Our Town

#105 Johnpaul Davies

(First airdate: February 27, 2018) JOHNPAUL DAVIES – A TASTY MARITIME TRADE AT KEY CITY. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Johnpaul Davies, owner of Key City Fish Company. As a young man fishing in Alaska, Davies had no idea he’d end up running a successful fish (& meat) operation in Western Washington. His skills as a salesman meshed with his knowledge of how to cut, handle and display seafood. It’s a much more complex job than you might think. Even his nuclear physicist father was impressed.

#104 Sheriff Dave Stanko

(First airdate: February 13, 2018) SHERIFF STANKO: ALIGNING COMMUNITY & COPS. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Sheriff Dave Stanko, who explains his mission to improve and humanize the police force in Jefferson County. During his first term, Stanko – who ran and won without the support of either major political party – has ambitiously revamped the sheriff’s office. He set up a Citizen’s Advisory Panel; sent officers into the schools; arranged for “coffee with a cop” meetings, and even put his entire force through extensive training sessions.

#103 Judy Lundgren

(First airdate: January 16, 2018) TOASTING THE TOWN: JUDY LUNDGREN, HILLTOP TAVERN. Our town host Maryanne McNellis talks with Judy Lundgren, co-owner of the Hilltop Tavern, one of the few authentic taverns left around the region. As drinking habits have changed, so has the tavern. Judy’s been doing charity bingo nights for about 20 years now – raising tens of thousands of dollars for community causes. Music events range from honky tonk to punk or metal. And now she’s added a ‘painting night’ where a local artist coaches people to create their own masterpiece.

#102 Peter Hanke

(First airdate: January 2, 2018) CAPTAIN PETE TALKS WHALES & THE VIBRANT PORT BUSINESS. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Pete Hanke, owner of Puget Sound Express and a Commissioner for the Port of Port Townsend. PSE will add another high-speed boat to its fleet this spring as the public’s appetite for whale watching continues to grow. Meanwhile, the Port is grappling with multiple issues including a failing breakwater at Port Hudson. Marine trades are an economic underpinning for the region, with jobs at the Boat Haven rivaling the number of jobs at the Mill. Port Commissioners want to make sure there will be a steady flow of educated young tradesmen for this seafaring town.

#101 Daniel Knudson

(First airdate: December 19, 2017) DANIEL KNUDSON AND THE AUTHENTIC VICTORIAN FEAST. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Daniel Knudson, an extraordinary foodie from Key City Meat and Fish. Want a Victorian menu for your Victorian Christmas holiday? Daniel happily provides tips for rendering down pigs feet and heads; baking meat pies into inedible brick crust and why the 4th stomach of the young bull is so important.


#100 Pilar Clark

(First airdate: December 5, 2017) PILAR CLARK: TWIRLING THROUGH THE “BEAUTIFUL VORTEX”. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Pilar Clark, a server at the Old Whiskey Mill in downtown Port Townsend. This single mom has two kids under the age of five. She also has a boundless optimism for the future. She adores Port Townsend, which she calls a ‘beautiful vortex.’ Her bubbly, sunny nature warms the damp darkness of our Northwest winter. Friends, customers and even strangers turn toward her like flowers to the sun.


#99 Lawrence Johnson

(First airdate: November 21, 2017) THE JOHNSON ROOTS RUN DEEP ON MARROWSTONE ISLAND. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Lawrence Johnson, the owner of Carl’s Building Supply in Port Hadlock. The Johnson family pioneered the Olympic Peninsula, settling here back in the 1880s. Lawrence is the fourth generation Johnson on Marrowstone Island. His great-great grandfather (Karl with a “K”) started what would ultimately become Carl’s (Carl with a “C”) under Lawrence’s father. Lawrence has turned Carl’s into a thriving company that serves both contractors and home improvement mavens. It’s a company that stands for quality products.


#98 Sam Lillie

(First airdate: October 24, 2017) HYPERLOCAL FOODIE ALERT: FROM YOUR GARDEN TO MY TABLE. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Sam Lillie, the founder of Vinder, a company that takes the ‘farm to table’ movement right down to the basics. Type your zip code into the web site (www.vinder.com) to find out who is growing what in your neighborhood. Cherries, tomatoes, kale – it’s all there. You can pay via Paypal. Then you can either get things delivered or pick them up right in the backyard. Sometimes you can watch the owner/grower pick the produce right in front of you. And, of course, she/he could share some gardening tips. This is really fresh and really, really local.


