KPTZ’s Love Line

Call KPTZ’s LOVE LINE now! In anticipation of KPTZ’s 24-hour Valentine’s Day programming special & fundraiser on Feb. 13-14, we are asking our listeners to call and leave a message of love on KPTZ’s LOVE LINE. Call and record a dedication, an anecdote, a wish, a poem, a love note…or even a serenade in the night. Call (360) 912-8123, to leave your message. We kindly request that your message be 30 seconds or less.

We will play your dedications on the air during KPTZ’s 24-hour Valentine’s Day Love Fest! The on-air Love Fest kicks off on Thursday, February 13 at 7pm and runs through Friday, February 14 at 7pm. We’ll feature special live musical performances, themed DJ sets, literary readings, and your heartfelt messages! KPTZ’s

LOVE LINE will accept messages until Monday, February 10.
Call now and share the love!