Fresh Programming on KPTZ

This Friday June 5, KPTZ presents the debut of Filter, hosted by Paul Rice weekly from 1-3pm. Filter is a live mashup of music and people. It’s an exploration of the place we live in and beyond. You can expect conversation, analysis, music, and a dash of the absurd.

Fridays are also the new home of Summer of Live, a 2-hour block of live music past and present, airing from 3-5pm. Specifically, KPTZ Presents Live From Rainshadow is on from 3-4pm and Cracking the Vault: Centrum’s Musical Archives airs from 4-5pm. Following are details:

KPTZ Presents Live From Rainshadow is a collaborative effort with Rainshadow Recording. KPTZ will broadcast a live concert every Friday, direct from Fort Worden, from 3-4pm. This Friday, June 5 concert features regional favorite Jack Dwyer. Jack is a multi-instrumentalist whose songs move seamlessly through the American canon, including classic country, jazz, honkytonk blues, and bluegrass.

Following the concert, KPTZ is happy to present, Cracking the Vault: Centrum’s Musical Archives from 4-5pm, hosted by Peter McCracken, longtime Program Manager for several of Centrum’s residential music workshops and festivals. Peter is digging into Centrum’s history and extensive library to share music and observations from decades of concerts. This week’s Cracking the Vault features performances and insights about the life and music of Cajun fiddler Dennis McGee.

But wait, there’s more! It’s Saturday! debuts on Saturday June 6. Charlie Bermant is retooling his Saturday 9-11am morning slot. The former Live! and Kicking will become It’s Saturday! Charlie will be mining his own collection of music to present a variety of sounds predominantly in the rock space, but not always. This includes oddball cover songs and imaginative flashes that went unnoticed, overshadowed by the trend of the day. There will also be some news and commentary, in true Charlie Bermant style.

Tuesday, November 27th Is . . .

All of us at KPTZ are very grateful to our loyal listeners for the success of this year’s Fall Membership Drive.

For Giving Tuesday we encourage you to please reach out and support the nonprofit organizations serving needs in our community that are important to you.

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Tossed Salad for 11/23/18

Still thankful after our Thanksgiving holiday, Phil Andrus brings us a Tossed Salad cornucopia of local talents:

1:00Lanny Turay, on guitarist Al Turay and the historic Seattle jazz scene
2:00Al Cairns, Jefferson County Conservation District
2:30Bread and Gravy, Port Angeles band
3:00 – Black Friday, celebrated with Billy Zoom
4:00Cast members of KCPT’s “Spirit of the Yule”/”Every Christmas Story Ever Told”
4:30Heather Dudley Nollette, reading “Middle School Misfortunes Then and Now, One Teacher’s Take”

Coming Friday, December 14, noon to 5pm: Tossed Salad presents an extravaganza at City Hall, at the Museum of Art and History. More details here.

#124 Mike Howell, Howell’s Sandwiches

(First airdate: November 20, 2018) BUILDING SANDWICHES & DREAMS. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Mike Howell, the enthusiastic owner of Howell’s Sandwich shop. He’s a Chicago boy who followed his girlfriend (now wife) to Port Townsend. She had a job, he didn’t. After checking things out, he decided the vacant space Jordini’s once occupied was perfect for a Chicago-style sandwich shop. The walls are covered in old family pictures. One shows a very young Mike in a toy plane in front of a hanger at Howell’s Airport, once owned by his grandfather. Mike has big plans for Howell’s.


Compass for the Week of 11/19/2018

In 2014, the Port Townsend School System established the Maritime Discovery Schools Initiative, designed to blend maritime instruction into all levels of the curriculum. Now in the fifth and final year of the initiative, the school system has accommodated such instruction district wide. On this week’s Compass program director Sara Rubenstine discusses progress so far and what we should expect in the future.


Tossed Salad for 11/16/2018

Phil Andrus gets Tossed Salad off to an early start with Can’t Wait for Salad at 12:40, featuring Krista Mudge and Brian Edminston, basketball referees. Thereafter you have:

1:00Jeanie Murphy, “Banjo Tunes, Tunings, and Lore”
1:30Sue Thompson and Bobbi Nikles, vocals with guitar and fiddle
2:00Tom Jay, “A Word and a Poem”
2:15Ellen Falconer, guest DJ
3:15 – The Roadstead Project, with Laticia Huber, Laura Alisanne, Kelly Matlock, and Sharon Carter
3:45Donn Ring, spiritual basis for earth care
4:30 – Storyteller Alice Squire, of the Story People of Clallam County

Over the Top!

Big thanks to all who pitched in to help KPTZ reach our goal so that we can continue broadcasting!

With results still trickling in, we’ve achieved a greater number of donations than usual – over $31,000 from our Fall Pledge Drive. Sustaining KPTZ and our services takes a lot of work from many people, and a fair bit of money too. The more the community gives, the more we can do. Job well done!