Local Election Forums

KPTZ joins the League of Women Voters-Jefferson County in encouraging everyone to vote, by presenting upcoming election forums, all broadcast live on KPTZ at 5:30pm for three consecutive evenings.
– The Monday, July 11 forum will face off the two candidates for Jefferson County Sheriff: Art Frank and Joe Nole. 
Tuesday, July 12 will feature 5 of the 6 primary candidates for the two seats from Washington’s 24th Legislative District: Mike Chapman and Matthew Rainwater for Position 1, and Darren Corcoran, Brian Pruiett, and Steve Tharinger for Position 2. Position 1 candidate Sue Forde is unable to attend. 
– On Wednesday, July 13, the last forum before the August primary will include the candidates for Jefferson County Commissioner, District 3: Greg Brotherton, Jon Cooke, and Marcia Kelbon. 

Please submit questions for the candidates to: [email protected] no later than noon on July 8. Concise, unbiased questions directly related to the candidates’ positions and policies will be given priority, and similar questions will be combined. 

The forums will also be available via Zoom at the Jefferson County League of Women Voters website.

Please Step Up ~ KPTZ Needs Your Donation

One of KPTZ’s new broadcast studios, with custom furniture by Port Townsend woodworker Gary Jonland.

Progress is happening! At KPTZ’s new Fort Worden studios, even as the pandemic rages on, the station is inching closer to the extremely long-awaited move. And as we round out the month of KPTZ’s 11th anniversary on May 14, your support is both needed and welcome, through donations in support of the station’s overhead and expenses. 

As of the last day of May, a total of 17 highly valued, new donors have contributed $2200 since the month began. This simply isn’t enough to keep the lights on! Even though in the past our annual anniversary has traditionally been observed as an on-air fundraising week, this year we’re focusing on the move in order to spare everyone from so many repeated asks, by offering up more of a “silent” fundraiser – letting the outstanding music and informative programming speak for itself, while now asking, off air, for your donations.

We ask you to please pitch in at this pivotal time, to fund and enable KPTZ’s expanding broadcast services.

Donations by check also can be mailed to KPTZ
PO Box 2091, Port Townsend, WA 98368

If you already are one of KPTZ’s generous, monthly sustaining donors, thank you from the bottom of all our hearts for providing necessary ongoing support. And we ask you now to consider an added boost to assist our organizational growth ~ all fully driven by our dedicated volunteer staff.

Magical good things await us, approaching the upcoming KPTZ move! Stay tuned here for more about the station’s ongoing progress, and given your help, we expect some breakthroughs during the month of June!

Jerry Osborne

(First airdate: August 7, 2019) KPTZ radio host Jerry Osborne joins CrisWilson to talk about his book Elvis: Like Any Other Soldier. It is a special 50th Anniversary edition commemorating Elvis’ army years. We have included recordings of young Elvis talking about his army experiences and some music that make this Booklovers’ broadcast unique.

Pickin’ Produce with your Pals

(First airdate: August 6, 2019) Missy Nielsen of Everybody Can talks with the “Gleaners” from the Quimper Community Harvest Gleaning Crew about the bountiful produce that is collected and distributed to others in need. Gleaners harvest and distribute local fruits and vegetables to the community and schools. Seth Roland and Doug Van Allen discuss the process and opportunities to get involved, learn a bit about fruit handling and make some new friends.

Compass for the Week of 8/05/2019

In this edition of Compass, KPTZ reporter Chris Bricker speaks with Mary-Wynne Ashford, M.D., author and activist, who has been a leader in the international peace and disarmament movement for several decades.  She’ll be one of the keynote speakers this week during events at the Cotton Building.  From our civilization’s naive exploration of Nuclear Energy in the 1940s and 1950s to coping in subsequent decades with the Genie that’s out of the bottle, it is important for us to remember two profound days in history that changed the world. On August 6th and 9th the community of Port Townsend will reflect on the meaning, tragedy and lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, with music, poetry, movies, speakers, ceremony and prayer.

Tossed Salad for 8/02/2019

Right after KPTZ’s broadcase of the Centrum Free Friday Acoustic Blues Feastival at noon, Phil Andrus brings us sizzling summer programs on Tossed Salad this week. Pour yourself a cool lemonade, sit back, and listen:

1:20Daniel Macke, guitar and mandocello
2:00Patricia Jones and Brian Cullin, South County Report
2:30Judith-Kate Friedman, Songs from the Sound
3:30Jessica Randall and Al Latham, aerial application of herbicide on forestlands
4:00Tom Jay, A Word and a Poem
4:30Don White reading “In Another Country” by Ernest Hemingway

Nature Now #422
Unseen Life in the Oceans, Part 2

(Reprise airdate: July 31, 2019) Dr. Virginia Armbrust, Director of the University of Washington School of Oceonography, joins host Nan Evans to talk about the weird world of microscopic organisms that populate the world’s oceans, and why we should know about them and even care.