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All Over the Map / Kurt Munnich

All Over the Map airs Thursdays 7-9 p.m. Says Kurt, “There’s a lot of music out there; I try to share the music that moves me. Listen for interesting rhythms and strong emotions. You’ll hear a wide variety of music on my show: New Orleans; world; blues; gospel; jazz; funk; folk; bluegrass; klezmer and more. Thanks for supporting KPTZ, your …

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Alternate Tunings / Tucker

Howard Tucker was born in Detroit Michigan, and until moving to Port Townsend in early 2016, lived in Venice Beach CA. An avid music fan and guitar player, he worked for Universal Music Enterprises, the catalog wing of the Universal Music Group, and produced scores of reissues on both CD and Vinyl, in all genres from Jazz to Blues to …

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Booklovers’ Cafe / Cris Wilson

Booklovers’ Cafe airs Wednesday at 5:05 right after calendar and Saturday at 12:30. Join Cris as she interviews authors from the northwest and more. Discover fascinating people and great reads! You can contact Cris at You can listen to past Book Lovers’ Cafe shows at KPTZ’s podcast page.

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Bring Your Records / Larry Stein

Larry says, “I’ve been making public radio for almost 30 years, and it has never been as much fun as at KPTZ. Mostly I’ve been an interviewer, trainer and producer of information/arts/performance/news programming. Before KPTZ I never had the opportunity to play music for our listeners. Now I’m hooked. “I absorbed the “eclectic” style from the master, Tom Schnabel, host …

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Circus Maximus / DJ Maximus

Circus Maximus airs Tuesday mornings from 8 to 10 am. DJ Maximus Info: Born September 24 in the neighborhood of Rahway State Prison. Lived on both U.S. coasts growing up. Studied and learned Radio Communication at University of Dayton, Ohio. Now lives a stone’s throw away from the KPTZ station with his love Eva. Max also lives with beagles, bees, …

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Classic Jazz / Art Douglas

Art is a Viet Nam Veteran and a lifelong music lover. He has practiced his electronic skills setting up radio stations all over the country. Now, he records his Classic Jazz show for KPTZ in his home studio. Being deaf, he uses multiple computers to show him the sound and when to flip the switches. Classic Jazz airs Sundays 11-noon.

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Dance Party in your Living Room / Caleb Peacock

Caleb Peacock, aka Captain Peacock DJs Dance Party in your Living Room Saturday evenings 8-10 p.m. You can contact Caleb at

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Discovery Road / Tim Quackenbush

Join Tim from 8 to 10 am Thursday mornings for Discovery Road. Says Tim, “I think it’s so groovy now, that people are finally getting together….If I have one regret, it is my inability to grow a decent beard.” You can contact Tim at

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Drift Away / Dr. Dave

Dr. Dave graces the KPTZ airwaves Drift Away, airing Mondays from 3-5 pm. In lieu of a proper biography here’s some rock’n’roll trivia courtesy of the Doctor himself: Q: What major record company turned down the Beatles saying three guitars and a drum groups were going out? A: Decca. Q: What was the name and what was the song that …

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Early Music / Don Landstra

Early Music airs Sundays from 9 to 10 am and Tuesday evenings 8-9 pm.  Says Don: “Like many of us, I’m pretty eclectic when it comes to music. I dug R&B as a kid. In the 60s; Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, etc. From Folk to Celtic to Lightning Hopkins to Ernest Tubb in the 70s. I heard my first Early …

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Everybody Can / Sheila Ramsey and Missy Nielsen

Missy Nielsen has worked in the nonprofit sector over the past 20 years, from leading a social services organization for expatriate families while living in China, to driving development efforts for an afterschool STEM program. Her work consistently focuses on helping others thrive and grow, thus her passion for volunteerism. With a degree in Human Behavior and Ethics, her life …

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Free Spin / Ron McElroy

Free Spin airs Fridays 4-6 pm. Ron McElroy says: The dictionary defines free as loose, able to move in any direction and spin as a ride, as in an automobile. I named my program Free Spin because I’d like to take you all on a musical ride to some of my favorite places. Join me for two hours of funky, …

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Friday Night Blues / Barney Burke

