KPTZ Programs

Tossed Salad for 3/01/2019

Time marches us into a new month. But Phil Andrus keeps us on track with another Tossed Salad show of late winter delights:
1:00 - Muriel Powers, autoharp originals
1:30 - Jeanie Murphy, “Banjo Tunes, Tunings and Lore”
2:30 - Chuck Moses, PT Record Show
3:00 - Al Bergstein, Olympic Peninsula Environmental News
3:45 - Sandra Gessner-Crabtree & Sarah Rubenstein, Salish Coast School Garden event
4:30 - Don White reading “Escape from Civilization” by I.B. Singer

Nature Now #401
Steve Grace – Lost Wilderness

(First airdate: February 27, 2019) Nan Evans talks with Steve Grace, a local author and marine science educator, about a “Lost Wilderness” he found here on the Quimper peninsula and efforts to protect this treasure. Contact Steve directly if you would like to arrange a trip to the old growth forest.

#130 Gary Lane, American Legion Service Officer

(First airdate: February 26, 2019) READY TO HELP VETS IN NEED. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Gary Lane, the Service Officer for American Legion Post #26. Vietnam vet Gary was exposed to Agent Orange during the war. It took him quite a while to realize and accept the fact that he needed help getting the benefits due to him. He ultimately decided to put his expertise to good use. As Service Officer he has helped hundreds of veterans from all branches and all wars get the benefits and pensions due to them. Over the past seven years he’s learned how to maneuver through the endless paperwork and bureaucratic red tape. If you have a friend or family member that's a vet, this show should give you some valuable insight into how to help your vet.

Compass for the Week of 2/25/2019

This week on the Compass, KPTZ Reporter Chris Bricker brings us another installment from the NEW OLD TIME CHAUTAUQUA HANDS ACROSS THE BORDER PROJECT. From a teepee on the windy plains of Alberta, Canada, two Piikani tribal elders of the Blackfoot Confederacy speak of First Nation sovereignty, Treaty rights, and the importance of handing sacred traditions and stories down to the younger generations.

On a Roll to KPTZ 2.0!

Now that word is out about the campaign to Build a New Home for KPTZ, fundraising efforts continue! We’re on track to bring home the seeds planted during last Thursday's Love Is Alive 1-Day event to help reach our ambitious KPTZ 2.0 Goal.

So far, jumpstarted by supportive listeners and members of our KPTZ family, last week’s flash drive has brought in over $21,000, including a Leadership Circle donation. Tripled by the Sage Foundation match, this comes to a whopping $63,000! Heartfelt Thanks to all KPTZ Love Is Alive donors!

It’s inspiring to see such enthusiasm for KPTZ’s plans to move into Fort Worden's Makers Square project for programs in arts, culture and education. With your help, we can realize our collective dream for KPTZ and our wonderful community, in the timetable required to spearhead this construction project. 

Where the Elwha River Meets the Sea

(First airdate: February 21, 2019) Washington Sea Grant’s Coastal Hazards Specialist Dr. Ian Miller discusses impacts and lessons learned after the removal of the two Elwha dams and the subsequent creation of new shoreline at the mouth of the Elwha River. Find out what the latest changes are on the Elwha River since the dam removals - and what they mean to you.

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