#230 Laura Lewis, Olfactory House

(Airdate: October 17, 2023) Maryanne interviews Laura Lewis, co-owner & distiller for the Olfactory House. Separately, she’s also co-owner of the Antique Mall in downtown Port Townsend. Laura has dreamed about creating new scents ever since she was a kid, fooling around with her grandmother’s makeup and perfumes. She soon discovered that creating a new scent actually comes down to chemistry. Her multiple degrees — including a doctorate — are all science-based. Laura had a flourishing career in academia and ran WSU’s Jefferson County operations for years. But she finally decided to chase her dream. The Olfactory House is now just over a year old. Clients can visit the elegant little shop near the rear of the Antique Mall. A variety of scented products are on sale. But the heart (and soul?) of the business is creating personalized new scents — or “bespoke” scents. The current price is $500 for consultations that refine a scent that captures your singular essence.