Barney’s been hosting the Friday Night Blues since KPTZ’s first broadcast in 2011. A long time blues fan, he’s been to not one or two but all three graves of legendary blues pioneer Robert Johnson, and more Centrum Blues Fests than he can remember. You’ll hear all kinds of blues each week, from West Memphis to Chicago, Detroit, Honolulu and …

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Hidden Gems / Brice Embree

Brice Embree aka “The Briceman” says, “My love for music goes back to early childhood and I am grateful to share my diverse collection with the listeners at KPTZ. From rock & roll to blues, jazz, bluegrass, world music and yes even some country thrown in I try to enhance your listening pleasure with my “Hidden Gems” show. Mondays 1-3 …

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In Conversation / Sheila Bender

Sheila Bender’s In Conversation program is an extension of the work she loves to do: teaching writing, writing about writing for her website, and writing her own poetry and memoir. She loves to facilitate people in understanding the writing life and creating writing lives for themselves. Readers are certainly part of the writing life, so she hopes her program appeals …

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Jazz Notes / Bill Mercier

Whether it’s pre-1920s all the way up to the present day, Bill loves Jazz! He loves it for its spontaneity, its originality, its history of always being eager to push the boundaries of conventionality a little further, and for its ability to make it’s performers really listen to each other when they play together – almost like having a conversation. …

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Midlife Crisis Dance Party / Ray Serebrin

Ray Serebrin began working at KRAB-FM in Seattle in 1969 and was involved in community radio on and off until joining KPTZ in 2012. Ray’s program, the Midlife Crisis Dance Party, is a mixture of music, vaguely annoying comments, and hallucinatory features. Ray worked in libraries for 40 years, starting as a janitor and finishing as the director of the …

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Morning on the Salish / Chris Bricker

Morning on the Salish airs every Tuesday from 10 to noon. An actor and performer for many years, Chris Bricker graduated from California State University, San Jose, with a B.A. in Theater Arts. After travels around Europe for a year, he did a stint at KTAO FM radio in Los Gatos CA as a show host. He is a graduate …

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Music to My Ears / Dalana

Wednesdays from 4 to 5 pm it’s “Music To My Ears” with a repeat Saturdays at 1 pm – which means I play music from multiple genres and generations. Music that moves me to dance, cry, laugh, think, get goosebumps, reminisce, or to join in with harmony. You can expect to hear everything from the Mills Brothers to Led Zeppelin. …

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Nature Now Team

KPTZ’s Nature Now presents eclectic and authentically local news, insights and observations about the natural world around us. Anything that grabs the attention of the Nature Now team can be heard on these weekly shows: birds and bees, flowers and trees, the weather and the stars – everything from microscopic Salish Sea plankton to ecosystem dynamics in a changing world. …

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Odds and Ends / Phil Rome

“The unusual is my bag,” says Phil Rome of his show, Odds and Ends, which airs Wednesday afternoons 1 to 3. His music is hard to contain in a single designation. It seems to cover nearly everything under the sun and you will rarely hear his selections played anywhere else. Forced to define his taste, he says it’s mostly music …

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Old Time Radio / Wendell Ankeny and Bill Putney

Wendell Ankeny and Bill Putney are “The Old Time Radio Guys”. Old Time Radio airs Sundays from 6-8 pm, bringing you the best of radios’s Golden Age. Wendell grew up on the prairies of Minnesota when dust and radio drama wafted across the landscape and washed over the impressionable lad. Later he turned his significant talents to radio broadcasting at …

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Our Town / Maryanne McNellis

Our Town airs Tuesdays from noon to 12:30 and Thursdays from 5:30 to 6 pm. Host Maryanne McNellis has worked for the Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Business Week Magazine and several other American publications. She lived in Canada for many years and edited The Financial Post, the Canadian equivalent of the Wall Street Journal. In addition, she …

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Over Easy / Eva

Through April 16, 2017, Eva brought 5 years of mellow music each Sunday afternoon during her Sunday Over Easy Show, a mixture of bluegrass, movie soundtracks, female pop vocalists, sweet harmonizing duos and more. Previously, she and DJ Max hosted a Thursday evening show, Zigging and Zagging, which featured in-studio musical guests and interviews. We thank her for her years …

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Pleasures and Treasures / Marcia Perlstein

