Compass for 4/04/2020

As the novel coronavirus known as Covid-19 wreaks havoc upon the world, Jefferson County, with fewer than two dozen confirmed cases so far, has been a relatively safe haven from a storm that has elsewhere overwhelmed hospitals and morgues. But how long will we be spared? Can we avert the kind of tragedy that has hit Italy, Spain, and New York?

This week on the Compass, we once again talk with Jefferson County Public Health Officer Dr. Tom Locke about how the Olympic Peninsula might come through the biggest health crisis of our times.

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KPTZ’s Through Science to Health ~ 4/03/20

Host Phil Andrus welcomed KPTZ Virus Watch Team member Kathleen Keenan, who retired after a 20-year career as communicable disease investigator for San Diego Public Health. Topics include the current COVID-19 case count in Jefferson County and local testing capacity, along with recommendations to avoid contamination. This segment will be a regular feature at 1pm opening up the Tossed Salad mix on upcoming Fridays, alternating between Kathleen and KPTZ VTeam member Lynn Sorensen, RN, BSN, retired after 36 years.

KPTZ Coffee with the City Manager ~ 4/02/20

On Thursday, April 2, Port Townsend City Manager John Mauro conducted his weekly coffee meeting with the public on KPTZ’s Discovery Road, with host Tim Quackenbush. Mauro shared information about local plans being enacted for the days ahead. The half-hour conversation can be streamed and downloaded here.

Kira Jane Buxton

(First airdate: April 1, 2020) Kira's novel Hollow Kingdom leads us into a post-apocalyptic Seattle. Our guide is a domesticated crow names S.T. who says "Life isn't the same once you learn how deeply a tree feels." It's funny and irreverent, yet such a powerful warning for us all.

Tossed Salad for 4/03/2020

We give thanks today for Alexander Graham Bell who was born one month ago on March 3 in 1847. Because of his invention, Phil Andrus is able to communicate with all of his Tossed Salad guests today. Sit back and enjoy!
1:00 - Through Science to Health, with Kate Keenan, retired San Diego Public Health Communicable Disease Investigator
1:30 - Phil plays something from the archives
2:00 - Amanda Milholland, Port Townsend Farmers Market
2:15 - Bob Rosen, Quilcene reports from near and far;
2:30 - Jean Ball, distilling our own hand sanitizer
2:45 - Shelly Leavens, Director of the Jefferson County Historical Society
3:00 - Phil plays the DJ
3:15 - Pam Petranek, Port Commissioner, Port of Port Townsend update
3:30 - Judith-Kate Friedman, Songs from the Sound
4:30 - Heather Dudley Nollette with the Dudley/Nollette family report and a short reading

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