#164 – Sebastian Eggert

(Airdate: November 3, 2020) SEBASTIAN EGGERT:  HISTORY AND WEDDING CAKES. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Sebastian Eggert, the founder of Rain Shadow Wood Works. Sebastian has a fascinating niche as a restorer of historic buildings. He has been involved in almost every restoration around town — including the Courthouse, Saint Paul’s Church, Fort Worden, and even a 51foot wooden sailboat. When he first sets foot into a crumbling historic building, Sebastian sees it as a wedding cake with the entire inside hollowed out. The mere outlines of the elaborate frosting remain. His job is to re-create the interior. He sets about preserving what he can and restoring things to their original splendor. Often he uses old labor-intensive methods of construction. He will use modern technology if absolutely necessary. But he prefers a seamless transformation, where you can’t tell the old from the new.