Nature Now

#231 Water Quality Studies in Winter

Oct. 14, 2015 – Host Mary Robson talks with Mike Dawson, Water Quality Manager with Jefferson County Environmental Health, and discusses issues regarding all aspects of water quality in our area. Closing music is “Water, Water,” performed by Coco Kallin.


#230 The Return of Summer Chum to Chimacum Creek and the Illahee Preserve

Host Nan Evans ventures out of the studio to field record with Suzie Learned of Friends of Chimacum Creek, and Carrie Clendaniel of Jefferson Land Trust, and learns more about the returning Hood Canal chum salmon. Closing music is “Out in the Woods” performed by Leftover Salmon.


#229 The Dirt on Soil

Sept. 30, 2015 – Host Nan Evans interviews Soil Scientist Craig Schrader of the Jefferson County Conservation District. Closing music is “Back to the Earth,” performed by Jason Mraz.


#228 Wildlife Rehab – Part 1 (Repeat)

Host Debaran Kelso interviews Cindy Daily of Discovery Bay Wild Bird Rescue in a repeat broadcast of a show first aired in February, 2014. Closing music is “Equinox,” performed by Eric Hansen.

      Nature Now 228 Wildlife Rehab (Part 1) Repeat

#227 Effect of Summer Weather on Native Plants

Host Mary Robson interviews Fred Weinmann of the Olympic Peninsula Native Plant Society, who discusses the effect of extreme weather conditions on plants in this area. Closing music is “Plants,” performed by CoCo and the Butterfields.

      NatureNow227 Native Plants

#226 Invasive European Green Crabs

Host Nan Evans interviews Jeff Adams, the Marine Water Quality Specialist with Washington Sea Grant, on the phone, and Emily Grason, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Biology at the University of Washington, in studio. They discuss all aspects of the invasive European Green Crab, which could cause a problem in our area if they become established. Closing music is “The Tinker and The Crab,” performed by Donovan.

      Nature Now226 Invasive European Green Crabs

#225 Spiders (rebroadcast)

Host Kate Dwyer interviews Mary Robson (then a guest and now a Nature Now producer) and discusses spiders in this show originally broadcast in September, 2014.


#224 Giant Squid Dissection at Summer Camp

Host Nan Evans interviews Port Townsend Marine Science Center Americorps staff person Allison Kellum, and discusses a squid dissection performed by young people at the Center’s summer camp.


#223 Plants & Drought

Host Debaran Kelso welcomes Jeanmarie Morelli to discuss dealing with drought in a native plant garden. Closing music is “Drought Tolerant Plants,” performed by ZunZun.


#222 Chimacum Ridge Project

Host Nan Evans interviews new Jefferson Land Trust Executive Director Richard Tucker, and discusses the Chimacum Ridge Project and how it’s being implemented. Closing music is “This Land Is Your Land,” performed by My Morning Jacket.


#221 Marbled Murrelet

Host Mary Robson interviews Kevin Schmelzlen of the Murrelet Survival Project about the threatened bird and how various groups are working together to help it survive. Closing music is “Blue Moon Revisited (song for Elvis)”, performed by Cowboy Junkies.


#213 Digging For Dinner

Mary Robson presents the Observations and Upcoming Events portions, and Nan Evans ventures out to go clamming and “digging for dinner” with Camille Speck and Doug Rogers of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Closing music is “Intelligent Clam,” performed by Keith Munslow.

      #213 Digging For Dinner

#212 Finding Water Problems

Host Mary Robson interviews Michael Dawson, Water Quality Manager for Jefferson County Environmental Health, and discusses his work in identifying water problems in the county. Closing music is “We Are Water,” performed by Hayden Panettiere and the cast of the TV series “Nashville.”

      Nature Now #212


#211 Marine Environment Pre and Post Elwha Dam Removal

Host Kate Dwyer welcomes Nancy Elder, a fisheries biologist, who discusses the impact of the Elwha Dam removal on the near shore habitats off the mouth of the Elwha. Closing music is “Scuba Scuba,” performed by Tangerine Dream.

