Stories from the MLCDP

This quirky podcast from KPTZ offers lighthearted tales from near and far, celebrating the absurdity of life on planet earth. Stories from the Midlife Crisis Dance Party air on the station every Thursday afternoon between 3 to 5pm, with your irreverent host Ray Serebrin. 

  • (May 29, 2023 – Black Holes) Black Holes for Dummies by a black hole ignoramus.

  • (May 22, 2023 – Getting Ready for Retirement) Ray shares a collection of inspiring and harrowing stories from the AARP magazine.

  • (May 15, 2023 – Learning to Dress Myself, Part 3) The Hippy Years.

  • (May 8, 2023 – Learning to Dress Myself, Part 2) The primitive years.

  • (May 1, 2023 – Learning to Dress Myself, Part 1) The primordial years.

  • (April 24, 2023 – The Boy Who Ate Dirt) With ruminations on the nature and composition of topsoil.

  • (April 10, 2023 – Driving into the Sunset with Mommy and Daddy) Driving with the family was both a weird journey and a strange trip.

  • (April 3, 2023 – Bowling for Dollars) It’s time for a real bowl game…with a real bowl!!

  • (March 27, 2023 – Mortality and Beans) Life is good, except when it’s bad, so cover yourself with beans for the ultimate experience in self-realization.

  • (March 20, 2023 – Autumn is a Big Mess) Ray’s obsessive need for control falls by the wayside when Autumn arrives.