Pleasures and Treasures airs Mondays at 5 pm and Thursday at noon. Says host Marcia Perlstein: As Your Friendly Neighborhood Interviewer, I consider myself homeroom in bringing our community conversations, which tap the talents and dreams of our neighbors. Treasures and Pleasures cuts across categories and includes people representing all manner of cultural expression, invention and thought. We have our …

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Plugged-In Planet / Susan Bublitz

Susan’s “Plugged-in Planet” is where you’ll hear “the other world music”.  It airs Saturdays, 6-8 p.m and repeats Thursdays, 10-12 a.m. Susan Bublitz brings us music from all of the four corners of the globe that can include anything from world folk, rock & hip-hop to electronica, lounge and reggae or “anything that amuses me. I attempt to showcase the …

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Progressive Tracks / Mike Pollack (DJ Mike)

Progressive Tracks airs Mondays, 9 to 10 pm. Says DJ Mike, aka Mike Pollack: Having an older sister (Elvis era) and brother (Beatles era), I started loving music at an early age. But when I first heard Ian Anderson growl those famous lyrics from “Aqualung” (“Snot is running down his nose……greasy fingers….smeary, shabby clothes.”) I knew I’d found MY music …

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Sing It, Sister! / Ellen Bonjorno

Beginning in September, from 7 to 8pm each Friday, KPTZ airs encore recordings of Ellen Bonjorno’s excellent Sing It, Sister! show. She’s has been a dance & party DJ for over 30 years, and has always enjoyed introducing her audience to music they may never have heard, putting those “new” songs together with classics we all know and love. Inspired …

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Spool Going Round / Mike Sierociuk

Mike started his broadcast career in Community radio at KRVM in Eugene OR. He then had the good fortune of being a DJ on commercial radio stations: WRNR in Annapolis MD, KINK FM 102 in Portland OR, and KMTT “The Mountain” in Seattle WA. He finds himself back on a great community radio station in this wonderful arts community of …

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Stringband Theory / Dave Long

Dave Long comes to KPTZ with more than 25 years of community radio experience, all volunteer. Dave’s musical passion is to share traditional styles and sources revolving around fiddle music. “Stringband Theory” is an eclectic mix of traditional songs, ballads, hoedowns, and dance music from Celtic lands, Canada, Appalachia, and all across the US. Listen to “Stringband Theory” Thursdays from …

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That Cardboard Box / Donn Trethewey

Donn Trethewey grew up in a home filled with classical music. And music from Chuck Berry and Little Richard, Buddy Holly, and Elvis what’s-his-name. All kinds of music. Still, it all still makes perfect sense. Bartok, Berry, The Beach Boys, and Beethoven, and Gavin Bryars . . they all work together. It was easy to hum parts of Copland’s Appalachian …

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The Class of… / Jerry Osborne

As far back as he can remember, Jerry Osborne has proudly stated “music is my life.” And he isn’t kidding. His desire to play music on the radio became a reality in 1961, when he became the DJ at his high school in Los Angeles. Three years later, he got his first full-time (and paying!) radio show on KREO in …

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Thursday Night Live / Lukewarm and Big Red

Port Townsend High School seniors Lukewarm and Big Red are a recent addition to our DJ roster.  They host Thursday Night Live from 9 to 10 pm, connecting with teens and announcing school activities. You can contact them at

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Tossed Salad / Phil Andrus

In 1972, while seeking the return of a drill I had loaned for the construction of the new KRAB FM studio (Seattle, 107.7, really “the end”), I spoke with the station manager about the station’s lack of folk music in its programming. One week and five minutes of board operation training later, I was the host of “The Folk Show”, …

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Unlaced Strings / Gail Pruitt

Gail Pruitt and Robin Ditzler take turns on Unlaced Strings which airs Sunday 4-6 pm. Says Gail, “It became clear at an early age I wasn’t a child prodigy or genius. And the prognosis hasn’t changed, though I’m still working 50 years later at becoming a child prodigy. My mother did say I showed interest in music at a very …

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Unlaced Strings / Robin Ditzler

All throughout her personal and professional life, Robin has rarely claimed to be an expert at anything, but she often knows a little bit about a lot of different things. The same holds true with Classical Music – she may not be an expert, but she knows what she enjoys listening to.  And she also likes to learn more about …

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