10,000 Heroes

New to KPTZ, it’s 10,000 Heroes, your go-to podcast for inspiration and inquiry into what a life of purpose and fun is all about.  From creator & host Ankur Shah Delight, who lives and works in Clallam County. Check out these episodes on the first Tuesday of the month, from 6 to 7pm. On July 5 meet Deepak Ram who grew up in South Africa, discovered music as a teenager, studied bansuri (bamboo flute) with the masters in Mumbai, and then found his “thing” as a globally-recognized musician. A fascinating episode, featuring some incredible music.

Donate Your Car!

Donate Your Car

While observing our lovely local Port Townsend landscape, a remarkable number of “retired” looking vehicles have come to our attention. If you are the disenchanted owner of one of these beloved, but unmovable companions, KPTZ now has a friendly partner, willing to move it along.

We have joined with the Center for CAR Donations, who will pick up or tow your unwanted cars, boats on trailers, motor homes, trucks, operational motorcycles, farm equipment and recreational vehicles (snowmobiles, jet skis, etc.) for free. Their two main requirements are that the vehicle has an engine, and that you can provide its title, in your name.

KPTZ will benefit from your donation by receiving 80% of proceeds from its sale. All donations are tax deductible up to the actual sale price at auction, and you will receive a form 1098 for any vehicle selling for over $500.

There are two user-friendly ways make your vehicle donation to benefit our community radio station. The first is to be prepared with your VIN number and the names KPTZ and Port Townsend; then call the Center for CAR Donations at 877-411-3662. They will walk you through the simple process over the phone.

Or, if you prefer using the web, you can fill out the donation form online. click here

Voila! You have solved your vehicle removal problem, reduced your taxable income, and given KPTZ a healthy shot of community funding in less than ten minutes,

Thank you for your interdependence in keeping community radio ever fresh in PT!

Changes and Thanks

KPTZ is approaching 3 years on the air. Two key radio hosts who have helped us set our course, and tone, and have helped us connect with you, our community, are hanging up their DJ hats for the time being. We never say never here at KPTZ!

105-150x225Ruby Fitch of Beach Rubble (Thursdays 10-noon) folded up her Beach tent and did her last show in January. Ruby’s unique blend of musical discoveries – from current artists, to American roots, through Henry Mancini, polka, yodeling, and skating rink music (not to forget accordions) – has made Thursdays one of our most popular days of the week. Ruby was also in on the formation of the station, and helped assemble our original crew of hosts. She was there from Day 1. We can’t thank her enough. As listeners hear of her departure, they are sharing their appreciation and love. Happy Trails , Ruby. You are always part of KPTZ. A new Thursday line-up is coming. Check the KPTZ Schedules page soon for updates.

John H-studio-225x169John Hulburd of John H, Yoga for the Ears (Wed. 8-10am) has been with us almost from the beginning of KPTZ. He brought experience from community radio in No. Calif, an infectious sense of humor and fun, and a wide knowledge of international singer-songwriters. He took us rom Australia, to Ireland, and deep into the US — with repeated visits to Tom Waits and Greg Brown, and the many women’s voices he loves. John has also been an important part of our Emergency Preparedness team. Listeners don’t get to see him dancing in the studio by the end of his second hour. John will be on-air with us thru March 5th. And then he’ll be off to warmer waters, until June. Happy Sails ’til then .. with our thanks and love.

Ch-ch-ch-Changes ……

tumblr_lirjtxfcd91qbrdf3o1_500-200x280New Thursday on KPTZ. Stay Tuned

8-10 Discovery Road — Tim Quackenbush
10 – Noon NEW TIME Plugged in Planet – Susan Bublitz (repeat)
Noon — News and Interviews
1pm On the Romani Trail – David Burroughs
2 – 3:30 Mid-Life Crisis Dance Party — Ray Serebrin
3:30 – 5pm Dream City Jukebox RETURNS! – Ray Schroff
5 pm – Nature Now, and features
6 pm – Classic Syndrome – Chris Hawley
7 – 9pm All Over the Map – Kurt Munnich

13 hours of original, local programming on your Community’s Radio station.

