New on KPTZ: Intimacy in Under 10

KPTZ has added a new short feature to the station’s programming lineup! Under 10: A Mini Intimacy Podcast with Dr. Jessica Tartaro is the podcast now airing on 91.9FM, weekly on Thursdays from 5:20–5:30pm. Each episode includes an intimacy tool you can practice immediately to grow your feelings of connection across all your relationships. Click here for more about Under 10 and host Dr Jessica Tartaro.
“Healthy intimacy is not a given. It’s a practice. It asks you for discipline and consistency. And will reward you immeasurably with the kind of love and support you desire. When the resistance comes up, just imagine my voice cheering you on and saying, ‘just do it’, in support of you letting something soften, letting love in and trying again.” ~ Dr. Jessica Tartaro, from Under 10, Episode #45

Thanks-Giving for Painters’ Progress!

As you may know, we’re in the midst of preparing for the big move to Fort Worden. The first big task has been all of the painting that needed to be done, ahead of furnishing the 2500-square foot square new station. KPTZ gives special thanks to our supporters at Peninsula Paint, including Port Townsend store manager Greg Hope and owners Ray and Diane Donahue for their significant contribution of all the paint, primer and supplies. “They were so easy to work with, they were awesome,” says KPTZ board member and relocation coordinator Monica MickHager.

Monica is pictured above (at right) with volunteer paint lead Sheila Long, who is president of Quimper Grange. “Sheila was a huge help,” says Monica. “She showed up for every single paint party.” 

We’re so very grateful to all the KPTZ volunteers who pitched in to help paint our new studios and offices.

Stay tuned to this page and our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates on the transformation of KPTZ’s new “Studio 305.”

Louise Marley

(First airdate: December 6, 2017) Author Louise Marley talks with Cris Wilson about her newest book A Secret History of Witches published under the pseudonym Louisa Morgan. Louise also discusses her Benedict Hall series set in Seattle after WWI published under the name Cate Campbell. Her 20 novels, ranging from historical fiction to science fiction, all feature strong women who push against societal norms and expectations.


#100 Pilar Clark

(First airdate: December 5, 2017) PILAR CLARK: TWIRLING THROUGH THE “BEAUTIFUL VORTEX”. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Pilar Clark, a server at the Old Whiskey Mill in downtown Port Townsend. This single mom has two kids under the age of five. She also has a boundless optimism for the future. She adores Port Townsend, which she calls a ‘beautiful vortex.’ Her bubbly, sunny nature warms the damp darkness of our Northwest winter. Friends, customers and even strangers turn toward her like flowers to the sun.


Wendell, You Are Missed!

Listeners to KPTZ’s Old Time Radio program may have noticed some changes ~ founding voice Wendell Ankeny stepped aside recently, after over 6 years of co-hosting with Bill Putney.

Wendell’s vacancy takes two to fill ~ both DJ Donn Trethewey and longtime KPTZ supporter Toni Vincent have stepped in to fill his shoes.

Old Time Radio airs from 5-7pm every Sunday and features vintage radio programs from radio’s early days.

All of us at KPTZ are very grateful to our loyal listeners for the success of our recent Fall Membership Drive.

For Giving Tuesday we encourage you to please reach out and support the nonprofit organizations serving needs in our community that are important to you.

If you’re inspired to make your Giving Tuesday donation to KPTZ — Thank You. Your support will help KPTZ increase its service to our community. Donate Now and Stay Tuned . . .

Compass for the Week of November 27, 2017

‘Tis the season for overeating and not getting enough exercise…but lest we fall prey to the illusion that we can pop a pill to make up for our bad behavior, this week on the Compass we reprise a story we did several years ago on the pills that more and more Americans hope will fend off the ill effects of an unhealthy lifestyle.  Then correspondent Martha Baskin looks at the question of what place natural gas has in plans for a clean energy future.


Arrivederci, Ellen Bonjorno!

Now that Ellen Bonjorno has relocated to New York City, we’re grateful she recorded all of her Sing It Sister! shows featuring all kinds of music with women’s voices. KPTZ is reprising the entire series, every Friday evening from 7 to 8pm.

Ellen’s farewell note to the station sent just before her last Sing It, Sister! show aired on Labor Day says, “It’s been lovely to be part of KPTZ! I hope to do some kind of broadcasting work in NYC. Wish me luck! Peace N Love, Ellen”

CLICK HERE to listen to Ellen’s Under the Rainbow exit interview.  All of us at KPTZ miss Ellen and wish her the very best success in all her new endeavors.