Tossed Salad Archive Presented to JCHS

JCHS Archivist Ellie DiPietro and KPTZ DJ/host Phil Andrus (Photo credit: Barney Burke)

In December, Phil Andrus, host of KPTZ’s Cats in Our Laps presented the Jefferson County Historical Society with a complete audio archive of the Tossed Salad radio show. Tossed Salad was hosted by Andrus and aired every Friday on KPTZ for ten years. The show spotlighted regional non-profits, musicians, public service groups, artists, thinkers and organizers. The Tossed Salad archive will be part of the JCHS’s collection and was received by Ellie DiPietro, Jefferson County Historical Society Research Center Director. Listen to Phil Andrus on Cats in Our Laps on Sundays from 8-10pm on KPTZ.

Ten years of Tossed Salad was a close-up lens on ten years of life in Port Townsend and Jefferson County, from 2011 to 2020. The audio archive which KPTZ and I are presenting to the Jefferson County Historical Society includes interviews of history made and history in the making, as well as music made very much in the moment in the tiny KPTZ studio. There will come a time when these ten Salad years will bring the past, our present, alive for our descendants in voice and song.”
~ Phil Andrus, host & producer of KPTZ’s Tossed Salad

People often do not think about the times that we are living through as historic, but so much of what we experience day to day will be invaluable to people looking back at these times. Radio is such a great snapshot into our daily lives – it captures a unique perspective of what people want to engage with and share with each other. Tossed Salad has captured a decade of local perspective and we are very excited and honored to accept that into the JCHS collection!
~ Ellie DiPietro Jefferson County Historical Society Research Center Director

The Klallam Word of the Week

Beginning in January! KPTZ proudly partners with the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe and KSQM Sequim to bring you The Klallam Word of the Week, spotlighting a Klallam language word by pronunciation, definition and use. The Klallam Word of the week airs on KPTZ every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 5:15pm, immediately following the station’s evening news block (consisting of KPTZ Local News, the day’s Community Calendar, and National Native News).

This week’s Klallam Word of the Week is Cat

Vocal talents for Word of the Week provided by Mary Norton, Charlene Dick and Loni Greninger, including Music performed by Joshua Little Sunday.  

Critical Conversations #3 ~ 1/18

(First airdate: January 18, 2021) KPTZ’s new show Critical Conversations is a half-hour deep dive into timely topics, with a special focus on how recently evolving situations apply to each and every one of us. Co-hosts Robert Ambrose and author Dahr Jamail share their analysis of the American Coup, climate crisis, and global pandemic. This episode of Critical Conversations will repeat on Monday Jan 25, at 5:30pm.

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Compass for 1/16/21

Everyone has their own methods of coping with stress during this pandemic, but here’s one you probably haven’t tried yet … tracking wild animals. That’s what works for Sarah Spaeth, director of conservation and strategic partnerships for Jefferson Land Trust. This week on the Compass, we speak with Sarah about how she does it, why she does it, and how the wild animals react when she finally tracks them down.

Community Tides ~ 1/15 Honors MLK

On this edition of Community Tides, Chris Bricker and Siobhan Canty honor Dr. King by remembering his work and encouraging our local community to take action—listening to, following and supporting the leadership of people of color in Jefferson County and nationally. We celebrate the many leaders who work to end white supremacy, as we endeavor to strengthen a sense of personal responsibility for being part of systemic racism on every level (individual, community, institution, sector, nation, world).

Brewocracy Now with John Mauro ~ 1/14

City Manager John Mauro and KPTZ’s Tim Quackenbush talked again today about current issues:

  • Monday 1/11 Public introduction of Police Chief candidates at virtual special meeting
  • Final draft of recommendations from the Ad Hoc Committee on Port Townsend Law Enforcement
  • City policies regarding tiny house placement in the community.
  • Removal of Sequim City Manager.

KPTZ’s New Year Message

From Robert Ambrose, KPTZ Board President and DJ Host of The Rhythm Connection

On Monday, December 28, I eagerly tuned into KPTZ at 9:45am because, with the COVID-19 pandemic exponentially growing, I was hoping to hear the reasoned analysis presented by Dr. Locke every week to the Jefferson County Commissioners. But it wasn’t on! Not hearing Dr. Locke as expected was unsettling for me, and perhaps for you and many others, judging from the many calls and emails KPTZ received. There was no pandemic update because the commissioners did not meet due to the holiday, but its noted absence underlined KPTZ’s vital role keeping our community informed during local emergencies. That role is fundamental in our mission…

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