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The Power of a Promise

(First airdate: April 30, 2019) Marie Youssefirad of the Fariborz Youssefirad Memorial Health Scholarship, shares with host Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can, the heartbreak that shaped the direction of her efforts to bring diabetes education to youth. After the loss of her husband, Fariborz, Marie began to fundraise through a custom license program to raise funds for scholarships and diabetes education in our schools. Listen in and get inspired!

Compass for the Week of 4/29/2019

This week on the Compass, we bring you two stories from two new members of the KPTZ news team. First, Missy Nielsen talks with emerging filmmaker Dianna Lanham about her recent meteoric rise from obscurity. And then Jared DuFresne talks with a woman who leads local discussion groups that attempt to influence American foreign policy.

Tossed Salad for 4/26/2019

Spring is rapidly pushing us out of April toward May. And Phil Andrus is back from vacation to bring us a Tossed Salad to help us move forward:
1:00 - Northwind Arts: Beth Wood/Ara Lee
1:45 - Nhatt Nichols
2:00 - Bob Bindschadler, NASA
2:30 - Brian Douglas, guitar
3:15 - Tigran Arakeylan, Port Townsend Community Orchestra, with Shaya Lyon, founder and director of Live Music Project
3:45 - Nightingale
4:30 - Catherine McNabb, reading …

Nature Now #409
Controlling Noxious Weeds

(First airdate: April 24, 2019) It's time to start looking for troublesome weeds - with the guidance of Yoost Besjin, coordinator of the Noxious Weed Board of  Jefferson County.

#134 Pete Sexton, Owner of Broken Spoke

(First airdate: April 23, 2019) PETE SEXTON: PEDAL POWER FOR PORT TOWNSEND. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Pete Sexton, the owner of bike shop The Broken Spoke. Pete says Port Townsend is an ideal biking town - it’s small, compact and has many hills. Even the aging demographic works for a bike shop - the popularity of “e-bikes” (electric bikes) is soaring. Today’s e-bikes are half the weight of their predecessors and the battery lasts significantly longer. The Water Street shop sells, rents and even repairs bikes. And, by the way, the mechanics there can also repair walkers, wheelchairs and even golf carts. Pete notes that the shop definitely caters to the youth market. It sells Trek bikes - aerodynamic road bikes, from carbon race machines to refined aluminum models. You’ll see them flying like the wind around Jefferson County.

Compass for the Week of 4/22/2019

We visit with film director, writer, expatriate, and food fan Robin Willis. He’ll tell us about a wonderful 17-stool eatery just off the famous La Ramblia Boulevard in Barcelona, called Bar Pinotxo. It has a colorful history that spans three generations, and he has written a joyful and poignant book in celebration of its history, its stories and its recipes. In March, he brought part of the Bar Pinotxo menu to Port Townsend for an event called “Cenar con Pinotxo,” or a “Spanish Train Wreck” as he fondly calls it. We also visit hardy merchants and a few kids (goats, that is) at the opening day of Port Townsend’s Farmers Market.

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