KPTZ Presents Live From Rainshadow

Pictured: Jim Nyby

A collaborative effort with Rainshadow Recording! KPTZ broadcasts a live concert every Friday from 3-4pm, direct from Rainshadow Recording at Fort Worden State Park. With help from a talented pool of musicians, our rotating DJ hosts, and sound engineer Everett Moran. 

10/30: Hook

Hook made landfall in Port Townsend three years ago and has been a wind of change in the community since. He taught himself to DJ and began throwing events at various local venues while helping to run sound at the Cellar Door. In a short period of time he has played at festivals, clubs, and joined the ranks of regional veteran DJs at SeaCompression, Seattle’s Burning Man Decompression party. From true roof raisings, to barn dances, festivals, and even a renegade set at THING, Hook aims to celebrate peak experiences with his communities. On October 30, Hook will be spinning an “open format” set, with some nods to the tastes of Port Townsend, the dance music which has brought him to celebrate with communities near and far, and some sounds from the cutting edge of human potential.

11/13: Ascending Spirit

Ascending Spirit brings healing words and vibrations to The People in the form of harmonious and uplifting songs that ring for the queens and kings of the new paradigm. (That’s Everybody!) Joshua and Michael reach deep within themselves and beyond in ceremonial performances of community service designed to raise spirits indefinitely.

Sasser’s songwriting draws on the power of the Divine Spirit which lives in all people, places and things. His songs reach out to brothers and sisters and others wherever you may be, in whatever story you are living. He strives always to bring it all back to the heart of the matter, where things never go wrong.
Sunny Sasser – Guitar, guitalele, voice, etc.

Biskup, known for his uplifting, colorful watercolor paintings which focus on interbeing, has for decades been working on solo multitrack recordings of his own songs, while keeping a watchful eye out for a musical accomplice willing to throw ALL his cards on the table. He’s delighted to lend musical support and backup singing to Joshua’s compositions, lead a few songs of his own, and ascend spirits whenever and wherever possible.
Michael Biskup – Electric Bass, voice, guitar, percussion, etc

11/20: First The Winter

Jimmy Stewart and Aili Emilia began writing and playing music together in Minneapolis MN in 2015. Heavily influenced by singer-songwriters like Damien Rice and Glen Hansard, much of their music presents a raw, somewhat dark view of love and relationships.

Jimmy Stewart is a classically trained pianist who taught himself to play the guitar to try to win a certain ballerina’s heart (and subsequently wrote a lot of depressing songs when that plan failed).
Aili Emilia is that certain ballerina, as well as a talented vocalist and violinist.

But there’s a happy ending. At a recent and very special performance in their hometown of Minneapolis, Jimmy ended the show with the surprise of a lifetime – and Aili said “yes”! They are now happily engaged and living in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains.

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