KPTZ/JCHS Live Event and Broadcast

Every holiday season should have at least one festive party, so this year we here at KPTZ put together our own Holiday Extravaganza with the Jefferson County Historical Society (JCHS). On Saturday, December 11 from Noon to 4pm, KPTZ DJ Phil Andrus will host this live event from Jefferson Museum of Art & History in downtown Port Townsend and you’re invited! The event will be broadcast “live” on KPTZ and will feature music and a whole lot more.

Live music will be provided by:
– The Alternators (Peter Evasick and George Radebaugh)
– Le Coeur Criminel
– The Summer Band Brass Quintet
– Jean Lenke Jazz Quartet 
– Guitarist Trevor Hansen
Other events include holiday card-making and other wonderful winter activities.

There’ll be plenty of room for one one and all to join in the fun while observing safe social distancing. Room capacity is limited due to Covid-19 restrictions, and all attendees must provide proof of full vaccination status. If you can’t make it in-person, listen to KPTZ’s Holiday Extravaganza at 91.9 FM or stream it at

Thanks-Giving for Painters’ Progress!

As you may know, we’re in the midst of preparing for the big move to Fort Worden. The first big task has been all of the painting that needed to be done, ahead of furnishing the 2500-square foot square new station. KPTZ gives special thanks to our supporters at Peninsula Paint, including Port Townsend store manager Greg Hope and owners Ray and Diane Donahue for their significant contribution of all the paint, primer and supplies. “They were so easy to work with, they were awesome,” says KPTZ board member and relocation coordinator Monica MickHager.

Monica is pictured above (at right) with volunteer paint lead Sheila Long, who is president of Quimper Grange. “Sheila was a huge help,” says Monica. “She showed up for every single paint party.” 

We’re so very grateful to all the KPTZ volunteers who pitched in to help paint our new studios and offices.

Stay tuned to this page and our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on the transformation of KPTZ’s new “Studio 305.”

Economics of Happiness Conference

(October 27-29, 2017) Some of the most prominent thinkers, writers, and activists in the sustainability and localization movements came together at Fort Worden’s Lifelong Learning Center on the weekend of October 27-29, 2017 to “discuss, discover, and devise better systems for now and the future”, as the conference’s website puts it.

Langdon Cook

(First airdate: November 2017) Author and lecturer Langdon Cook talks with Booklovers’ Cafe host Cris Wilson about his newest book, Upstream: Searching for Wild Salmon From River to Table. Langdon takes us on a journey up and down the Pacific coast to meet the charismatic people whose lives are led by the fish that we all follow.


Compass for the Week of November 6, 2017

When Yes! Magazine co-founder Sarah Van Gelder polled the 250 attendees at the Economics of Happiness Conference held recently at Fort Worden on the question of whether they thought the transition to a sustainable economy would be rough or smooth, only one hand went up for “smooth”. Everyone else expected a pretty rough road ahead. Which is probably the reason they were all there for the weekend-long event that brought together some of the world’s most prominent thinkers, writers, and activists in the sustainability and localization movements to “discuss, discover, and devise better systems for now and the future”, as the event’s website put it.

The conference was organized by local activists including Karen Wyeth and Local 20/20 co-founder Judith Alexander, with major support from Swedish visionary Helena Norberg Hodge’s organization Local Futures, which has hosted a number of other Economics of Happiness conferences around the world, including in the U.S., India, Australia, Italy, and South Korea.

Along with Van Gelder, Yes! Magazine co-founder David Korten, and Post-Carbon Institute Senior Fellow Richard Heinberg, Norberg Hodge anchored the keynote panel on the first evening of the conference. This week on the Compass we bring you highlights of that keynote panel.


Check KPTZ Specials for the complete conference proceedings.

Denise Winters

(First airdate: November 2, 2017) Pleasures and Treasures host Marcia Perlstein interviews Denise Winters, Executive Artistic Director of Key City Public Theatre. Denise rolls out the coming 2018 season and casts light on all things Key City.


Thank You!! We surpassed our goal.

Donn Trethewey, after updating the fund drive progress poster with flair, as $30,000 goal is met.

Thank you to the hundreds of donors who chose to contribute to KPTZ during our Autumn Pledge Drive last week. We surpassed our ambitious $30,000 goal, and your support has energized all of us at KPTZ.
If by chance you missed our fund drive, never fear: It’s never too late! Just click on the Donate Now! button above, or HERE. Thanks again, and stay tuned.

Compass for the Week of October 30, 2017

In a reprise of a Halloween special from four years ago, we talk with a former police detective who not only claims to have seen Bigfoot twice, but who also helped supply evidence to prove the existence of the elusive creatures that most believe to be only a myth.