Nature Now

Nature Now #264 Citizen Science

Host Mary Robson talks via phone to citizen science volunteer Jackie Gardner and discusses invasive green crabs, Discovery Bay toxic sampling, and fall salmon runs. Closing music is “Scientist,” by the Dandy Warhols.


Nature Now #263 Invasive European Green Crab (repeat)

Host Nan Evans talks with Emily Grayson of UW and Jeff Adams of Washington Sea Grant and discusses the possible repercussions of green crabs invading Puget Sound. Closing music is “The Tinker and the Crab,” performed by Donovan.


Nature Now #262 The Biology of Sea Otters – Part 2

Host Nan Evans delves further into the background and lives of sea otters in the second part of an interview with wildlife biologist Jim Bodkin. Closing music is “The Sea,” performed by Mo.


Nature Now #261 Plant for the Planet (Part 2)

Host Mary Robson interviews Laura Tucker and a group of Blue Heron Middle School and Port Townsend High School students about the recently formed “Plant for the Planet” group and its activities to help the environment in Part 2 of a show recorded in the KPTZ studio. Closing music is “Red-winged Blackbird,” performed by Jack Christensen.


#260 Birding by Ear (Part 1)

Host Debaran Kelso talks in studio with birder extraordinaire Dr. Fred Sharpe, who shares and describes nine bird calls and encourages listeners to try to learn to recognize them. Closing music is “Songbird,” sung by Eva Cassidy.


#259 Plant for the Planet – Part 1

Host Mary Robson welcomes Laura Tucker and students from “Plant for the Planet” to discuss their involvement in environmental issues. Closing music is “Turn, Turn, Turn (For Everything There is a Season),” performed by The Byrds.


#258 The Biology of Sea Otters – Adapting to the Marine Environment (Part 1)

Host Nan Evans interviews Research Wildlife Biologist Jim Bodkin in Part 1 of a 2-part discussion of sea otters. Closing music is “Peregrine,” performed by Richard Martin.


#257 Bird Spring Migration

Host Mary Robson interviews Christie Lassen of Birds Unlimited in Gardiner, and talks about all things pertaining to birds migrating this time of year. Closing music is “Migrating Bird,” performed by Stella Manelaki.


#256 Environmental Science With The Pi Program

Host Debaran Kelso interviews twins Nicola and Melanie Pieper and classmate Emily Amos, and discusses the Chimacum High School Pi Environmental Program. Closing music is “Calico Pie,” performed by Natalie Merchant.


#255 The Salish Sea – Jewel of the Pacific Northwest (repeat)

Host Mary Robson provides observations and upcoming events  for a repeat of a Nan Evans interview with Joe Gaydos, co-author of “The Salish Sea – Jewel of the Pacific Northwest.” Closing music is “From Here You Can Almost See the Sea,” performed by David Gray.


#254 Nature Journaling

Host Nan Evans interviews in-studio Carolyn Woods, Americorps at Port Townsend Marine Science Center, and discusses how to record what you see around you in nature and the environment. Closing music is “Nature,” performed by The Samples.



#253 The Great Port Townsend Deer Count

Host Nan Evans brings Deer Count organizers Sue Long and Loran Scruggs to the KPTZ studio to discuss the whys and wherefores of the April 2 attempt to learn more about the number of deer in Port Townsend. Closing music is “Goldeneye,” performed by Tina Turner.


#252 Earthquakes: Forecast Versus Prediction

Host Mary Robson welcomes geologist and earthquake specialist Michael Machette to the KPTZ studio and discusses a wide range of earthquake topics. Closing music is “Earthquake Weather,” performed by Beck.


#251 Attack of the Invasives

Host Debaran Kelso brings Chimacum High School Pi students (and twins) Melanie and Nicola Pieper to the studio to talk about their “Attack of the Invasives” video and their work with to educate students on the spread of invasive plants. Closing music is “Night of the Invasive Plants,” performed by Ken Lonnquist.


#250 Bird’s Nest Camouflage

Host Mary Robson interviews Christie Lassen of Wild Birds Unlimited in studio to talk about the various aspects of bird nests. Closing music is “The Nest,” performed by Heidi Wilson.


#249 Music and Nature – Songs of the Sea (repeat)

Host Nan Evans brings Skip and Rebekah Cadorette to the KPTZ studio to present their music with original lyrics that entertain and educate.


#248 Bees & Diversity

Host Debaran Kelso interviews Dr. Jerry Freilich in the second part of a discussion about diversity. Closing music is “Stayin’ Alive,” performed by the Bee Gees.


#247 Citizen Science: Tracking Trumpeter Swans

Host Mary Robson conducts a phone interview with Bob Boekelheide —birder extraordinaire—and learns about the lives of trumpeter swans. Closing music is “Trumpeter’s Lullaby,” performed by Richard Hayman and his orchestra.


#246 Land to be Saved

Host Mary Robson conducts an in-studio interview with Erik Kingfisher, Stewardship Director for Jefferson Land Trust, and discusses how they work to save land for the public good. Closing music is “The Kingfisher,” performed by Schooner Fare.


#245 Mushroom Walk

Host Nan Evans ventures out to Old Fort Townsend for a field recording with Caroline Robertson of Jefferson Land Trust, along with Ken Wilson, Wendy Feltham, Chris Jones, Pamela Murphy, Ellen Dustman and Stephen Cunliffe. They take a walk through the woods to discover and identify whatever mushrooms they can uncover. Closing music is “Sparrow,” performed by Simon & Garfunkel.


#244 Biodiversity

Host Debaran Kelso interviews Dr. Jerry Freilich, who recently retired as Research Coordinator for the Olympic National Park, and discusses his passion for the study of biodiversity and the knowledge he’s acquired over the years. Closing music is “Swans and Swimming,” performed by Iron & Wine.


#243 Sea Wolves

Nature Now founder Kate Dwyer returns to host wildlife biologist Darrell Smith, who discusses sea wolves. Closing music is “The Cold, the Dark and the Silence,” performed by Sea Wolf.


#242 A Winter Walk with Lichen

Host Mary Robson continues a December conversation with lichenologist Dr. Katherine Glew of the University of Washington and discusses lichens in winter. Closing music is “Authority Song” performed by John Cougar Mellencamp.


#241 Audubon’s Christmas Bird Count 2015

Host Nan Evans speaks in studio with Monica Fletcher, and discusses the whats and wherefores of the Christmas Audubon Bird Count of 2015. Closing music is “Counting is Wonderful,” performed by the Count from Sesame Street.


#240 Parasitic Plants of the Olympic Peninsula

Dec. 23, 2015 – Host Debaran Kelso talks in studio with botanist Dr. Fred Weinmann and delves into everything to do with mistletoe and other parasitic plants. Closing music is “Under the Mistletoe,” performed by The Bashling Friends.


#239 Orca Baby Boom of 2015

Dec. 16, 2015 – Host Nan Evans speaks with Ken Balcomb, Executive Director and Principal Investigator for the Center of Whale Research in Friday Harbor, in an interview recorded in Seattle in October. They discuss the unusual number of births during 2015. Closing music is “Orca,” performed by Mythos.