Compass for the Week of 2/03/2020

This week on the Compass we take you inside the cheese production facility at Mount Townsend Creamery on its last day of operation, and we talk with the employees and Creamery co-founder Ryan Trail about the sad end of an institution that was until very recently considered perhaps the brightest light of the local food economy.

Compass for the Week of 1/27/20

While continuing their long and active careers, dancers and choreographers Bill Evans and Don Halquist have chosen Port Townsend as their home. Recently, Evans, Halquist and Claire Porter, renown comedic dance and movement artist, showcased part of Porter’s repertoire to sold-out audiences at Key City Public Theater. We caught up with all three performers between rehearsals for opening night, and talked about their performing lives and the works they have created, both as solo and ensemble artists.

Then we speak with Justine Gonzalez Berg of the Housing Solutions Network, a recent initiative of the Jefferson Community Foundation that addresses the need for more community engagement on the issue of affordable and available housing in our county. This is an important conversation that has increased over the last several years. Justine discusses HSN’s efforts to bring people into the fabric of a larger community dialogue needed to explore solutions to this crisis.

Compass for the Week of 1/20/2020

In early December the Washington Department of Natural Resources released a long-awaited management plan for State Trust forests that has at its heart a concern for sustainable harvests and a court-ordered conservation plan for the marbled murrelet, a tiny threatened seabird that relies upon large tracts of old growth forest for successful breeding. Considering the DNR’s concurrent and seemingly contradictory missions to conserve the forests for the likes of the murrelet and to maximize timber sale revenues to support schools and other tax districts, it is perhaps not surprising that lawsuits challenging the legality of the plan have this month been filed on both sides of the issue, with state trust lands revenue beneficiaries on the one hand arguing that the plan breaches the DNR’s fiduciary responsibility to them by “dramatically” reducing revenues, while a consortium of environmental groups has filed a complaint that the plan does not go far enough to protect the public’s interest in conserving the forest.

In this week’s Compass, we first reprise a story we did a little more than six years ago, when the marbled murrelet was at the center of another lawsuit against the DNR, and then we catch up with the fortunes of the murrelet in a follow-up phone interview with Maria Mudd Ruth, the author of a book about the bird who was one of those consulted in devising the controversial management plan.

Compass for the Week of 1/13/2020

We ask the vice president of a prominent local insurance business a question you should probably be asking yourself — if a catastrophic earthquake strikes here in Puget Sound, would insurance cover you for the loss of your home and everything you own? 

Compass for the Week of 1/06/20

While for most people the holidays are a season of love, joy, and celebration of friends and family, for others it can be a time of crippling depression and even thoughts of suicide. It is for this reason that this week on the Compass we are bringing you the story from 2017 of a woman who actually committed suicide, but miraculously survived not only to tell the tale, but to bring hope and help to others considering doing the same.

Compass for the Week of 12/30/2019

In an ancient ritual of obscure origin that was been characterized as either insane or sublime, each year thousands of nearly-naked residents of seaside communities around the world brave the winter elements on New Year’s Day to risk life and limb by diving into what is essentially ice water. On this week’s Compass, originally aired in January of 2015, we talk with and witness the death-defying antics of scores of our Jefferson County neighbors and friends as they participate in the local version of this hallowed rite, the Marrowstone Polar Dip.

Compass for the Week of 12/23/2019

This week on Compass, KPTZ Reporter Chris Bricker speaks with Dr. Jessica Tartaro, PhD. Dr. Tartaro poses the question, “As a healer, hiding behind professional veneers, what if my clients knew my humanity?” Her answer is, “If they knew, we could ALL heal.” She’s about to launch an eleven-month leadership training program called “The Other Seat” for practitioners of the healing arts who are ready to make health – including relational health with other healers – their highest value. 23

Compass for the Week of 12/16/2019

This week on the Compass, in a reprise of a show originally aired in July of 2018, we talk with volunteer firefighters who want YOU to join them in saving lives and property. Ever thought about being a volunteer firefighter? Regardless of your age, gender or experience, you might qualify for this life-changing experience … and maybe even earn some money.

Compass for the Week of 12/09/2019

This week, in a reprise of a Compass from one year ago, we join a gathering of farmers around a bonfire built not only on hopes for rich and productive soil, but also on the dream of helping to reverse the climate crisis.

Compass for the Week of 12/02/2019

This week the Compass goes to Poulsbo to witness two simultaneous Black Friday ceremonies: the annual municipal Christmas display lighting, and a 40th birthday commemoration of a Native American man who was shot to death by a Poulsbo policeman at another public celebration five months ago, on Independence Day.

Compass for the Week of 11/25/2019

Since April of 1997, the Buffalo Field Campaign has been standing in defense against the harassment and slaughter of our country’s last wild buffalo: the Yellowstone herds. This week on the Compass, KPTZ reporter Chris Bricker talks with the Campaign’s co-founder and coordinator, Mike Meese, who came through Port Townsend with the Buffalo Field Campaign Road Show, to raise awareness of the natural habitat of these wild, free-roaming buffalo and other native wildlife. Joining him is Patrick Johnson, Montana Native and Co-Chair of the Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship’s Green Sanctuary Environmental Action Committee.

