Jefferson County February 2022 Case Numbers

There were 450 new COVID-19 cases in Jefferson County in February 2022, less than half the record 1,108 cases we had in January. Those two months account for 51% of all the cases we’ve had during the two-plus years of the pandemic (the total number of cases is higher, because not everyone who takes a home test reports it, and some people don’t get tested because they didn’t have any symptoms).

With the decline in cases here and elsewhere, the state and county mask mandates are slated to be rescinded on March 12, although masks will still be required in medical facilities, public transit, senior living facilities, etc.

Local health officials note that Jefferson Healthcare Hospital continues to hit 100% occupancy repeatedly, in part because the hospital does not have enough staff to operate all of its beds. In the last week of February, for example, it operated only 15 of its 26 regular beds and four of its six ICU beds, and all beds were occupied.