KPTZ Specials

Community Read 2018

(First airdate: March 8, 2018) Community Read 2018 features Leif Whittaker’s My Old Man and the Mountain: A Memoir. PT Library Director, Melody Sky Eisler speaks about this year’s Community Read with Larry Stein, followed by a replay of Cris Wilson’s 2017 interview with Leif Whittaker about his book and his life in his adventurous family.


In Memory of Marcia

KPTZ, our community and the world lost our beloved Marcia Perlstein on Sunday evening, February 25, 2018. Marcia was the host of the two radio programs Pleasures and Treasures (aka Treasures and Pleasures) and Under the Rainbow, and she was a lifelong activist for human rights and justice. She called herself “your friendly neighborhood interviewer,” and urged us all to “Go gently, or as gently as you can.” Marcia was a force for good, for humanity, for justice, for art, for love.

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Presentations from Economics of Happiness Conference

(October 27-29, 2017) Some of the most prominent thinkers, writers, and activists in the sustainability and localization movements came together at Fort Worden’s Lifelong Learning Center on the weekend of October 27-29, 2017 to “discuss, discover, and devise better systems for now and the future”, as the conference’s website puts it.

The Economics of Happiness Conference was organized by local activist Karen Wyeth and others from the Local 20/20 organization, but took its name from the film of the same name, produced by the Swedish visionary Helena Norberg-Hodge’s group Local Futures, which has hosted similar conferences around the nation and the world. Norberg-Hodge was among the speakers, as were Yes! Magazine co-founders David Korten and Sarah Van Gelder, Post-Carbon Institute Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg, organic farming and urban agriculture pioneer Michael Ableman, Happiness Alliance communications officer and Affluenza filmmaker and co-author John de Graaf, local food movement pioneer Judy Wicks (founder of Philadelphia’s iconic White Dog Café), Community Sourced Capital co-founder Rachel Maxwell, Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies and Thought in Education John Lupinacci, best-seller Your Money or Your Life author Vicki Robin, and UW Center for Communication and Civic Engagement Rethinking Prosperity project manager Deric Gruen.

KPTZ News Director Steve Evans recorded many of the presentations during the weekend, and KPTZ is making them available here in the hope that listening will provide inspiration to our listeners to also help “discuss, discover, and devise better systems for now and the future,” as the conference’s website put it.

1. Envisioning the Future, with Helena Norberg-Hodge, Richard Heinberg, David Korten, and Sarah van Gelder


2. Envisioning the Future: Q&ampA


3. Song by Lawrence Cole, “Localization is Bubbling Up”


4. Richard Heinberg: From GDP to GNH


5. John de Graaf: From GDP to GNH


6. Rachel Maxwell: From GDP to GNH


7. John Lupinacci: From GDP to GNH


8. Q&A from GDP to GNH


9. Judy Wicks: The Bigger Picture


10. Helena Norberg-Hodge: The Bigger Picture


11. Sarah van Gelder: The Bigger Picture


12. Deric Gruen & John de Graaf: Rethinking Prosperity


13. Peter Lumsdaine: Rethinking Prosperity


14. David Korten: Rethinking Prosperity


15. Brandy Gallagher: Going Local


16. Deric Gruen: Going Local


17. Michael Ableman: Going Local


18. Vicki Robin: Going Local


19. Q&A from Going Local


June Conversation with Derek Kilmer

(Recorded June 22, 2017) Steve Evans, KPTZ News Director, spoke with Derek Kilmer on Thursday, June 22 about the recent shooting on the Congressional Baseball field, the President’s proposed budget, cuts on environmental and health programs, and citizen reaction on the attempts to revoke and replace the Affordable Care Act.


Arts Funding: Karen Hanan & Rob Birman

(First airdate: March 8, 2017) Larry Stein talks with Karen Hanan, Executive Director of the Washington State Arts Commission, and Rob Birman, Executive Director of Centrum about the state of National, State and Local funding for the arts.


