In Conversation

In Conversation – Sayantani Dasgupta

(first aired January 10, 2017). Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with frequent visitor to Port Townsend, author Sayantani Dasgupta, about her poetry and creative nonfiction.


In Conversation – Cami Ostman

(first aired December 27, 2016). Host Sheila Bender interviews Seal Press author Cami Ostman via phone from Bellingham, WA and discusses her nonfiction works about finding authenticity through running.


In Conversation – Harriet Cannon

(first aired December 13, 2016). Host Sheila Bender speaks in studio with Port Townsend resident Harriet Cannon, co-author of the timely book Mixed Blessings: A Guide to Multicultural and Multiethnic Relationships.


In Conversation – Katha Pollitt

(first aired November 29, 2016). Host Sheila Bender interviews via phone Katha Pollitt, award winning poet, personal essayist and a long-time political columnist for The Nation magazine.


In Conversation – Sharon Bryan

(first aired November 15, 2016). Host Sheila Bender interviews via phone Sharon Bryan, poet and teacher of poets.


In Conversation – Mary Lou Sanelli

(first aired November 1, 2016). Host Sheila Bender interviews in studio Mary Lou Sanelli, poet, author and literary reader.


In Conversation – Jenifer Lawrence

(first aired October 18, 2016). Host Sheila Bender interviews Poulsbo poet Jenifer Lawrence via phone about inspirations for her poetry that include experience with the Alaskan landscape.


In Conversation – Jeni Mahoney

(first aired October 4, 2016). Host Sheila Bender visits via phone with playwright Jeni Mahoney and talks to her about writing for the stage and teaching others to do so.


In Conversation – Michael Dylan Welch

(first aired September 20, 2016). Host Sheila Bender interviews Sammamish, Washington writer Michael Dylan Welch via telephone, and discusses his career writing poetry, publishing anthologies of poems and translating poetry from Japanese.


In Conversation – Jack Heffron

(First aired September 6, 2016). Host Sheila Bender interviews Cincinnati author and editor Jack Heffron via phone and discusses his interests and career.


In Conversation – Meg Files

(First aired August 23, 2106) Host Sheila Bender interviews via phone Tucson Meg Files and discusses her writing and teaching career.


In Conversation – Gabriel Rummonds

(First aired August 9, 2016). Host Sheila Bender welcomes to the KPTZ studio Port Townsend resident Gabriel Rummonds, famed ironpress printer in the U.S. and Italy and author of the memoir Fantasies and Hard Knocks.


In Conversation – Priscilla Long

(First aired July 26, 2016). Host Sheila Evans speaks on the phone with Seattle author and poet Priscilla Long about Crossing Over, her new collection of poems, as well her past and forthcoming work in creative nonfiction.


In Conversation – Patrick J. Sullivan

(first airdate: July 12, 2016). Host Sheila Bender talks in studio with Patrick J. Sullivan about journalism in a small town and his role as managing editor at the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader.


In Conversation – Elizabeth Evans

Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with Tucson novelist Elizabeth Evans about her writing career and newest novel, “Good as Dead.”


In Conversation – Abigail Thomas

Host Sheila Bender speaks via phone with Abigail Thomas, Woodstock, NY memoirist, novelist and painter, and discusses her writing life and her latest book, “What Comes Next and How To Like It.”


In Conversation – Wendy Hinman

Host Sheila Bender interviews Bainbridge Island writer Wendy Hinman and talks about writing her memoir, marketing the book to a wide audience and her current project written in the voices of others.


Beth Bacon

Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with Bainbridge Island children’s author Beth Bacon about her writing, awards and the ways in which she has found surprises along the way.


Beth Alvarado

Host Sheila Bender speaks via phone with Tucson author Beth Alvarado about her work and publishing in the genres of memoir, fiction and creative nonfiction.


Steven Winn

Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with San Francisco author and columnist Steven Winn and discusses his work as a theater and art and culture critic, and his poetry, memoir and novel.


Nicholas Alva

Host Sheila Bender interviews via phone composer, lyricist and writer Nicholas Alva about his projects that combine music, dance, texts from world literature and his own lyrics and writing.


Tarn Wilson

Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with memoirist Tarn Wilson about finding the shape of her memoir “Slow Farm” and what comes next in her writing.


Rikki Ducornet

Host Sheila Bender conducts an in-studio interview with Port Townsend’s Rikki Ducornet, novelist, poet and painter, and discusses her development as a writer and how she teaches new writers.


Jan Eliot

Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with Eugene, Oregon cartoonist Jan Eliot, whose widely syndicated strip, Stone Soup, appears in over 200 newspapers. After 20 years of a daily dose of the strip’s characters, Eliot has semi-retired and the cartoon will now appear only on Sundays. The interview talks about her background, how she developed and writes the strip, and delves into a discussion of other women cartoonists.


Ken Doctor

Host Sheila Bender interviews Ken Doctor, former newspaper publisher and executive and currently a nationally respected voice on the direction of media in the electronic age through his website, Newsonomics.


Mandy Smith

Host Sheila Bender interviews Portland memoirist Mandy Smith via phone, and discusses her recent memoir and her activism against childhood abuse.