has received a specific and well-known award, that may be included.
  • It cannot mention prices or discounts of any kind. It cannot say that something is “free” or that “donations are accepted.” You may, however, say something like “proceeds from this event benefit such and such” or that a class is “fee-based.”
  • It cannot include a call to action (e.g. “don’t miss it,” “get your tickets now,” “join the march”).
  • Must include a date, time, location and contact information.
  • It should avoid potentially difficult-to-pronounce words or provide a pronunciation guide.
  • It should be written in the third person, using short, upbeat sentences in a conversational tone.
  • Submit your announcement at least TWO WEEKS prior to the time you want it to air.
  • If you choose not to use the form below, you may submit your copy in the body of an email to Put a start date and end date in the subject line.

Sample PSAs

“Northwest Kidney Centers holds its 9th annual Breakfast of Hope fundraiser on May 19th at Seattle’s Westin Hotel. The event features illusionist and three‐time kidney transplant recipient Michael Grasso. Registration and more information at”

“On Saturday, June 4 at 7 p.m. the PT Songlines Spring Sing takes place at the Cotton Building, 650 Water St. The concert includes songs from around the world, audience participation pieces, and new works. All proceeds will go to educate young women in Uganda.”

Submittal Form

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