County Public Health Report ~ 9/21

At today’s Public Health Briefings to the Jefferson County Commissioners, Public Health Officer Dr. Tom Locke discussed:
• Latest regional case count statistics
• Folly of non-mask wearing
• Timing for COVID-19 vaccine is not imminently expected
• Need for ventilation to be inside when smoke prevents air flow from outdoors
• Dose exposure of virus is a big factor
• Efficacy of testing

And Willie Bence discussed the additional available N95 masks.

Submit your Public Health questions to Dr. Tom Locke by emailing

Compass for the Week of 11/05/2018

You may recall the Compass interview a few months ago with the cartoonist, writer and adventurer Tessa Hulls about her work for the Atlas Obscura Kick-Ass Women’s Series. This week the tables are turned, with Tessa in the interviewer’s seat as she talks with the intrepid Mary Ann Thomas, who has cycled across two continents and who was in Port Townsend recently to give readings from her recent chapbook about one of those journeys, Asking for Elephants.

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#123 Kelly Barlow, Massage Therapist

(First airdate: November 6, 2018) KELLY BARLOW: SOOTHING SPIRITS AS WELL AS SORE BACKS. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Kelly Barlow, one of Port Townsend’s talented massage therapists. She’s a local girl – once upon a time she was even a cheerleader for the football team at Port Townsend High School. Over the years she built a thriving practice while raising her sons as a single mom. Like all great massage therapists, she listens to her clients. Stories get told behind the closed door of her tranquil salon. It’s as confidential as a confessional. She often ends up soothing spirits as well as tense muscles.

Tossed Salad for 11/02/2018

For our Fall Fund Drive this week, Phil Andrus brings us Can’t Wait for Bread at 12:10 with Denise Winter of Key City Public Theatre. This is followed by a sampling of local talents:

1:00Chris Stuart and Janet Beasley
2:00Bob Rosen, South County Report
2:30Susanne Duscha, author of Lost and Found In Kuwait
3:00Judith-Kate Friedman, “Songs from the Sound”
4:00Nathaniel Talbot, singer and songwriter
4:30Don White, reading

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