Hear From Your Commissioner Candidates!

Election day approaches… KPTZ news reporter Lily Haight talks with commissioner candidates Heidi Eisenhour and Lorna Smith, who are both running for the District 2 seat on the Board of County Commissioners. They discuss everything from COVID-19 recovery, to affordable housing, and the future of law enforcement in Jefferson County.

Nature Now #425
Wolves in Washington

(First airdate: August 21, 2019) Mary Robson interviews wildlife biologists Lorna and Darrell Smith about the difficulties of protecting wolf populations, and other factors influencing the survival of ‘heritage’ carnivores.

Tossed Salad for 8/23/2019

Starting at 1pm this Friday, Phil Andrus brings us another Tossed Salad of local talent:
1:00 – Deep Squeeze invitation, with Paul Rogers and …
1:15Debbi Steele, Cheri Van Hoover, and Angela Gyurko: “Life Without Roe v. Wade”
1:45 – Presenters from Key City Public Theatre’s “Marching to Victory”
2:15Howly Slim, original songs of these times
2:45 – Musicians from the Olympic Music Festival for live music and conversation
3:45Judith-Kate Friedman, Songs from the Sound
4:30Don White, reading

PT Film Festival

(First airdate: August 20, 2019) The Port Townsend Film Festival is celebrating its 20th Anniversary! Volunteer Coordinator Chuck Moses spotlights for Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can a few of the special opportunities to get involved with this signature Port Townsend multi-day event of over film, food and fun.

Compass for the Week of 8/19/2019

Teenage years are never easy, but in recent years an increasing number of troubled teens consider suicide as an option. Port Townsend has not escaped this. Four years ago 15-year-old Benji Kenworthy took his own life, which first shattered this community but then led to an option that can help save teenager’s lives. The Benji Project provides teenagers with stress management and emotional resilience skills to keep them from a drastic action that will affect everyone around them. On today’s Compass we talk with Cynthia Osterman, Benji’s mother, who has built the project into a valuable local resource.

Tossed Salad for 8/16/2019

Can’t stand the heat? Cool down, PT-style, with Phil Andrus and a lovely Tossed Salad for a mid-August Friday:
1:00Al Latham, Randy Rosens and Claudia Coppola, of Olympic Neighbors
1:15 – Daring Greatly, family vocal band from Ecotopia
2:15Al Bergstein, Olympic Peninsula Environmental News
2:45Larry Morrell, Sound Defense Alliance
3:15Amanda Milholland, PT Farmers Market
3:30Baila Dworsky, music to surprise us all
4:30Heather Dudley Nollette, reading

Nature Now #424
Endangered Butterflies

(Reprise airdate: August 14, 2019) Debaran Kelso hosts a rebroadcast of show #207 “Endangered Butterflies and Prairie Restoration” with host Kate Dwyer and guest Ted Thomas, senior ecologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.