Tossed Salad for 9/14/2018

Chris Bricker steps up to the microphone this Friday afternoon to host Tossed Salad, at the start of the Jefferson County Farm Tour this Saturday and Sunday. Also featured will be:

1:00Curtis & Loretta
1:45Kees Kolf – Recyclery/Bicycle School Report
2:05Bob Rosen – South County Report, with Melanie Krupa & Judy Dziuba from Habitat for Humanity
2:30Danny MilhollandCeala Baily at Palindrome
2:40Caravan Stage Company — With founder Paul Kirby and special guest(s)
3:00Brishen (Quinn Bachand) — Telephone interview with 2-3 album cuts
3:30Sunfield Farm & Waldorf School/Farm Tour — with Sym Sebastian, Board President, and Ezra Sullivan, bio dynamics
3:50Judith-Kate Friedman — “Songs from the Sound”
4:30Deborah Kate Hammond — Poetry Reading