In Conversation

Beth Bacon

Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with Bainbridge Island children’s author Beth Bacon about her writing, awards and the ways in which she has found surprises along the way.


Beth Alvarado

Host Sheila Bender speaks via phone with Tucson author Beth Alvarado about her work and publishing in the genres of memoir, fiction and creative nonfiction.


Steven Winn

Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with San Francisco author and columnist Steven Winn and discusses his work as a theater and art and culture critic, and his poetry, memoir and novel.


Nicholas Alva

Host Sheila Bender interviews via phone composer, lyricist and writer Nicholas Alva about his projects that combine music, dance, texts from world literature and his own lyrics and writing.


Tarn Wilson

Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with memoirist Tarn Wilson about finding the shape of her memoir “Slow Farm” and what comes next in her writing.


Rikki Ducornet

Host Sheila Bender conducts an in-studio interview with Port Townsend’s Rikki Ducornet, novelist, poet and painter, and discusses her development as a writer and how she teaches new writers.


Jan Eliot

Host Sheila Bender talks via phone with Eugene, Oregon cartoonist Jan Eliot, whose widely syndicated strip, Stone Soup, appears in over 200 newspapers. After 20 years of a daily dose of the strip’s characters, Eliot has semi-retired and the cartoon will now appear only on Sundays. The interview talks about her background, how she developed and writes the strip, and delves into a discussion of other women cartoonists.


Ken Doctor

Host Sheila Bender interviews Ken Doctor, former newspaper publisher and executive and currently a nationally respected voice on the direction of media in the electronic age through his website, Newsonomics.


Mandy Smith

Host Sheila Bender interviews Portland memoirist Mandy Smith via phone, and discusses her recent memoir and her activism against childhood abuse.


Afrose Ahmed

Host Sheila Bender talks in studio with Port Townsend poet Afrose Ahmed and discusses her life, her poetry and the teaching of embodied writing.


Janice Eidus

Host Sheila Bender interviews via phone New York City novelist, short story writer and essayist Janice Eidus.


Gary Lilley

Host Sheila Bender interviews Port Townsend poet and blues musician Gary Lilley, and discusses his background and career.



Tony Brenna

Host Sheila Bender welcomes journalist and author Tony Brenna to the KPTZ studio, and digs into his career as a reporter for tabloids and mainstream media.


Molly Hollenbach & Wendy Chapman

Host Shelia Bender conducts an in-studio interview with Port Townsend writers Molly Hollenbach and Wendy Chapman, who attended (along with Sheila) a Doris Baizley Key City playwriting workshop in March, 2015.


Doris Baizley

Host Sheila Bender interviews Los Angeles playwright Doris Baizley, and discusses her playwriting workshop held at Key City Theatre in March, 2015.


David Horowitz

Host Sheila Bender speaks with Seattle poet and publisher David Horowitz, and discusses his career and why he likes to be a publisher of the works of others.

      David Horowitz

Carolyne Wright

Host Sheila Bender interviews Seattle poet and teacher Carolyne Wright about her background and career, and looks into the history of her co-authored anthology, “Raising Lilly Ledbetter: Women Poets Occupy the Workspace.


Esther Altshul Helfgott

Host Sheila Bender interviews Seattle poet and author of “Listening to Mozart: Poems of Alzheimer’s”


Sarah Pleydell

Host Sheila Bender interviews playwright, performer, and author Sarah Pleydell.


Judy Reeves

Host Sheila Bender interviews Judy Reeves — writer, teacher, writing practice provocateur and author of “Wild Women, Wild Voices.”


Susan Bono

Host Sheila Bender interviews Susan Bono, Petaluma, CA editor, writing teacher and author.


Susan Orlean

Host Sheila Bender speaks with Susan Orlean, staff writer for The New Yorker and author of The Orchid Thief and Rin Tin Tin.


Bill Mawhinney

Sheila Bender talks to Bill Mawhinney, Port Ludlow poet and director of the Northwind Reading Series in Port Townsend.

      In Conversation - Bill Mawhinney

Beverley West

Host Sheila Bender talks to author Beverley West about her book, “Finding My Way Back to 1950s Paris.”

      In Conversation - Beverley West

Rita Kepner

Host Sheila Bender talks with Marrowstone Island resident Rita Kepner about her book, Through Fire and Water: True Stories of Rita Marie Matthiesen as told to Laura Callender.

      In Conversation - Rita Kepner

Jody Gentian Bower

Host Sheila Bender interviews cultural mythologist Jody Gentian Bower, author of “Jane Eyre’s Sisters: How Women Write and Live the Heroine’s Story”

      In Conversation - Jody Gentian Bower