Making Radio Magic ~ It Takes a Village!

As of Monday following KPTZ’s Welcome Home fund drive week, we need to raise $24,993 more to reach our budgeted goal. We can do this only with YOUR HELP.

Thanks to everyone’s generous support ~ not just your dollars but also whenever you cheer on our work at the station, this buoys and uplifts everyone’s spirits to carry forward the creative, and sometimes challenging, service that we provide, through KPTZ’s stellar programming lineup. In addition, KPTZ’s Local News and Community-focused Calendar and public service announcements, keep everyone informed about all the goings on in our area. Our emergency response team is always at the ready.

It is so very encouraging to us, when you have stopped by to drop off your donations this past week at our table outside, and at the air studio’s weather window, or during one of our flagship broadcasts from the new station. And we dance with joy to receive your online donations, through the website. All this support feeds us through the needed fees, equipment, maintenance and supplies to keep our DJ hosts on the airwaves.

What truly makes KPTZ strong is the quality of the community we serve. Our town and region are blessed to be the home of such a wide and varied array of incredible service, arts and culture organizations. Much of what talk goes out through the 91.9FM airwaves is information about the nonprofit and business world in our wonderful area.

All radio stations, and especially, community stations entirely run and staffed by a volunteer workforce, are intricate organizations. KPTZ’s operational infrastructure, other than my modest salary and the payroll of the 4 part time station staff, Is supported entirely by the hands of our amazing team of dedicated volunteers. It’s truly a beautiful thing to behold, whether as a listener or as a participant in the creative process whereby the station delivers the goods via the airwaves and live stream. These are people from many backgrounds and across age and lifestyle interests, who volunteer at KPTZ alike in their dedication to their collective contributions.

Yes, you can count on us! We, in turn, depend on you for support and sustenance. If you’ve been intending to donate to KPTZ, today is the PERFECT TIME. Your help at this pivotal juncture will allow KPTZ to continue and to grow into the new station, over coming weeks. Indeed, I hope we can count on you!

With Great Thanks for Your Community Spirit,
Kate Ingram, KPTZ General Manager