Everybody Can

#101 Get Connected

Get Connected is the local online way to find volunteer opportunities in Jefferson County. Join Emily Henry, the UGN/Get Connected Volunteer Initiatives Coordinator, and Amy Howard of the Boiler Room talk about how easy – and efficient – it is to Get Connected in Jefferson County.


#100 Saturday Vet Events

Simon deVoil and Brandon Denning talk about the Saturday Vet Event at the Community Boatbuilding Project in Port Hadlock. Military veterans are invited to help build or repair boats or other projects, row, sail, and share lunch. Saturdays 9-3 at the NW School of Wooden Boatbuilding.


#99 Women in Black

Join members of Women in Black in a conversation about why they stand in silence on Water Street, Mondays 1:30-2:30. They stand for peace – in the home, the family, the community, the world. They stand in witness for the victims of all forms of violence.


#98 YMCA

Sheila Ramsey interviews Dana Nixon and Sara Ybarra Lopez of the Jefferson County YMCA.


#96 Bill Tenant

Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews culinary legend Daniel Knudson on the best and worst of holiday feasts. Knudson, who is currently a fixture at Key City Fish, reveals secrets to the perfect (or more perfect) holiday meal.



Sheila Ramsey interviews Ken Dane and Chester Prudhomme of Port Townsend’s Ecumenical Christian Helping Hands Organization (ECHHO).


#94 Vet Connect

Sheila Ramsey interviews Rita Frangione and Art Greenberg of Vet Connect, an OlyCAP initiative.


#92 COAST with deForrest Walker

Sheila Ramsey interviews deForest Walker, co-chair of Port Townsend’s Community Outreach Association Shelter Team (COAST).


#93 WAVE Food Drive

Promoting the 30th annual What a Valuable Experience (WAVE) food drive on October 24.


#86 Marine Science Center


#85 Songwriters – Judith Kate Friedman


#84 Jefferson County Fair


#83 A Chat with the Recyclery

Sheila Ramsey chats with Recyclery’s Aleena Natty & Nat Nichols.

      Episode #83


#82 Visitor Center

Shiela Ramsey talks with Lorna Mann of the Port Townsend Visitor Center.

      Episode #82


#81 Get Connected

Sheila interviews Niki Russell of the Port Townsend Visitors’ Center and Erica Delma of YMCA about Get Connected.

      Episode #81