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Tossed Salad Mix for 1/19/18

We've added a harmonica to the salad this week (did you spot it?). More ingredients coming soon to a station near you...

Join host Phil Andrus and special guests this Friday from 1-5pm on 91.9FM ~ or stream live by clicking the Listen Live arrow at the top left of this window.

This Friday's lineup includes:
1:00 - Micaela Kingslight, vocals with guitar
1:45 - Port Commissioner Pete Hanke and marine electrician Chris Sanok, with Scott Wilson, publisher emeritus of the Port Townsend Leader
2:30 - Laurie Riley, harpist
3:30 - Brett Navin brings Port Townsend students
4:00 - Threshold Choir, directed by Helen Lauritzen
4:30 - Catherine McNabb, reading

#103 Judy Lundgren

(First airdate: January 16, 2018) TOASTING THE TOWN: JUDY LUNDGREN, HILLTOP TAVERN. Our town host Maryanne McNellis talks with Judy Lundgren, co-owner of the Hilltop Tavern, one of the few authentic taverns left around the region. As drinking habits have changed, so has the tavern. Judy’s been doing charity bingo nights for about 20 years now - raising tens of thousands of dollars for community causes. Music events range from honky tonk to punk or metal. And now she’s added a ‘painting night’ where a local artist coaches people to create their own masterpiece.


Compass for the Week of January 15, 2018

This week on the Compass, KPTZ reporter Chris Bricker takes us to a vigil outside the gates of Indian Island Naval Weapons Magazine in recognition of Holy Innocents Day, and then we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. by revisiting some of his most powerful speeches.


Super Saturday!

A lot of people are jazzed about our new Saturday schedule, a stellar lineup! The afternoon kicks off at 1pm with Dalana’s rich Music to My Ears; then at 2 we explore the musical streams of American Routes; leading into Ron McElroy with Free Spin at 4pm. Liz just moved her Musical Chairs to start at 6pm, followed by Captain Peacock with Dance Party in Your Living Room 'til 10pm.

Every Saturday on KPTZ, live hosting begins at 8am with Saturday Morning Max, rounding out with West Coast Live airing at 11, followed by the half-hour noon Compass and 12:30pm Nature Now shows. Weekend wonders, all!

Dorothy Rice Bennett

(First airdate: January 11, 2018) Marcia Perlstein, your friendly Under the Rainbow interviewer, has a conversation with Dorothy Rice Bennett, of Sequin, author of three lesbian romance novels. They discuss her most recent book, The Artemis Adventure.



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