#160 Bakin & Johnson, PTHS Class of 2021

(Airdate: September 8, 2020) HOME ALONE FOR PTHS CLASS OF 2021. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Melanie Bakin & Soso (Sorina) Johnston, members of the Port Townsend class of 2021. This year will be an unusual, if not surreal, experience. Due to the coronavirus, there will be no in-classroom learning first semester. Melanie will be returning full-time to PTHS. She loves the teachers and she loves the school. Upon reflection, Soso is taking a different path. Even though she was student body president during her junior year and was elected senior class president this year, she’s decided not to return full-time. She is going to be taking advantage of Running Start, which is a joint program between Peninsula College and the high school. Both students have their reasons. It is a daunting prospect to be learning entirely at a distance. High school will definitely not be as much fun! It will take real grit to buckle down in front of your computer day after day.