Update on KPTZ’s Fort Worden Home

Dear KPTZ friends,

This is a long overdue letter to let you know about progress in building KPTZ’s new home in Makers Square at Fort Worden – almost as overdue as construction itself! Yet before discussing our monumental project, I’d first like to say I hope you and yours are doing okay. Our lives have been turned upside down by the pandemic, compounded by social and political upheaval, and I think all of us are feeling challenged.

The development of our new home at Fort Worden has been a complex and complicated process. When COVID-19 shut nearly everything down last March, it also shut down all construction at Fort Worden’s Makers Square for three months. Very little work had been done on our space by then – just some rough framing of studios. When construction resumed in June, Fort Worden was a different place. The collapse of the hospitality industry due to the virus crippled the Fort Worden PDA, our building partner in the Makers Square project.

Yet our new home is taking shape quickly now, and we expect a certificate of occupancy by the end of December. It is very exciting seeing KPTZ’s new home emerging!

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