Stories from the MLCDP

This quirky podcast from KPTZ offers lighthearted tales from near and far, celebrating the absurdity of life on planet earth. Stories from the Midlife Crisis Dance Party air on the station every Thursday afternoon between 3 to 5pm, with your irreverent host Ray Serebrin. 

  • (December 26, 2023 – You May Already Be A Weiner) Gambling for Chotchkes with the Publisher’s Clearinghouse.

  • (December 19, 2023 – Mac Man) Inside the Macaroni and Cheese Industrial Complex.

  • (December 12, 2023 – Ariadne’s Thread and the Big Unwinding) Lost in the bureaucratic maze

  • (December 5, 2023 – Nothing is What It Is) Nothing is what it seems; and what it is, is incomprehensible.

  • (November 27, 2023 – The Rise of the Computers) From punchcards to annihilation.

  • (November 20, 2023 – Another Bargain with God)

  • (November 15, 2023 – Workplace Wisdom) Don’t dip your tie in company ink.

  • (November 6, 2023 – I Fought the Dust and the Dust Won) Entropy prevails, regardless of our deliberate machinations.

  • (October 30, 2023 – Life is Short) It’s not a cabaret or a carnival – though it is a bit of a circus.

  • (October 23, 2023 – Another Crappy Story) Ray explores the crapulent mire of theoretical effluvium.