Giving Tuesday ~ Thank You!

With a day and evening of special programming, today KPTZ joins the groundswell of celebration, honoring all the many organizations doing good work in our world, and in our community.

Throughout our broadcast day, on-air guests will be featured, representing a spectrum of local nonprofits:

8:30am  Wendy Bart, Olympic Peninsula YMCA

9:30am  Siobhan Canty, Jefferson Community Foundation
10:30am  Apple Martine, Jefferson County Public Health
1:15pm  YEA Music! with Daniel Ferland
2:15pm  Dove House Advocacy Services/Recovery Cafe
3:15pm  Jen Kingfisher, United Good Neighbors/Give Jefferson
4:15pm  Amy Howard, City of Port Townsend/Habitat for Humanity
8:15pm  Dave Stanko, ECCHO

KPTZ’s Full Giving Tuesday Schedule
(Listed times are approximate.)

There’’ll be plenty more brouhaha throughout the day, including live music during Chris Bricker’s extended Morning on the Salish program, from Ryan Hoffman & Jessica Logan (Jazz & Swing) and Bobbi Shearn Nikles & Roland Nikles with Kathy Hirsh & Barry Fritz.

Musical maestro Paul Rogers will be in the studio with Chris Bricker as well, since a theme today includes the Premium Pies that will be awarded as select donor premiums. These are pies, made with very special ingredients and lots & lots of love ~ just like KPTZ’s programming, day in and day out, is cooked up every day of the year!

All of our programming today will spotlight local organizations deserving the attention of our community. Besides encouraging the financial support of those many fine services and programs, KPTZ will also be passing the hat towards our $10,000 goal for the day ~ with a generous match in place, all donations are being doubled! 

Stay tuned!

Musical Fruit, a New Radio Experience

DJ Goodwoman, a high priestess of the forest when she’s not on the waves.

Musical Fruit is an effervescent morning show affirming non-linear, zoot-suit states of mind. DJ Goodwoman plays jump blues, rhythm and soul, chanson, exotica, swing, indie folk (old and new), stirring tunes from whatever genre, and rock ‘n’ roll in all its iterations. Your intrepid host also promises tarot readings, saxophone spotlights, cuts from the weird and wild vault, oddball and/or worldly insights, and interactive toe-dips into the realm of pure imagination. This Thursday, December 1 from 9:30 to 11am, DJ Goodwoman takes off with the premier of Musical Fruit! Then tune in next week, December 8 when DJ Goodwoman gets dreamy with some Chanson and a chance to hear your fortune!

Alexa Is Laughing

(November 28, 2022 – Alexa Is Laughing) In a world of scary technology invading our daily lives, Ray offers his enlightened perspective.

Community Tides ~ 11/18/22

In this edition of Community Tides, KPTZ’s Chris Bricker and his co-host Siobhan Canty, President & CEO of Jefferson Community Foundation, discuss year-end charitable giving and how donors can have the greatest impact. Then they welcome Kathy Ryan, volunteer food grower for the Food Bank Farm & Gardens. Over time, this network of farms, gardens, and gleaners has become a huge supplier for local food pantries. They talk about the United Good Neighbors Campaign, which specifically includes organizations that provide for basic human needs.

Nature Now #594
2022 Christmas Bird Count

(Airdate: November 23, 2022) Host Nan Evans and super-birder guest Monica Fletcher explore sightings and stories from the annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count. Get inspired by this opportunity to be part of a hemisphere-wide citizen science effort that will occur in the Port Townsend area on Saturday, December 17.