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Tossed Salad for 9/14/2018

Chris Bricker steps up to the microphone this Friday afternoon to host Tossed Salad, at the start of the Jefferson County Farm Tour this Saturday and Sunday. Also featured will be:

1:00 - Curtis & Loretta
1:45 - Kees Kolf - Recyclery/Bicycle School Report
2:05 - Bob Rosen - South County Report, with Melanie Krupa & Judy Dziuba from Habitat for Humanity
2:30 - Danny Milholland - Ceala Baily at Palindrome
2:40 - Caravan Stage Company — With founder Paul Kirby and special guest(s)
3:00 - Brishen (Quinn Bachand) — Telephone interview with 2-3 album cuts
3:30 - Sunfield Farm & Waldorf School/Farm Tour — with Sym Sebastian, Board President, and Ezra Sullivan, bio dynamics
3:50 - Judith-Kate Friedman — “Songs from the Sound”
4:30 - Deborah Kate Hammond — Poetry Reading

#119 Mike Garling, Metro Bagels

(First airdate: September 11, 2018) CREATING A NICHE BY BOILING BAGELS. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Mike Garling, the owner of Metro Bagels. After visiting 22 states in their Honda, Mike and his wife discovered their dream home on the Olympic Peninsula. But jobs like the one he had back at the Chicago Board of Trade are scarce out here. So he created a business plan for a bagel business. The local investment group, LION, was duly impressed. He’s now paid back their loan and Metro Bagels has locations in both Port Hadlock and Port Townsend. Not everyone sits and grumbles about their dead-end job. Determination and hard work can pay off.


Compass for the Week of 9/10/2018

This week on the Compass, as we approach National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a Port Townsend woman who was diagnosed with the disease undergoes an experimental treatment, and allows us to follow her every step of the way.


Tossed Salad at the Wooden Boat Festival 9/07/2018

Join Phil Andrus and Tossed Salad an hour early (right after the noon Weekend Calendars) this Friday for an afternoon of sea(food) salad. Live from the grounds of the Wooden Boat Festival!  Stop by and see radio in the making.

12:10 - Barb Trailer, WBF Exec Director, interview
12:30 - Bertram Levy, bandoneon
1:00 - Greg Hatten, drift boats and national parks
1:30 - Tania Opland and Mike Freeman, instrumentals and maybe a song or two
2:00 - Kaci Cronkhite and Nancy Erley, women at sea
2:30 - Mike and Val James, folk duo
3:00 - Members of Team Sail Like a Girl: Aimee Fulwell, Anna Stevens, Haley Lhamon, Kelly Danielson
3:30 - Whateverly Brothers, two of ‘em, with instruments
4:00 - Mimi George, interviewed by Chris Bricker
4:30 - Steve Wystrach, producer and director of “Manry at Sea”
4:45 - Don White, reading a sea story

Compass for the Week of 9/03/2018

This week on the Compass, we catch up with a Port Ludlow couple who left home five months ago to hike from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail; they’re finally back home, and they have a story to tell.


Thor Hanson

(First airdate: September 2, 2018) The 2018 Huntingford Humanities Lecture is being given by author and conservation biologist Thor Hanson. Booklovers' Cafe host Cris Wilson talks to Thor about his latest book Buzz: the Nature and Necessity of Bees.


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