2019 KPTZ T-Shirt from the Treasure Trove

Our jazzy new “Maximum Max” T-shirt design features the iconic KPTZ antenna that was created by Port Townsend artist Max Grover. The color is charcoal and is available in sizes Men: S to 2XL and Women: S, M and L.

This 100% cotton shirt is a donor premium in our June 3-8, Monday-through-Saturday 2019 Treasure Trove Fund Drive. It is our Thank You Gift to you for making a contribution of $10/month (or one-time donation of $120). 

For the rest of this week, you can check out more about the Treasure Trove of donor gifts that KPTZ has collected for you – on the station that loves you for listening, 91.9FM.  Come by the station from noon to 5pm any afternoon this week. Or call at that time 360-554-4430 to become a KPTZ member.