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Denise Winters

(First airdate: November 2, 2017) Pleasures and Treasures host Marcia Perlstein interviews Denise Winters, Executive Artistic Director of Key City Public Theatre. Denise rolls out the coming 2018 season and casts light on all things Key City.


Thank You!! We surpassed our goal.

Donn Trethewey, after updating the fund drive progress poster with flair, as $30,000 goal is met.

Thank you to the hundreds of donors who chose to contribute to KPTZ during our Autumn Pledge Drive last week. We surpassed our ambitious $30,000 goal, and your support has energized all of us at KPTZ.
If by chance you missed our fund drive, never fear: It's never too late! Just click on the Donate Now! button above, or HERE. Thanks again, and stay tuned.

Compass for the Week of October 30, 2017

In a reprise of a Halloween special from four years ago, we talk with a former police detective who not only claims to have seen Bigfoot twice, but who also helped supply evidence to prove the existence of the elusive creatures that most believe to be only a myth.


Love That Wind-Up Radio!

The host of KPTZ's Friday Night Blues, Barney Burke, lives with Butler the Cat, who loves listening to 91.9 FM and is mesmerized by the sound of cranking one of our new wind-up radios! This thank-you prize is a valuable, very functional Emergency Digital Radio that also can be used (during a power outage) as a smartphone charger and a flashlight, plus a number of other useful functions.  You can get one of these premiums by making a sustaining donation of $15 (or more) a month. Come by the station at Mountain View Commons or call us at 360-554-4430 to pledge in support of KPTZ ~ or DONATE ONLINE and stop in soon to pick yours up! Only a limited number available.

Fall 2017 Pledge Drive

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October 23-28 (Mon - Sat)
Come by the station between 9am and 6pm.
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Thank-you Gifts
$60 ($5/month) - KPTZ Mug
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$180 ($15/month) - Wind-up Emergency Radio
$240 ($20/month) and up - KPTZ Black Zip Hoodie

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#98 Sam Lillie

(First airdate: October 24, 2017) HYPERLOCAL FOODIE ALERT: FROM YOUR GARDEN TO MY TABLE. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Sam Lillie, the founder of Vinder, a company that takes the ‘farm to table’ movement right down to the basics. Type your zip code into the web site ( to find out who is growing what in your neighborhood. Cherries, tomatoes, kale - it’s all there. You can pay via Paypal. Then you can either get things delivered or pick them up right in the backyard. Sometimes you can watch the owner/grower pick the produce right in front of you. And, of course, she/he could share some gardening tips. This is really fresh and really, really local.


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