Compass for the Week of 11/18/2019

Earlier this month John Mauro, who last worked in New Zealand, took over the job of Port Townsend city manager following David Timmons, who held the job for 20 years, an unprecedented term of service for that particular position. On this week’s Compass, Charlie Bermant talks to Mauro live on the air to hear his views about Port Townsend’s future direction. Note: This program will be rebroadcast not only Saturday, November 23 at noon, but also an additional airing on Thursday, November 21 following the KPTZ Local News broadcast at noon.

Compass for the Week of 11/11/2019

The Port Ludlow Village Players just brought in a guest director for their spring play, and this week on the Compass, he tells us why he chose to stage a new political comedy called The Outsider … which looks suspiciously like the real-life comedy that’s happening right now in Washington D.C.

Compass for the Week of 11/04/2019

This week on the Compass we talk with a lawyer who has spent much of her career helping people think about those things nobody wants to think about: things like deadly diseases, dementia, and the big “D” itself: Death.  And she tells us why we should think about them now, so we don’t need to worry so much about them later.

Compass for the Week of 10/21/2019

This week on the Compass, we give you a taste of our live broadcast from the Great Shakeout, a worldwide event designed to help you understand how to cope with a massive catastrophe that is almost definitely going to happen someday.

Compass for the Week of 10/14/2019

This week on the Compass we talk with Tibetan filmmaker Tenzing Sonam about the tragic plight of his people and homeland under Chinese occupation, and the wrenching feature film on the subject titled The Sweet Requiem he and his producing partner and wife Ritu Sarin recently brought to the Rose Theater.

Compass for the Week of 10/07/2019

This week on the Compass, in a reprise of a program originally aired in March of 2014, we take you on a guided tour through the mists of Port Townsend’s past on a visit to some of its most rarely seen hidden corners. (The Historical Walking Tour of downtown PT as part of the Victorian Festival, including a walk through the long-empty upper stories of the Hastings Building with Hastings descendant Heather Dudley-Nollette.)

Compass for the Week of 9/30/2019

This week on the Compass, we reveal why Anna and Peter Quinn sold the Writers Workshop and Imprint Bookstore. And we get some very personal insights about the successful novel that Anna wrote. And we find out what lies ahead for the Quinns.

Compass for the Week of 9/23/2019

This week on the Compass, we reprise our coverage of two special days in June 2019, when ceremonies brought acknowledgement of several thousand years of rich social and religious indigenous culture, ownership and rejection of past intolerance by the white man, and the opportunity to educate citizens and visitors alike about the relationship between the ‘SKlallam People and the European settlers who came to occupy this special place the ‘Sklallams called the village of Qatay. A 30-foot totem arrived at the foot of Water Street, and the Cheech-ma-han Trail was dedicated and embraced by the community. Join us as we revisit some of the sounds, voices and music of these two celebratory days.

Compass for the Week of 9/16/2019

We talk with a doctor about hearing loss, a problem that’s likely to affect every one of us sooner or later…and if you don’t address it sooner, you almost certainly will be worse off later.

Compass for the Week of 9/09/2019

Could it be that many of the world’s most dreaded diseases, from Alzheimer’s to cancer and heart disease, can be prevented or even cured by a simple change in diet? This week, in a program that first aired in March of 2016, we talk to a doctor who tells us it could.

Compass for the Week of 9/02/2019

This week on Compass, humble sailor Olivier Huin tells us his story about building a 51-foot wooden sailboat and of his first attempt in 2017 at navigating the Northwest Passage from Newfoundland to Breskell’s new home in Port Townsend. In that conversation earlier this summer, he spoke of his current preparations, as he and his five-person crew prepared to make a second attempt to cross. Since then, Olivier has been reporting in each week by SatPhone. We’ll include his latest report, along with the crew’s observations about the impact of a rapidly changing Arctic climate.

Compass for the Week of 8/26/2019

This week on the Compass we report on the seventh annual All-County Picnic at HJ Carroll Park, where local residents from every walk of life came together (as they do each year) with emergency planners to learn how to prepare for disaster and to build resilient communities.

Compass for the Week of 8/19/2019

Teenage years are never easy, but in recent years an increasing number of troubled teens consider suicide as an option. Port Townsend has not escaped this. Four years ago 15-year-old Benji Kenworthy took his own life, which first shattered this community but then led to an option that can help save teenager’s lives. The Benji Project provides teenagers with stress management and emotional resilience skills to keep them from a drastic action that will affect everyone around them. On today’s Compass we talk with Cynthia Osterman, Benji’s mother, who has built the project into a valuable local resource.

Compass for the Week of 8/05/2019

In this edition of Compass, KPTZ reporter Chris Bricker speaks with Mary-Wynne Ashford, M.D., author and activist, who has been a leader in the international peace and disarmament movement for several decades.  She’ll be one of the keynote speakers this week during events at the Cotton Building.  From our civilization’s naive exploration of Nuclear Energy in the 1940s and 1950s to coping in subsequent decades with the Genie that’s out of the bottle, it is important for us to remember two profound days in history that changed the world. On August 6th and 9th the community of Port Townsend will reflect on the meaning, tragedy and lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with music, poetry, movies, speakers, ceremony and prayer.