Meet our Newest Board Member!

mari-model2 copy-300x200KPTZ is thrilled to announce that Mari Mullen Executive Director, The Port Townsend Main Street Program, has joined our Board of Directors. She is experienced in all four areas of the Main Street Four-Point Approach (Organization, Design,Economics, Promotion), with special expertise in marketing and public relations, fundraising, promotions, heritage tourism and event planning. The Port Townsend Main Street Program is anaward-winning, fully accredited Main Street Program with a national profile. Mari has served as aconsultant to the Washington State Main Street Program, the New Mexico Main Street Program,and the Dubois Wyoming Main Street Program. Prior to her work at Main Street, she served as the Marketing Director for Centrum, a center for the arts and creative education at Fort Worden State Park, and she was a special event/program planner at the Seattle Art Museum and at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. She has a Bachelor of Science in Communications (Radio, TV and Film Production)from Northwestern University in Evanston IL. Her first job was working in the communicationsoffice (electronic media) for the Archbishop of Chicago.

On a personal note: I believe in volunteerism and am excited to join the board of KPTZ 91.9 FM Radio Port Townsend. Past volunteer gigs have included the Port Townsend Film Festival (12 years!) and the marketing committee of Sound Experience/the Tall Ship Adventuress. Other interests include photography, writing, attending concerts, road trips to small towns, and fixing up my Victorian fixer upper.

Your Connection to Community in an Emergency


photo by Jason Squire

KPTZ has always been committed to being a key resource when a disaster strikes our area. Located close to the Red Cross, police, and food bank, our studio is in an ideal place if and when our community is faced with an emergency. We have been working with the Jefferson County Emergency operations center, KROH and consultant Rita Kepner to make sure we are ready when needed. The experience from areas hit by emergencies has been that radio is one of the best resources, sometimes the only resource. Our role will be to provide accurate and timely information that can be valuable to everyone in the listening area for as long as necessary. We are linked in to the emergency networks and will get information directly from the emergency command centers.

We are in the process of making sure we can stay on the air even if it means broadcasting directly from our transmitter. The key, however, will be to make sure all our volunteers are trained and available. We have had a couple of trial runs of our system and we’re using the results to improve our documentation and training. Our volunteers would first make sure they and their families are safe and then we hope that enough of them would be available to get to the station. Let’s hope it’s not needed but if it is we want to make sure we’re ready to help.

KPTZ Community Radio. More than music.

DJ Spotlight: Mike Pollack from Progressive Tracks

DJ Mike (ProgTracks)-300x225Read our interview with DJ Mike Pollack, in which he talks about what one can’t dance to, the love of two football teams, and the art of question answering. Mike’s show, Progressive Tracks, airs on Monday nights at 9pm.

What can listeners expect to hear on your show?

I play Progressive Rock (or Prog for short), which is a bit hard to define because of all the off-shoots and sub-genres. The sounds range from symphonic to metal to folk to jazz to the avant-garde. But it’s generally a bit more complex and longer than what you hear on popular radio stations – it’s music for active listening vs. background music. Most people relate Prog to the 1970’s and to bands like Genesis, Yes, and Pink Floyd. Well, that was correct back in the 70’s, but Prog is still going strong today…… and it has ‘progressed’. I like to sum up Prog by saying: “It’s all the music you can’t dance to!”

Have you ever regretted playing a song on your show?

I don’t. Some KPTZ listeners might regret some stuff I have played though, you should ask them!

What piece of music do you wish you could play every week?

I like variety, so I’d hate to listen to something over and over. But if you paint me into a corner, it would probably be Jethro Tull’s “Thick As A Brick”, which is a 43-minute epic.

Give us your top three pastimes?

Well, music (listening and concerts) is an obvious one. But other than that, snow skiing (as a participant), and IndyCar Racing, and Unlimited Hydroplane Racing (as a spectator). I’m also a die-hard Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos fan (I can be both, because one is NFL and the other original AFL………yes, I am THAT old). Gee, that’s 6 instead of 3, isn’t it?

Tell us about your favorite local spot in the community?

My favorite nature spot is Fort Worden…….the gun emplacements, the beach, the lighthouse. My favorite man-made place is probably the Tyler Street Café – I’ve lived and died several times when it’s been reopened, only to close again. Oh, and of course the production booth at KPTZ (to be politically correct).

What other KPTZ shows do you like to listen to?

There are so many great, unique shows on KPTZ, but I like to listen to “Stockholm Syndrome” on Monday nights – there’s always new and interesting music on DJ Alexander’s show.

If you could have a super power, what would it be?

The power to answer questions correctly……