Our Appeal to You

KPTZ has come a long way this year, building on past years’ accomplishments and developments with our expanded schedule and public affairs involvement. We continue to grow in number of volunteers, all of whom are dedicated and continually exceeding expectations in community service. And during our recent on-air fundraiser week, you and your neighbors donated a record amount of support to help KPTZ grow.

This momentum is why we are able to stretch our ambition to build a permanent studio location in the new Makers Square project underway at Fort Worden. While reaction to our ambitious transition news has been altogether positive, we recognize that to succeed we need to raise $500,000.

We feel certain this goal is achievable because
KPTZ is a vital asset to our community.

KPTZ is setting aside all end-of-year donations to lay the foundation for the station’s upcoming capital campaign to fund the move. If you are considering a tax-deductible donation as 2017 comes to a close, before the new tax codes are implemented, we hope you consider an investment in KPTZ. By contributing to the base of our capital campaign, you will help us secure larger grants to build KPTZ 2.0.

We wholeheartedly thank you for your most valued,
continued support of KPTZ, your community radio.

Please send your tax-deductible donation in the envelope we sent you recently, or by going here right now to conveniently donate online. Of course we are always happy to see you at our studio at Mountain View Commons on Blaine Street. And we can help you by phone at 360-379-6886.

Thank you!!

We wish you wonderful continued holidays and a grand entrance into the new year ahead!