Donn at Night!

A new show with an old host. Donn At Night features pieces from Donn Trethewey’s collection of music — same as the old Cardboard Box program (reprises of Music from That Cardboard Box are currently airing Mondays, 8-9:30am). Bartok to the Beatles and everything in between. Will the old, official, band of the Cardboard Box program, show up (The Rolling Stones)? Would a betting person bet the farm that they wouldn’t? Tune in to find out.

On April 25, Donn will be sitting in for Bill Mercier, doing all three hours from 7 until 10pm, and Donn promises to stay awake, too. So, do tune in to see, and hear, if that promise can be kept. Donn will play John Handy, Bernt Moen, and Carla Bley, among others. It’s also Ella Fitzgerald’s birthday and she’ll make an appearance, too.