#97 Bob Saring

(First airdate: October 10, 2017) TAPS & FOLDED FLAGS: HONORING THOSE WHO SERVED. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Bob Saring, the Captain of the Honor Guard for Port Townsend’s American Legion Post. The Legion’s contributions to the community are many: scholarships, the homeless shelter, and a veterans assistance program that covers everything from filling out paperwork to providing funds for an operation for a disabled vet’s service dog. Then there’s the Honor Guard. It will come to any vet’s memorial service to play taps and deliver a folded American flag to the grieving family. Not many people realize that you don’t have to be a member of the Legion for this free memorial. It’s for all honorably discharged vets.


#96 Lance Bailey

(First airdate: September 26, 2017) LANCE BAILEY: THE CZAR OF BUILDING PERMITS. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Port Townsend Planning Director Lance Bailey. From the Howard Street expansion to Water Street construction to your neighbor’s renovation, he’s the man on the ground when it comes to building permits. And, as ever in Port Townsend, the real question is “to grow, or not to grow?” There are some very differing opinions out there on that one. Lance must listen and carefully weigh all options and all opinions.


#95 Teresa Hoffman

(First airdate: September 12, 2017) Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Teresa Hoffman, owner of the Port Townsend Athletic Club. She didn’t set out to own a fitness club. But thanks to hard work, determination and a couple of angel investors, she’s built the Athletic Club into a healthy and growing business. This mother of five spends part of her “off” time tending to eleven horses with her youngest daughter.


#94 Michael Hale

(First airdate: August 29, 2017) Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews the popular Port Townsend artist Michael Hale. Michael’s paintings have served as posters for several Wooden Boat Festivals and the Uptown Street Fair. He has also published a fantasy book. But he’s perhaps best known for his Port Townsend Portfolio, a series of paintings that captures the soft colors of early morning light on the street of Port Townsend. Michael has given KPTZ permission to use one image – “Rainy Morning on Water Street” – to represent Our Town on our web site.


#93 Steve Bergstrom of Bergstrom’s Sewing Machines

(First airdate: August 15, 2017) THE SECRETS OF SEWING FROM STEVE BERGSTROM. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Steve Bergstrom, the owner of Bergstrom’s Sewing Machines. It’s a traditional business that has helped several generations of Jeffersonians. Steve includes a lesson with every sewing machine and he’s always there if you need a little consultation about your quilt, or your tutu for that matter.


#92 Mike Gaede of Rain Coast Farms

(First airdate: August 1, 2017) MIKE GAEDE: A MAN WITH AN ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Mike Gaede, the new owner of the experimental farm, Rain Coast Farms. Mike’s life is one adventure after another. Previous careers include park ranger, builder of carbon fibre racing yachts in New Zealand, fisheries biologist, general contractor and even dog sled runner on Alaskan glaciers. Rain Coast Farms, with its 32 varieties of tomatoes and endless varieties of other fruits and veggies, is his latest challenge. Master Gardeners already know and love Rain Coast, and Mike’s going to give it more of a public face.


#91 Roger Short of Short’s Family Farm

(First airdate: July 18, 2017) Eating Beef and Dirt from Short’s Family Farm. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Roger Short, the owner of Short’s Family Farm in Chimacum. After decades as a traditional dairyman, Roger converted to grass-fed beef. He passionately believes in the health benefits of grass-fed vs. grain-fed beef. Jefferson County foodies agree with gusto. Short’s other line of business is selling “magical soil.” He sells some to a New Yorker who repackages it (to eat) and sells 4-oz. packages for $107. Roger sells it for considerably less to local gardeners and most of them don’t even eat it.


#90 Robin Bergstrom of Bergstrom’s Antiques & Classic Autos

(First airdate: July 4, 2017) DRIVING DOWN THE SUPERHIGHWAY OF AMERICAN DREAMS. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Robin Bergstrom, owner of Bergstrom’s Antique & Classic Autos. Robin sells vintage cars and extraordinary dream cars – such as the one that one Oscar winner had customized to the point where the door posts were carved into replicas of his treasured Oscars. But the shop is selling much more than cars: it’s an emporium of the all-American obsession with motor vehicles. It’s as much a museum as a shop and plenty of Robin’s personal collection is not for sale. Enter the door to “petrolomania,” a fantasy world suitable for any man cave (or woman cave, for that matter).


