Nature Now

Nature Now #422
Unseen Life in the Oceans, Part 2

(Reprise airdate: July 31, 2019) Dr. Virginia Armbrust, Director of the University of Washington School of Oceonography, joins host Nan Evans to talk about the weird world of microscopic organisms that populate the world’s oceans, and why we should know about them and even care.

Nature Now #421
PT Marine Science Center’s Intertidal Citizen Science Project

(First airdate: July 24, 2019) Nan Evans talks with Betsy Carlson, Citizen Science Coordinator at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, and Michael Siddel, Americorps volunteer and the Citizen Science Lab Educator, about the ongoing efforts of citizen scientists to learn more about the intertidal habitats along our shores.

Nature Now #419
Insects (Part 1)

(First airdate: July 10, 2019) Host Debaran Kelso speaks with entomologist Richard Lewis about insects (part 1 of a two part show).

Nature Now #418
All About Tufted Puffins

(First airdate: July 3, 2019) Host Nan Evans and guest Steve Grace, a local naturalist, relive their excursion on a recent Port Townsend Marine Science Center Puffin Cruise – they saw tufted puffins and more around Smith Island.

Nature Now #417
čičməhán Trail

(First airdate: June 26, 2019) Host Mary Robson discusses with Celeste Dybeck (S’Klallam elder) and Lys Burden the new čičməhán (Chetzemoka) Trail demonstrating the S’Klallam presence in Port Townsend.

Nature Now #416
Nick Zentner

(First airdate: June 19, 2019) Host Mary Robson journeys 40 million years back with geologist Nick Zentner to describe oceanic plates.

Nature Now #415
Bird Migration, part 2

(First airdate: June 12, 2019) Host Debaran Kelso hosts Part 2 of an interview with Dr. Geoff Hammerson, on the wonders of bird migration (this is part 2 of a 2-part show).

Nature Now #414
Currents and Climate Change

(First airdate: May 29, 2019) Nan Evans talks with physical oceanographer, Dr. Peter Rhines, about ocean currents, the impacts of living on a revolving planet and climate change.

Nature Now #413
Eat Like a Bird

(First airdate: May 22, 2019) Mary Robson and Christie Lassen of the Wild Birds Unlimited in Gardiner chat about how birds cache food and how they find it.

Nature Now #411
Bird Migration, part 1

(First airdate: May 8, 2019) Host Debaran Kelso speaks with Dr. Geoff Hammerson on different aspects of bird migration (this is part 1 of a 2-part show). 

Nature Now #410
Impact of Orbiting on Oceans and More

(First airdate: May 1, 2019) Nan Evans talks with Port Townsend resident and retired oceanography professor, Dr. Peter Rhines, about what being on the Earth traveling through the universe means for the behavior of our oceans, atmosphere and life itself.

Nature Now #409
Controlling Noxious Weeds

(First airdate: April 24, 2019) It’s time to start looking for troublesome weeds – with the guidance of Yoost Besjin, coordinator of the Noxious Weed Board of  Jefferson County.

Nature Now #408
Reviving Pinto Abalone Population

(First airdate: April 17, 2019) Nan Evans talks with Port Townsend Marine Science Center aquarist Ali Redman and “abalone mom” Dana Africa about efforts to bring health to our decimated population of Pinto Abalone through helping to rear baby abalone for eventual release back into the wild waters of the Salish Sea.

Nature Now #407
Marine Science Center

(First airdate: April 10, 2019) Nan Evans goes on a virtual “behind-the-scenes” tour of the Port Townsend Marine Science Center with Ali Redman, Aquarist at the Port Townsend Marine Science Center, and AmeriCorp Member Marley Loomis.

Nature Now #406
WA Natural Heritage Program

(Encore airdate: April 3, 2019) Debaran Kelso speaks with rare plant botanist Joe Arnett, discussing the role of the Washington Dept of Natural Resource’s Natural Heritage Program in plant protection, specifically in conserving the threatened golden paintbrush population (originally recorded in May 2015).

Nature Now #404
Stuffed Birds, Giant Clams, Charlie the Cougar and Reindeer

(First airdate: March 20, 2019) Nature Now visits the Jefferson County Historical Resource Center to see their Natural History collection.  Join host Kate Dwyer and Resource Center curator Becky Shurman as they go back in time to learn about stuffed birds, giant clams, Charlie the Cougar and reindeer.

Nature Now #403
Deep Freeze on a Beaver Pond

(First airdate: March 13, 2019) Walk along with Bob Jepperson as he observes the results on frogs and birds from the long weeks of below-freezing temperatures on Fidalgo Island.

Nature Now #401
Steve Grace – Lost Wilderness

(First airdate: February 27, 2019) Nan Evans talks with Steve Grace, a local author and marine science educator, about a “Lost Wilderness” he found here on the Quimper peninsula and efforts to protect this treasure. Contact Steve directly if you would like to arrange a trip to the old growth forest.

Nature Now #400
Climate Change and Life in the Sea, Part 2

(First airdate: February 20, 2019) Nature Now’s Nan Evans continues her conversation with Dr. Jan Newton, a biological oceanographer at the University of Washington, about climate change and the work being done to better understand how the oceans are being affected and what this can mean for human communities.

Nature Now #399
Megan Anderson

(First airdate: February 13, 2019). Mary Robson and Dr. Megan Anderson discuss the geology and geophysical forces that shaped our region, hoping to make an accurate map of the underworld here.

Nature Now #397
Ocean Circulation

(First airdate: January 30, 2019) Nan Evans interviews UW oceanographer Dr. Charlie Eriksen about new ways to observe the movement of ocean currents and what that means for the advancement of our understanding of global phenomena. Charlie has literally restructured how we look at the ocean. This is part 2 of an interview aired October 17, 2018.