Everybody Can

Jefferson County Hospice Foundation

(Reprise first airdate: July 24, 2018) As KPTZ absorbs the recent death of host Wendell Ankeny of the Old Time Radio Show, we are reminded of the incredible support that our community receives from Hospice Care. This timeless show hosted by Everybody Can host Sheila Ramsey, talks with Kris Lawson of the Jefferson Healthcare Hospice program and Tom Duke, president of the Hospice Foundation Board about the everyday work of a hospice volunteer.


Gathering Place

(First airdate: June 26, 2018) Everybody Can host Missy Nielsen speaks with Linda Ferris, founder of The Gathering Place, and also with Mike Cosin, and a new staffer there.


Boiler Room and Blankets & Beyond

(First airdate: June 12, 2018) Amy Howard, executive director of The Boiler Room and mentor to PT High School Senior Naya Krienke both share with us how volunteering inspired Naya to respond to a need that eventually became her Senior project. Naya’s blankets for the homeless grew out of a simple conversation with a customer at The Boiler Room, an amazing gathering place that inspires creativity, provides job training and offers “Adulting” seminars – and, yes, great cookies. Join us for a heartfelt discussion as we learn how Naya and Amy impact our community with their heart for others.


Northwest Maritime Center

(First airdate: May 20, 2018) Get Ready to Ruckus! Join Missy Nielsen, host of Everybody Can as she visits with Angel Hewitson, volunteer coordinator and Barb Trailer, Director of the Wooden Boat Festival. This conversation explores volunteer recruitment, management and retention while looking ahead to the recently launched race Seventy48. This race launches from Tacoma and culminates with the R2AK send-off.


Expedition Club – Creating Cultural Connections

(First airdate: May 1, 2018) James Roberts, aka “Robbie”, founder of The Expedition Club, along with PTHS Senior Mimi Molotsky, share their vision of this cultural travel organization with the host of Everybody Can, Missy Nielsen. Sharing service opportunities, skills, cultures and, ultimately, lives over a 6-week stay in the rural mountain region of Thailand, Robbie and Mimi give us a look into the world beyond our borders.


AAUW Kitchen Tour

(First airdate: April 17, 2018) Join Missy Nielsen, host of Everybody Can as she discusses AAUW’s commitment to scholars, women and kitchens in Port Townsend. Jean Stasney, Co-President of AAUW and Celia Fry, UWF Vice-President of Scholarships, discuss how unique this particular chapter of the American Association of University Women is and how you can support their efforts to bring higher education to women.


Teresa Verraes, PT School of the Arts

(First airdate: April 3, 2018) Teresa Verraes, of the Port Townsend School of the Arts, joins host Missy Nielsen, of “Everybody Can” in a conversation about the growth of the school within the ‘Lifelong learning” mission of Fort Worden. Consider how our “Victorian Seaport and Arts Community” resonates in their work and reflect how you might embrace the “Art of Living” through expression and creativity at the PT School of the Arts.


Marine Science Center, 2018

(First airdate: March 20, 2018) Missy Neilsen talks with Dianne Quinn and Jo Ferraro about vclunteering at the Port Townsend Pacific Marine Science Center and upcoming events.


Students for Sustainability

(First airdate: February 20, 2018) The PTHS Students for Sustainability hold a weekly power lunch to strategize on ways to impact our community and the environment. You can’t bottle up their enthusiasm as they work to create statewide change, authoring a Bottle Bill for legislative consideration. Check out this episode of Everybody Can, hosted by Missy Nielsen, to hear the great things these students are doing for our community and the global environment.


YMCA Building Futures in the New Year

(First airdate: January 23, 2018) The New Year offers opportunity to reflect on one’s legacy and impact. Everybody Can host Missy Nielsen talks with the folks at the Jefferson County YMCA Building Futures program, one such opportunity. Learn more about this program that matches local students with caring, supportive, and stable adult mentors. Though some of these students struggle academically, this is not simply a tutoring program. Dana Nixon, the coordinator for this program, illuminates us on the many ways one can engage, connect and impact students in our region. Happy New Year!


OlyCap Point in Time Homeless Count

(First airdate: January 9, 2018) Everybody Can host Sheila Ramsey speaks with two ‘Housing Ladies’ in Jefferson County. Kathy Morgan, Director of Housing Projects at OlyCap, and long-time housing advocate and volunteer, Barbara Morey talk about the national PIT (Point in Time) Homeless Count on January 25. An accurate count of those needing standard housing ensures federal funding for housing services in our area. Here’s an opportunity to impact the lives of homeless children, elderly, veterans and other community members experiencing homelessness. Training is provided.



(First airdate: December 12, 2017) Join Martha Trolin and Ben Bauermeister as they discuss with Everybody Can’s Missy Nielsen the newly launched projects of “Skillmation”. This organization is invested in connecting volunteers to educational and mentoring opportunities within the Jefferson County region. Skillmation mentors serve a surprising range of demographics. If you want to learn how to do something, or if you have skills to teach, Skillmation may be for you! Several of their programs offer those who enjoy a startup vibe an opportunity to program develop and steer the direction of this entity. Take a listen!


