#182 John Barlow: A Rocky Road to the Film Biz

(Airdate: August 10, 2021) Our Town host Maryanne McNellis interviews John Barlow, a Port Townsend guy who went to L.A. to follow his dream of becoming a big success in the film industry. After more than a decade of dead-end jobs in L.A., he found himself battling addiction. He struggled through “about 50” attempts at sobriety (cold turkey, therapy, rehab). Nothing seemed to work. But John relocated to a farm in North Carolina where friendship, nature, and a rare breed of dogs called Bell Griffin helped get him clean. Next came a move to Malaysia – a move that included flying 16 dogs to Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, that flight happened in January 2020. The country soon went into lockdown and Malaysia ultimately decided to cancel most visas. John was on a plane back to the USA and ended up at his Mother’s place in Port Townsend. Now he’s more determined than ever to make it in the film business. The question is — how?