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Tossed Salad for 9/13/2019

While Phil Andrus is away, we have Al Bergstein taking the first two hours of this week's Tossed Salad, following by Tim Quackenbush for the rest of the time. On the scheduled so far are:
1:00 - John Greyhound Maxwell and Bethany Smith for the Skunk Island Blues Festival
2:00 - Al Bergstein, Olympic Peninsula Environmental News
2:15 - Bob Rosen, South County Report
3:00 - Janna Marit and friends, Northwind Song
4:30 - Catherine McNabb, reading …
Plus, filling in some of the gaps will be:
Jeff Selby, Peninsula Trails Coalition
Birch Pereira & the Gin Joints

Nature Now #428
Plastic Trash in the Ocean

(Reprise airdate: September 11, 2019) Nan Evans visits with Janine Boire, Executive Director of the Port Townsend Marine Science Center to talk about plastic pollution in the oceans.

#141 Piper Dunlap, Acupuncurist

(First airdate: September 10, 2019) PIPER DUNLOP: NOT SO SCARY NEEDLES. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Piper Dunlap, acupuncturist. Piper once thought he’d become a doctor but ended up spending years as a captain of tall ships, research vessels and almost every other kind of sea-worthy ship. But the sailing life left him with crippling lower back pain. An almost chance encounter with an acupuncturist showed him a side of medicine he had never considered. So he went back to school and earned a Master’s Degree in Chinese Medicine. Piper believes the divides between Western medicine and other genres, such as Chinese medicine, are blurring. More Western doctors are beginning to recognize the benefits of practices such as acupuncture. He explains why.

Compass for the Week of 9/09/2019

Could it be that many of the world’s most dreaded diseases, from Alzheimer’s to cancer and heart disease, can be prevented or even cured by a simple change in diet? This week, in a program that first aired in March of 2016, we talk to a doctor who tells us it could.

Tossed Salad for 9/06/2019

Boats everywhere you look! It's Port Townsend's annual Wooden Boat Festival! Join Phil Andrus as he broadcasts Tossed Salad from the midst of all these boats. Featured will be:
12:00 - Carla Main, vocals, with Paul Rogers on keyboard, Dirk Anderson on bass, and Kurt Festinger on sax and clarinet
12:45 - Carol Hasse, Port Townsend Sails
1:00 - Micaela Kingslight, guitar and vocals
1:45 - Douglas Brooks, Japanese boat builder
2:00 - Tania Opland and Mike Freeman, music of the British Isles
2:45 - Teresa and Ben Eriksen Carey, Morse Alpha Expeditions
3:00 - Jack Dwyer and friend(s)
3:45 - Lynx Guimond, SailCargo
4:00 - Combo Choro
4:45 - Barb Trailer, Director of the Wooden Boat Festival

Algae Fuel

(First airdate: September 5, 2019) Jet airplanes flying on fuel from algae? Scott Edmonson from The Pacific Northwest National Marina Laboratory in Sequim, Washington discusses with Coastal Café this and possible new applications for fuel stock from micro algae.

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