      Nature Now #211

#210 Poetry & Natural History Writing (repeat)

Kate Dwyer talks to poet and natural history writer Robert Michael Pyle in a repeat of a previously aired interview. Mary Robson hosts Observations and Upcoming Events, assisted by Charlie Fleishman. Closing music is “Cool Water,” performed by Marty Robbins.

      Nature Now #210

#209 WA Natural Heritage Program and Golden Paintbrush

Host Debaran Kelso speaks in studio with Joe Arnett, the rare plant botanist for the Washington Department of Natural Resources Natural Heritage Program, and discusses the endangered golden paintbrush and the threats to prairie habitat. Closing music is “Prairie Wind,” performed by Neil Young.

      Nature Now #209

#208 The Salish Sea: Jewel of the Pacific Northwest – Part 2

Nan Evans hosts Part 2 of an interview with Joe Gaydos, Director and Chief Scientist of SeaDoc Society and co-author of the recently released book, “The Salish Sea: Jewel of the Pacific Northwest.” Closing music is “To See the Sea,” performed by Secret Hiding Place.

      Nature Now #208


#207 Endangered Butterflies and Prairie Restoration

Host Kate Dwyer, assisted by Owen Rowe with Observations and Upcoming Events, interviews via phone Ted Thomas, Senior Ecologist with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and discusses endangered butterflies and prairie environment. Closing music is “Butterfly,” performed by Lisa Loeb.

      Nature Now #207

#206 The Salish Sea: Jewel of the Pacific Northwest

Nan Evans conducts a phone interview with Joe Gaydos of the SeaDoc Society, co-author of the recently released book, The Salish Sea: Jewel of the Pacific Northwest. Closing music is “The Salish Sea,” performed by HighRise Lonesome.

      Nature Now - #206


#205 Beavers (encore)

Mary Robson, assisted by Charlie Fleishman with Observations and Upcoming Events, hosts a rebroadcast of Kate Dwyer’s discussion of beavers with Al Latham and Dan Ecelberger. Closing music is “One Day the Dam Will Break,” performed by Jesse Phillips.

      Nature Now - #205

#204 Belly Biology

Host Nan Evans visits Port Townsend’s Boat Haven with Wendy Feltham, and they get prone to see what’s attached to the docks and pilings. Closing music is “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay,” performed by The Staple Singers.

      Nature Now - #204

#203 Birds and Habitats of the Olympic Peninsula Part 2 (repeat)

Host Debaran Kelso, in rebroadcast of Part 2 of Birds and Habitats of the Olympic Peninsula with guest Dr. Fred Sharpe, is joined by Charlie Fleishman in reporting Observations and Upcoming Events. Closing music is “Three Little Birds,” performed by Bob Marley and The Wailers.

      Nature Now - #203

#202 Spring Birds

Host Mary Robson discusses behavior of birds in spring with Christie Lassen of Birds Unlimited in Gardiner. Closing music is “Spring,” performed by Tracy Chapman.

      Nature Now - #202

Nature Now #198: Weather Report – How It’s Done on Weather Underground

Host Mary Robson interviews Bill Putney, weather maven and KPTZ Chief Engineer, and explores what it takes to set up one’s own weather station. Closing music is “Like The Weather,” performed by Natalie Merchant and 10,000 Maniacs.


#200 Snow Geese & Swans – Skagit Valley

Host Kate Dwyer, assisted by Owen Rowe with Observations and Upcoming Events, discusses Snow Geese & Swans of the Skagit Delta by phone with La Conner-based Paul DeBruyn, Assistant District Wildlife Biologist with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Closing music is “Swan,” performed by Right Said Fred.

      Nature Now - #200

Nature Now #197: Marine Mammals

Host Nan Evans discusses marine mammals with wildlife biologist Dave Rue. Closing music is “Sing a Whale Song,” performed by Tom Chapin.