Derek Kilmer Report for March 2017

(Recorded February 28, 2017) Listen to a new conversation with Rep. Derek Kilmer (WA-6th). Derek talks about the town-hall meetings he hosted during February’s congressional break, and the current state of legislation in Congress.


Derek Kilmer Report for March

(First airdate: February 28, 2017) Larry Stein interviews Derek Kilmer, US Representative for Washington state’s 6th district about current activity in Congress and in our home district.


Art News Report

(First airdate: February 20, 2017) Arts News Report by Larry Stein on I Have a Name, a photo exhibition at the Northwind Arts Center, on display through February 26. The photos, by Raymond Ketcham, document activities and people over four years at the Boiler Room on Water Street, next door to Northwind.


Interview with Derek Kilmer

(First airdate: January 31, 2017) Larry Stein interviews Derek Kilmer, U.S. Representative from Washington state’s 6th Congregational District about current activity in Congress.


Mary Ellen Hannibal

(First airdate: December 7, 2016) Larry Stein interviews Mary Ellen Hannibal, author of Citizen Science, in which she writes about the widespread activities that have been labeled “Citizen Science”, such as Birdwatchers, Tidepool tenders, backyard Bee enthusiasts – the many people who share their observations of our natural world with coordinated databases, and scientists who can use that data. She speaks in Port Townsend at the High School Salon Series on Friday Dec. 9, and at the Fort Worden chapel for the Marine Science Center on Sunday Dec. 11.


Witnesses at Standing Rock

(first airdate: November 3, 2016) Al Bergstein interviews Share DeWeese and Reverend Florence Caplow who recently returned from the Sioux encampment at Standing Rock, North Dakota.


Poetry Event: Neruda and Ahkmatova

(first airdate: October 12, 2016) Larry Stein interviews Kathryn Hunt and Bob Francis about the series of events on October 21-22. Friday’s reading is being held at Northwind Arts Center, 701 Water Street, Port Townsend. Saturday’s reading, The Angel of History: A Celebration of the Poetry of Pablo Neruda and Anna Akhmatova, is being held at Quimper UU Fellowship, 2333 San Juan Avenue, Port Townsend.


Recorded Live at the 2016 Wooden Boat Festival

Here is the full live KPTZ live broadcast from the 40th Annual Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival, featuring anthropologist Margaret Willson talking about her recently-published book Women Who Have Worked in Fishing in Iceland from the Times of the Vikings to the Present, as well as interviews with festival and Wooden Boat Magazine founder Tim Snider, Tightwads on the Loose author Wendy Hinman, former festival director Kaci Cronkhite talking about her newly released book Finding Pax, the Port Townsend Sailing Club, and more.


Orlando Shooting Vigil in P.T.

A diverse group of about 500 people spontaneously gathered at Haller Fountain Plaza Tuesday evening to hold vigil and to share their feelings about the tragic shootings at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL last weekend, and KPTZ’s producer Marcia Perlstein and News Director Steve Evans were there. A KPTZ Community Radio News special.


The Life and Times of Wolf Bauer

(first airdate: April 23, 2016) Created by Al Bergstein for Earth Day 2016, this one-hour radio documentary describes the life of a most extraordinary modern outdoorsman, who died in January at age 104. A pioneering mountain climber, mountain rescue founder, ceramics engineer, kayak pioneer, coastal geologist, and environmentalist, this program features interviews with people who knew him: Jim and Lou Whittaker (mentored by Wolf), George Yount (who flew and kayaked with Wolf), and Jim Johannessen (who worked with Wolf on his pioneering shoreline restorations).


Wayne Horvitz on Richard Hugo’s Poetry Set to Music

(first airdate: October 1, 2015) Interview with Wayne Horvitz, composer/musician, and Bob Francis, Centrum presentation organizer about Horvitz’s musical settings of poems by noted NW Poet and teacher Richard Hugo. Sponsored by Centrum, Copper Canyon Press, with the cooperation of the Richard Hugo House, and Northwind Arts Center.  A recording of the music is released on CD entitled Some Places Are Forever Afternoon (Songlines – 2015).