#89 Brian Kuh

(First airdate: June 20, 2017) FIGHTING FOR JOBS ON THE OLYMPIC PENINSULA. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Brian Kuh, executive director of EDC Team Jefferson. Visitors have long fantasized about starting their own company here on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula. But few manage to get past the daydream stage. Brian and his team at the Economic Development Council are working behind the scenes, helping entrepreneurs turn those dreams into reality.


#88 Ned Schumann of olympus.net

(First airdate:  June 6, 2017) HOW MANY WIFI SHED BOYS ARE THERE? Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Ned Schumann, the founder of olympus.net, the Olympic Peninsula’s own ISP (Internet Service Provider). Schumann offers tips on how to improve your security and privacy online. But he also notes that generally you get what you pay for: if you pay for an internet service or application, you are the customer. But if it’s free – you are the product. And, yes, you can be a wifi shed boy and mooch “free” internet service. But, as he explains, there are certain risks.


#87 Mike Glenn

(First airdate: May 23, 2017) THE CASE FOR BETTER HEALTH CARE. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Mike Glenn, the CEO of Jefferson Healthcare. Careful scrutiny of the demographics of Jefferson County is driving the hospital to focus on cardiology, oncology, orthopedics and dermatology. And while the national debate on healthcare continues, hospitals such as Jefferson Healthcare are trying to focus on improving care.


#86 Puffin Shoe Repair

Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Colleen Swantner & John Shortess, the team behind Puffin Shoe Repair. Puffin has been a fixture in Port Townsend since the early 1970s. It’s the place to go to save your favorite cowboy boots, dancing shoes, or even leather jackets or guitar cases.


#85 Don’s Pharmacy

(First airdate: April 25, 2017) DON’S PHARMACY: THE HOME TOWN ALTERNATIVE. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Don Hoglund, the owner of Don’s Pharmacy in Port Townsend. Don’s father – also named Don – founded the pharmacy but he died unexpectedly when his son was only 17 years old. Don, Jr. stepped right up to the challenge of taking over the family business. He has made Don’s Pharmacy one of the true success stories in Jefferson County. Whether you want to fill a prescription, order a classic milk shake, or buy school supplies or toys, Don’s is the local place to shop.


#84 Earll Murman

(First airdate: April 11, 2017) A LASER FOCUS ON IMPROVING PORT TOWNSEND. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Earll Murman, a retired MIT professor who brings his passion and finely trained scientific mind to many community issues: United Good Neighbors, LION (Local Investment Opportunity Network), the Jefferson County Community Foundation, the proposed new swimming pool, and simplifying corporate structure are all on his crowded agenda. Earll is determined to make Port Townsend a better place for all.


#83 Peter Braden

(First airdate: March 28, 2017) IF YOU ARE SIX YEARS OLD, HE’S YOUR SUPER HERO. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Peter Braden, first-grade teacher at Grant Street School. The curriculum has changed over the 29 years he’s been teaching, but his boundless enthusiasm for learning hasn’t. Peter is now teaching the kids of moms and dads who were once his students. And those parents appreciate and love a superhero teacher from classrooms past and present.


#82 Jim Emery

(First airdate: February 28, 2017) PTSLUGs: TECHNOLOGY AS EASY AS APPLE PIE. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews computer specialist Jim Emery of Elakha Consulting. Jim is also President of PTSLUGs – a group as eclectic as its name (PTSLUGs stands for Port Townsend’s Seriously Laid-Back Users Group). Other computer clubs come and go, but this one’s over 30 years old. The laid-back techies meet like clockwork every month and ponder the power of all things Apple.


#81 Arran Stark

(First airdate: February 14, 2017) CHEF STARK: A FOODIE WITH FOCUS. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Arran Stark, Director of Food Services and Executive Chef at Jefferson Hospital. He calls it a blue collar job with a white collar aura. But Chef Stark revels in the artistry of a “trade” that engages every sense – the visual presentation, savoring the smells, listening to the sizzle, and even rolling it around in your mouth.


#80 Michael Vicha

(First airdate: January 31, 2017) THE CREATIVE WIZARD BEHIND THE BAR AT ALCHEMY. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Michael Vicha, bartender at the popular Port Townsend Alchemy Bistro and Wine Bar. Michael is a renaissance man – a vegan animal rights activist who lived off the grid for years. But now he’s somehow combining his love of theatre and working with his hands by imagining, creating and serving fabulous craft cocktails at Alchemy.