County Public Health Report Today

Note: Today, U.S. Congressman Derek Kilmer will join the BOCC meeting directly after Dr. Berry, from 10:30 to 11am. Congressman Kilmer will speak about the current legislative session in Washington, DC.

KPTZ’s January 2022 Media Partner: Housing Solutions Network

KPTZ joins Housing Solutions Network to spread the word about fulfilling basic housing needs for the residents of Jefferson County.

Housing in Jefferson County exists all around us and yet is unavailable. How could this be? If we pause to look around, it turns out that we have housing resources all over. Have you noticed the empty houses, empty yards and lots, and large homes with just one resident? As Jefferson County continues to age (at 5 times the rate of Washington state) and as more incoming wealth displaces residents with local wages, we’re seeing a massive disruption in access to housing. This is further exacerbated by the lack of workers who fuel the building economy: carpenters, roofers, electricians, and building officials. The irony is that the lack of housing makes it harder for these workers to live here and build here, encouraging the vicious cycle. 

The most immediate workforce housing solution that we have is to leverage the housing resources that we already have: developed land, houses, and bedrooms. This is the foundation of Housing Solution Network’s recent campaign, Share Our Spaces. “Workforce housing” refers to the housing that is available and affordable to those earning about the area’s median wage, that is to say, housing that is accessible to most of us. Housing Solutions Network (HSN) focuses on workforce housing because it is the housing that allows for a functioning economy, strong social services, stable family life, and for those in transitional housing to be able to transition somewhere more permanent. The lack of workforce housing impacts the entire housing continuum. 

HSN is proud to work with KPTZ Radio Port Townsend in this effort to broadcast the available tools and opportunities towards creating more workforce housing by utilizing existing resources. The Share Our Spaces campaign outlines five solutions that can be acted upon by homeowners who have the space and spirit to share. These solutions include creating accessory dwelling units (ADUs), home-sharing a room in a house either temporarily or long-term, filling one of the county’s 3000 empty homes, leasing land for a mobile tiny home, and finally the utilization of the Housing Link, a platform to connect local renters to rentals.

You’re invited to reach out to HSN with any question about any of these solutions, or even a solution that you’re excited about sharing. We are a growing community network, oriented to respond to this housing issue, and we welcome new thoughts and partners in this work. 

Be well, and don’t forget about the resources we already have. 

Kellen Lynch
Campaign Manager
Housing Solutions Network

Listen to Kellen Lynch’s forum about Homes for Our People on January 17th’s Attention Please!

2021 Year End Appeal from KPTZ’s Robert Ambrose

Dear Friends,

When my wife and I decided to leave Alaska after decades living there, we made lists of criteria for defining our new home. Chief on my list was moving to a town that had a community radio station, partly because I wanted to continue my 20 year-old radio program, Rhythm Connection. More importantly to me, however, was that I knew from experience that establishing a local non-profit radio station takes tremendous effort and dedication to service. Any community that pulls off that feat is one where people care about each other, and where community spirit runs deep. KPTZ checked that box on my list, and Port Townsend checked many others, leading us to feel very lucky and happy to have moved here seven years ago.

The past two years have demonstrated how important KPTZ is for northern Olympic Peninsula communities. If it could be visualized, then it would be amazing to see how extensively our roots have spread, connecting people and organizations to help us all navigate perilous times. Our reach, reflecting our community value, can be measured by the dramatic growth in listeners and contributors we have experienced. Another indication is that in this, our eleventh year on-air, KPTZ has received its first significant bequest, its first important planned giving commitment, and its first major RMD (Required Minimum Distribution) IRA transfer.

Our growth and success during the coronavirus epoch is thanks to our 100+ volunteers, who produce our diverse programming and keep our equipment running. And above all, it is thanks to you supporting our efforts.

KPTZ is in an exciting period of transition! After pandemic delayed construction, volunteers are working hard to customize our new home in Fort Worden’s historic Building 305, where we are the anchor tenant of the visionary Makers Square project. Once we move in next spring, we shall have greatly expanded capacity to grow into the future. We have a news production studio to support our priority to expand reliable local news, and we have ample studios to capture live performances and to expand our broadcast and journalism eduction efforts.

Please give our transition a push by making your end-of-year gift to KPTZ!

On a personal note, this is a transitional moment for me, too. After five years as KPTZ Board President, I am stepping aside to catch my breath. I am super pleased that Dominic Svornich will take over that leadership role and excited by the fecund future that will unfold for KPTZ at beautiful Fort Worden, among its many vibrant, creative organizations. I’m not disappearing however: I will continue to produce my show(s), sit on the Board, and see to conclusion the projects that involve me. And this may not be the last appeal I send you!

Thank you for your tremendous support and for helping KPTZ connect us all!

Best wishes for a safe and wonderful holiday, and hopefully a happier new year!

Robert Ambrose
President, KPTZ Board of Directors
Host, Rhythm Connection, Tues 1-3
[email protected]
Note: KPTZ has capacity to accept donations of securities and stock, with significant tax benefits for donors. Likewise, directing Required IRA Distributions to non-profit KPTZ results in the distribution incurring no federal income tax.

Photo: Fort Worden Bldg 305 by Signal Architecture

Pride March 2017, Part 1

(First airdate: June 6, 2017) Host Marcia Perlstein guides us on a look back at LGBTQ Pride week activities in Port Townsend.


Compass For the Week of June 5, 2017

Climate crisis on your mind? Listen to PT resident, investigative journalist Dahr Jamail, interviewed while we were all waiting for Trump’s decision on the Paris Climate Accord. Jamail has been focusing on climate change issues, and is preparing his new book, The End of Ice.

Steve Evans with Dahr Jamail…on KPTZ Monday June 5 at Noon, Tues at 5pm, Wed at 10, and Saturday at Noon.


Nature Now #312 Tides and Time

(first aired May 24, 2017). Jonathan White, author of Tides, The Science and Spirit of The Ocean, visits via phone with host Nan Evans and discusses how the tides can tell time, change our concept of time, and affect living creatures. Closing music is “The Moon and The Tide,” performed by Derek Gust.


We Made Our Goal!!

Thank You, loyal Listener Community,
for a successful Spring Drive.
We made it. Stay tuned.

KPTZ Broadcast Interrupted by Affordable Housing

KPTZ was off-the-air Thursday afternoon for over three hours, as crews disconnected power and telecommunication lines to allow passage of this multiple family housing unit up Blaine Street. The four-unit house will be situated at the corner of Van Ness and Cherry Street.

Despite the temporary loss of broadcast, KPTZ continued to live stream its programming via the website.

A Wonderful Time Was Had by All!

Our Sgt. Pepper’s Band at the KPTZ Anniversary Concerts on May 6 & 7.
Band was led and concert directed by Paul Rogers…..with a stellar troupe of local participants.
Concert Producer: Tim Quackenbush
Photo Credit:  Bob Rowan (thank you Bob)