AAUW~UWF Home & Kitchen Tour

AAUW~UWF is holding the 23rd Annual Home & Kitchen Tour, from Wednesday through Friday, April 23 – 25. Online registration is now open at https://pt-wa.aauw.net/activities/home-kitchen-tour/. Besides your admission to the tour, donations to AAUW/UWF are always appreciated. It’s a good cause!

This year’s Tour will take advantage of virtual technology and offer the event to viewers everywhere. Anyone interested in our county will enjoy touring special homes, condos, and ship galleys throughout Port Townsend, Port Ludlow, and Marrowstone Island. Also there are interviews with homeowners, architects, and designers.

The 3-day tour will feature maximum flexibility to visit multiple times. Attendees will be able to select a home and control the mouse to see the house, to navigate in a 3D virtual environment, and to stop at interesting points. Another feature is to attend a virtual seminar. It’s also possible to do the Tour in automatic mode and sit back and simply enjoy the walk-through.

Admission to the Tour helps AAUW ~ UWF, that has for more than 70 years raised scholarship and educational funds for students in Jefferson County. Because of the recent strain on the local economy and schools, it has become even more critical to provide much needed support to our schools and ambitious students. Read more about the foundation here.

On KPTZ’s Attention, Please! Larry Stein spoke with two long-time AAUW and Kitchen Tour participants, Cheryl Bentley and Jean Stastny.

Schedule Your 4/24 Vaccination Appointment Now

A first-dose clinic will open in Chimacum on April 24.
The Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management together with Jefferson County Public Health will open a Moderna vaccine clinic on Saturday, April 24 from 1-4pm at Chimacum School District Multi-Purpose Room located at 91 West Valley Road in Chimacum. All appointments for the April 17 clinic have been scheduled.
Three hundred doses of the vaccine have been ordered for this clinic. Anyone 18 years of age and older can get the Moderna vaccine.
To schedule an appointment, go to bit.ly/jeffcovax. For Spanish translation, click on ES in the top right hand corner when the page opens. For those who do not have access to a computer, please call 360-344-9791 to make an appointment.

Super Saturday!

A lot of people are jazzed about our new Saturday schedule, a stellar lineup! The afternoon kicks off at 1pm with Dalana’s rich Music to My Ears; then at 2 we explore the musical streams of American Routes; leading into Ron McElroy with Free Spin at 4pm. Liz just moved her Musical Chairs to start at 6pm, followed by Captain Peacock with Dance Party in Your Living Room ’til 10pm.

Every Saturday on KPTZ, live hosting begins at 8am with Saturday Morning Max, rounding out with West Coast Live airing at 11, followed by the half-hour noon Compass and 12:30pm Nature Now shows. Weekend wonders, all!

Dorothy Rice Bennett

(First airdate: January 11, 2018) Marcia Perlstein, your friendly Under the Rainbow interviewer, has a conversation with Dorothy Rice Bennett, of Sequin, author of three lesbian romance novels. They discuss her most recent book, The Artemis Adventure.


Tossed Salad Mix for 1/12/18

Join host Phil Andrus and special guests this Friday from 1-5pm on 91.9FM ~ or stream live by clicking the Listen Live arrow at the top left of this window.

This Friday’s lineup includes:

1:00 – Noah Frisch, didgeredoo dude
1:45 – Candice Gohn and Honey Niemann, for the Master Gardeners
2:00 – Billy Zoom, guest DJ
2:45 – Michelle Sandoval and Emelia De Souza, Women’s March
3:00 – Tom Jay, “A Word and a Poem”
3:15 – Bill Tennent and Becky Schurmann, JCHS’s celebration of James Swan
3:45 – Jeanie Murphy, “Banjo Tunes, Tunings, and Lore”
4:30 – Don White, reading “A&P”, by John Updike

Our Appeal to You

KPTZ has come a long way this year, building on past years’ accomplishments and developments with our expanded schedule and public affairs involvement. We continue to grow in number of volunteers, all of whom are dedicated and continually exceeding expectations in community service. And during our recent on-air fundraiser week, you and your neighbors donated a record amount of support to help KPTZ grow.

This momentum is why we are able to stretch our ambition to build a permanent studio location in the new Makers Square project underway at Fort Worden. While reaction to our ambitious transition news has been altogether positive, we recognize that to succeed we need to raise $500,000.

We feel certain this goal is achievable because
KPTZ is a vital asset to our community.

Compass for the Week of January 8, 2017

This week on the Compass we talk with a Mennonite minister and her husband about the dangers to humanity they believe to be posed by the development of artificial intelligence and the rapidly accelerating technological revolution that presents the very real possibility of replacing people in pretty much every field, from child care to making life and death decisions on the battlefield.


Tossed Salad Mix for 1/05/18

What better way to enjoy carrots and celery in the New Year!

Join host Phil Andrus and special guests this Friday from 1-5pm on 91.9FM ~ or stream live by clicking the Listen Live arrow at the top left of this window.
This Friday’s lineup includes:

1:00 – Richard Friedrichs, Tom Alter’s music of Bollywood
2:00 – Al Bergstein, Olympic Peninsula Environmental News
2:30 – Ebb and Flow, old timey tunes with Dave Thielk, Carol Hardy, Roger Pick, and Katya Kirsch
3:15 – Anna Bachmann and Brad Stone, water quality countywide
3:45 – Judith-Kate Friedman, “Songs From the Sound”
4:30 – Deborah Kate Hammond, bringing Leah Manley, who will be reading original poetry and an excellent final speech from “A Doll’s House”