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KPTZ’s 1st Ever Sports Broadcast ~ What a Game!

The KPTZ Remote Crew Keep It Easy from above Memorial Field's 50-yard line at Friday night’s awesome face off between the Port Townsend High Redhawks and the Chimacum Cowboys. (l-r: Remote lead Mike Carroll, DJ hosts Peter Robinson and Kurt Munnich, and co-announcer Matt Orr)

This rivalry football game between the Cowboys of Chimacum and the Redhawks of Port Townsend was exciting from start to finish. With only a breath of time left on the game clock, the Redhawks found the end zone for a 24 to 22 victory over the Cowboys. 

The Redhawks, who took possession of the ball following a Chimacum touchdown, used its powerful ground game to move the ball to the one-yard line, only to have a penalty move the ball back to the six. Mere seconds remained on the game clock. PT had to hustle into position to get one last play off before time ran out. Quarterback Noa Montoya took the snap and threw a quick pass to running back Dylan Tracer near the right sideline. Under extreme duress from Chimacum’s charging defense, Dylan lofted a short pass over the defense to an open Josh Davis in the end zone. Zeros on the game clock! Game over. PT wins! The Cowboys' 22 to 18 lead had become a 24 to 22 victory for the Redhawks. Pandemonium ruled the stands, including our three KPTZ announcers. The fact that the play was drawn up on the fly by Noa and Dylan greatly adds to the legendary status of this truly great game! We’ll be back next year for another evening of high school football excitement.

#145 Marge Rosen, PT Summer Band Conductor

MARGE ROSEN: NEW LEADER OF THE ICONIC PT BAND. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Marge Rosen, the new conductor of the Port Townsend Summer Band. Her parents wouldn’t let her play drums as a kid, so the trumpet became her favorite. She also plays a variety of other instruments. As a former Navy band member, Marge loves marches and patriotic music. That’s convenient for her new position because the PT band is all about marches and patriotic music. Marge also hopes to add some music that might attract a younger generation. The band’s next performance is on Nov. 11 - Veteran’s Day - down at the American Legion on Water Street.

We’re So Close ~ Help Us Make Our Goal!

Tuesday morning update: With added donations on Monday, KPTZ's Fall Drive is now at 92% of goal. To cover our basic expenses, we still need to raise the remaining $3160. If you haven’t yet chipped in, please Donate online or stop by the station during office hours to add your contribution. All donors are welcome, and greatly appreciated!

Thanks to all of you who have already donated, we are SO CLOSE to reaching our KPTZ Fall Fund Drive goal of $40,000.

Please! Help us raise the last 20 percent by calling 360-554-4430 ~ or Donate online, NOW!

What goes around, then comes around. As your radio station that cares about quality of life both locally and everywhere, we promise to use all the funds you share to collectively promote and bring into daily goings on, more of what is good in our world.

The pure magic of community radio happens at KPTZ, especially when our amazing DJ hosts and awesome behind the scenes talent collaborate as a hub for creativity. Besides the $8K we need right now to keep this happening, it is also our goal to grow and involve more young people, increase community interaction, provide audio production training, and become a real news outlet as we develop our response to your very important needs for information, and truly provide something for everyone.

Last night’s Port Townsend vs. Chimacum varsity football broadcast is a major milestone. For this to happen took long and short term planning, and the considerable dedication of KPTZ’s remote crew and announcers. Broadcasting local sports has been a station goal for many years, and represents the kind of determination required to expand our coverage and reach. Please stay tuned for more new innovations to come!

I can’t tell you how inspiring it is to be involved with the outstanding team of volunteers who staff every aspect of KPTZ. If you share an appreciation of this ongoing production, please help us today as we now move into the Fall Drive end zone.

With gratitude for your support,
/Kate Ingram
General Manager, KPTZ

Compass for the Week of 11/04/2019

This week on the Compass we talk with a lawyer who has spent much of her career helping people think about those things nobody wants to think about: things like deadly diseases, dementia, and the big “D” itself: Death.  And she tells us why we should think about them now, so we don’t need to worry so much about them later.

Autumn 2019
Exciting KPTZ Updates

Autumn is upon us and, for KPTZ, it is an extremely exciting season this year. It’s also traditionally when community and public radio stations ask listeners for support. I’ll ask for yours below, but first I would like to tell you three reasons why we are excited.

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Help Fortify KPTZ with Fall Funds ~ This Week!

It’s the 2019 KPTZ Fall Fund Drive all this week, Monday, October 28 thru Saturday, November 2. Our ambitious goal to raise $40,000 will help fund our budgeted expenses as we gear up to move the station into larger, soundproof studios and office being built “as we speak” in the flagship Makers Square building on the Fort Worden campus.

New for this year’s Drive are KPTZ Fortifier glasses, KPTZ’s gift to acknowledge sustaining donations of just $5 a month (or a one-time donation of $60). Again, for larger donations we offer “Maximum Max” T-Shirts in all sizes, as well as KPTZ Vests and Hoodies. Additionally, while supplies last, there are also a few KPTZ Deep Squeeze Hoodies and pairs of passes to Key City Public Theatre's holiday performances of Mercy Falls and of Spirit of the Yule.

In recent weeks it’s become more and more apparent how much we need more space and updates to support our on-air broadcasts. Many days when recording in our production studio, engineers have to remind others working normally at the station to speak more softly in order to obtain a good recording. And last week when we received the boxes of KPTZ Fortifier glasses for the new donor gifts, these fit inside only by using a shoe horn.

This is certainly a pivotal time of growth for KPTZ. Your help along with others who pitch in is what will keep us broadcasting and propel us into our new home less than one year from now. We can’t thank our generous donors enough!

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