Fort Worden Creative Alliance

(Airdate: May 9, 2022) The Fort Worden Creative Alliance has been announced as a collaboration of 7 major arts organizations on the Fort Worden Campus.  This week’s Attention Please! features leaders from three of the member groups, Rob Birman, Executive Director of Centrum, Kate Ingram, General Manager of KPTZ, and Julie Johnnson, Finance & Operations Manager of Copper Canyon Press. Host/producer of the program is Larry Stein.
** Note: More discussion of this topic can be found in the podcast of Community Tides of May 6, 2022, where Hosts Chris Bricker and Siobhan Canty interview Teresa Verraes, Exec. Director of Northwind Art.

In Memory of Marcia

KPTZ, our community and the world lost our beloved Marcia Perlstein on Sunday evening, February 25, 2018. Marcia was the host of the two radio programs Pleasures and Treasures (aka Treasures and Pleasures) and Under the Rainbow, and she was a lifelong activist for human rights and justice. She called herself “your friendly neighborhood interviewer,” and urged us all to “Go gently, or as gently as you can.” Marcia was a force for good, for humanity, for justice, for art, for love.

Tossed Salad for 3/02/18

Join host Phil Andrus and special guests this Friday from 1-5pm on 91.9FM ~ or stream live by clicking the Listen Live arrow at the top left of this window.

1:00 – Caribe Steel Band, with Angie Tabor
2:00 – Al Bergstein, Olympic Peninsula Environmental News
3:00 – Kevin Bailey, JCHS, “Fishing Lessons”
4:15 – Megan Trenary, Famous Lucy
4:30 – Deborah Kate Hammond, reading from a locally published journal called “Minotaur”

#105 Johnpaul Davies

(First airdate: February 27, 2018) JOHNPAUL DAVIES – A TASTY MARITIME TRADE AT KEY CITY. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Johnpaul Davies, owner of Key City Fish Company. As a young man fishing in Alaska, Davies had no idea he’d end up running a successful fish (& meat) operation in Western Washington. His skills as a salesman meshed with his knowledge of how to cut, handle and display seafood. It’s a much more complex job than you might think. Even his nuclear physicist father was impressed.

Compass Honors Marcia Perlstein

Honoring Marcia Perlstein: A rerun of our coverage of Donald Trump’s Inaugural Women’s Protest in Port Townsend. On the evening of Sunday, February 25, much to the surprise of those who knew her tremendous life energy, KPTZ radio personality Marcia Perlstein passed from this plane to somewhere just beyond our reach. In her honor, KPTZ Compass is this week re-running the program she and Steve Evans co-produced at the Port Townsend Women’s March upon the inauguration of President Donald Trump, first aired on January 23, 2017.


Heart of Learning: Carol Light, Poet, Writing Teacher

(First airdate: February 22, 2018) Heather McRae-Woolf interviews Carol Light, writing teacher and coordinator of a pilot program from the UW Robinson Center. It happens March 24, and registration opened Feb. 15.


Tossed Salad for 2/23/18

Join host Phil Andrus and special guests this Friday from 1-5pm on 91.9FM ~ or stream live by clicking the Listen Live arrow at the top left of this window.

1:00 – Kristin and Otto, on fiddle, guitar & concertina
2:00 – Bob Rosen, South County Report, with David Neuenshwander (Brinnon/Quilcene CoC)
2:30 – Tigran Arakelyan, conductor PT Community Orchestra
3:15 – KCPT’s Playfest
3:45 – Judith-Kate Friedman, “Songs From the Sound”
4:30 – Dudley-Nolette Family Actors reading