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Hear Centrum’s Voice Works on KPTZ

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VOICEWORKS at Centrum this week...... and on KPTZ.
Wed. 11am, hear the music of VoiceWorks artists on Bring Your Records.
Thursday on Discovery Road, 8-10am, Tim Q. will host Elizabeth LaPrelle, and Pharis and Jason Romero.
Friday night, LIVE on KPTZ, the VoiceWorks Concert from Wheeler Theater -- Global Resonance 7:30 to 10pm. (It is SOLD OUT, so you can join in on-air on KPTZ)
Thanks Centrum, VoiceWorks artists, and our listeners


Happy Birthday to Us!

May 14th was KPTZ's 4th Anniversary.  Many thanks to our community of listeners and supporters for helping us make it this far.  Here's to many more years!  

GLORIOUS FOOD a new program on KPTZ

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Mara Lathrop hosts a half hour exploration of food in our culture, and our region.....featuring interviews, and personal essays, and a recipe or two. Produced by Mara Lathrop and CJ Lazenby.

A program you've been asking for since we started.

Dining on Air

Dining On Air is a fun and easy way to reach out to your friends and introduce them to the station.  Sign up to be a Dinner Host on June 19th.  Invite your friends over for dinner, plan a fun menu, and listen to DJ Barney Burke play some eclectic dining tunes. He’ll also mention what dishes hosts are serving and take song requests. At the end of dinner, ask your friends to become members.  It’s easy and fun! KPTZ will give all dinner hosts and your friends KPTZ mugs. Contact to sign up.

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Meet our Interns!

Among the many volunteers behind KPTZ is a small but vital group of young interns to whom we are so grateful.  Meet (pictured below from left to right) Ewan Shortess, Jacob Brown, and Jani Jesenovec.  Ewan is a editor, Jacob is a DJ and Editor, and Jani helps us with our IT.  Beyond their individual skills they bring a terrific spirit, humor, and proficiency to the KPTZ studio.  If you're interested in becoming a Radio Intern, email us at

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