Tri Area Annual Holiday Meals

(First airdate: November 14, 2017) It’s the holiday season and time for the TriArea Thanksgiving Dinner preparation. Guest Rita Hubbard joins Everybody Can host Sheila Ramsey to share what’s new this year, and the many ways you can be a part of this Jefferson County tradition. You can serve, bus tables, clean up, and have one of the happiest holidays you’ll ever have – whether eating or serving!


PT Education Foundation

(First airdate: October 17, 2017) For this Everybody Can episode, Missy Nielsen explores the opportunities and outcomes of the Port Townsend Education Foundation, an organization that provides funding through grants awarded to the Port Townsend School District teachers. Holley Carlson, President and volunteer Grant Chairperson, Katie Shonsey Mattern divulge the successes, partnerships and opportunities of this 10-year-running foundation. Sparking innovation and creative curriculum one grant at a time!


RSVP Food Bank

(First airdate: October 3, 2017) Jane Covella, Program Manager of the RSVP Program at OlyCap talks with Everybody Can host Sheila Ramsey to share volunteer opportunities available in Clallam and Jefferson Counties. Joining them is longtime Port Townsnd Food Bank volunteer, Leslie Sweeney. Leslie shares the history of the food bank and the rewards and benefits of volunteering in our community.


Kinetic Sculpture Race 2017

(First airdate: September 19, 2017) It’s Kosmic Kinetic time! Everybody Can host Sheila Ramsey talks with Janet Emery, President of the Port Townsend Kinetic Sculpture Race. Lots of volunteers are needed – from passing out water bottles to participating in the safety flotilla on the water. This is a great weekend of creativity, craziness and community.


UGN Fall Campaign 2017

(First airdate: September 5, 2017) For this Everybody Can episode, Missy Nielsen interviews Debi Steele of Jefferson Community Foundation and United Good Neighbors. Debi lends oversight to the annual Day of Caring, a community opportunity to plug into a project for the day and also shares her history as a lifelong volunteer.


Quilcene Fair

(First airdate: August 22, 2017) For this Everybody Can episode, Greg Brotherton and Linda Lindquist of the Quilcene Fair join Sheila Ramsey to bring news of the upcoming Quilcene Fair. The pancake breakfast, parade, midway, arts and crafts and much more. Lots of opportunities to volunteer for the two-day community party.


Quilcene Community Boat Project

(First airdate: August 8, 2017) For this Everybody Can episode, Sheila Ramsey interviews Workshop Manager and Pastoral Support person Simon de Voil, who brings us news of the exciting upcoming boat project for high schoolers in Quilcene. The workshop portion of this new project is looking for mentors who have experience with tools, boat building, and woodworking in general. This is a satellite project of the Community Boat Project in Port Hadlock.


Wooden Boat Festival September 7-10, 2017

(First airdate: July 25, 2017) Join Hallie Kapold of the Northwest Maritime Center and volunteer extraordinaire, Missy Nielsen, as they talk about one of Port Townsend’s signature volunteer experiences. Learn about the many volunteer jobs to be done to make this annual event happen, and the benefits of being part of the volunteer tribe that makes it happen.


Jefferson Healthcare Hospice Foundation

(First airdate: July 11, 2017) Everybody Can host Sheila Ramsey talks with Kris Lawson of the Jefferson Healthcare Hospice program and Tom Duke, president of the Hospice Foundation Board about the everyday work of a hospice volunteer, and how the working board shapes the direction of local hospice services.


Volunteer Highlights

(First airdate: June 27, 2017) Local volunteers Abi Katz and Robin Bailey step into booth to talk with Everybody Can host Sheila Ramsey about their volunteer experiences. Abi often works the KPTZ front desk and Robin Bailey is co-manager of the Saturday Food Bank.


Jefferson County Historical Society’s Walking Tours

(First airdate: June 13, 2017) Volunteer Coordinator Brooke Weber and volunteer extraordinaire, Jenny Westdal share with Everybody Can host Sheila Ramsey what’s new at the Historical Society. Special feature – how you can become involved in the Walking Tours from June through September.


YMCA Summer Programs with Christy Spencer

(First airdate: May 16, 2017) Get ready for the summer by volunteering at the YMCA summer free Lunch and Literacy programs. Christy Spencer talks with Everybody Can host Sheila Ramsey about Brinnon, Quilcene and Port Townsend sites. You can have an impact and some fun at the Y.


Rhody Royalty

(First airdate: May 9, 2017) Learn about the Rhody Festival from the Rhody Princesses – Queen Lauren Montgomery, Princesses Taylor Tracer and Sara Smith talk about the work of being royal for the upcoming 82nd Rhododendron Festival. Joining our Everybody Can host Sheila Ramsey is Brandi Hamon, Vice President of this year’s Rhody Week festivities.


Check-in with the Boiler Room

(First airdate: April 4, 2017) Everybody Can host Sheila Ramsey talks with Colin Cabe about what’s new at the Boiler Room. Learn about Through the Wall art project and the very popular Adulting classes. Also find out how you can help create Hygiene Supply kits.