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Pandemic Musical Time Capsule Show on KPTZ

Photo by Zach Jablonski/Peninsula Daily News

The Port Townsend Science Technology Engineering and Math Club is celebrating its 10th year, and to commemorate a decade of science and service, the club is presenting the Jefferson County Pandemic Musical Time Capsule. This special radio broadcast will showcase music and poetry submitted by the community, and will be hosted by  KPTZ’s Al Bergstein and STEM Club ambassador Ella Ashford. This hour long program airs live on KPTZ, Tuesday June 22 from 6-7pm.

2021 Graduation Ceremony Broadcasts

KPTZ congratulates the classes of 2021 on their achievements and is pleased to present broadcasts of the Port Townsend and Chimacum High School Graduation Ceremonies, live from Memorial Field in Port Townsend. Port Townsend’s commencement ceremony was broadcast live on Friday, June 11 on KPTZ, and was hosted by KPTZ’s Larry Stein with Port Townsend High School’s longtime Secretary Jan Boutilier as co-host. Listen here:

Chimacum’s ceremony was broadcast on Saturday June 12 on KPTZ, and was hosted by KPTZ’s Peter Robinson, with Chimacum High School’s Matt Orr as co-host. Listen here:

These graduation presentations were produced in collaboration with The Production Alliance and the Port Townsend and Chimacum School Districts. In the spirit of community, Graduation broadcast sponsors are: Finnriver: Farm and Cider Garden, and Corvus Crafts: Print, Design, and Marketing. Thanks from KPTZ to our valued business supporters and community partners.

Senior Spotlight – Pierre Ballou

(Airdate: June 8, 2021) In another interview done by PTHS Senior Emillia Nunn, Pierre Ballou is a graduating Senior in the class of 2021. His wide range of interests span from the history and lore behind Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings, to a long-time interest in the animal world.  Pierre outlines his upcoming trip to volunteer with an animal rescue organization in Africa.

Senior Spotlight ~ Zinnia Hansen

(Airdate: June 1, 2021) Host-producer Emillia Nunn (PTHS 2021) talks with classmate Zinnia Hansen, PTHS Senior 2021, an active young writer, with stories and poems published in various magazines and newspapers, including the New York Times.

Senior Spotlight – Finn O’Donnell

(Airdate: April 27, 2021) Host-producer Emillia Nunn (PTHS 2021) talks with classmate Finn O’Donnell, who describes his involvement in the Mock Trial program for High Schools.

Redhawk Radio: Senior Spotlight

A new radio feature by and about Port Townsend High School students. It’s Redhawk Radio! A series of 10-minute interviews with members of the PTHS Senior class of 2021 who will share their stories of graduating high school in this most unusual year. The program is produced and hosted by Emillia Nunn, PTHS Senior. Episode #1 will air Tuesday April 6 at 5:15pm and will repeat Thursday April 8 at noon.

#159 Isabel Hammet, PTHS H.S. grad

(Airdate: August 25, 2020) UNIVERSITY BOUND IN THE COVID ERA. Our Town Host Maryanne McNellis interviews Izzy (Isabel) Hammett, a member of the Port Townsend High School Class of 2020. It was a weird senior year. Izzy is dyslectic and says online learning was quite difficult. But she was determined to succeed. She went for every extra credit that she could. It paid off – she raised her “Bs” to “As” and won the prestigious Andy Palmer Scholarship. Izzy was accepted into her dream college, PLU (Pacific Lutheran University). The PTHS class of 2020 had no prom. And avid athlete Izzy also saw team sports cancelled. Graduation at the Drive-In was – well – unique experience. This fall PLU has announced that it’s online learning. Like most entering freshmen, Izzy would love to have the full college experience, including the dorm room. But she wants to go into psychology and is willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

PTHS Class of 2020 Graduation Shout Out Route on KPTZ

KPTZ and Port Townsend High School present the Class of 2020 Shout Out Route on Friday, June 12 from 3 to 5pm. The 2020 graduates of Port Townsend High School will be honored with a live broadcast as they ride in a procession of cars throughout town, ending up at the Wheel-In Theatre for their commencement ceremony.

KPTZ Subversive Rhythm DJ David Bonobo & KPTZ Beach Rumble DJ Ruby Fitch were on the 91.9FM airwaves as the graduates assemble in their cars, and throughout the route. They played music, shout-outs, and aired live on-location updates from longtime PTHS celeb Jan Boutilier. If you didn’t tune in at the time to cheer this year’s graduates on their route through Port Townsend’s streets, you can listen below:

Graduation Drive, Hour 1
Graduation Drive, Hour 2

KPTZ’s 1st Ever Sports Broadcast ~ What a Game!

The KPTZ Remote Crew Keep It Easy from above Memorial Field’s 50-yard line at Friday night’s awesome face off between the Port Townsend High Redhawks and the Chimacum Cowboys. (l-r: Remote lead Mike Carroll, DJ hosts Peter Robinson and Kurt Munnich, and co-announcer Matt Orr)

This rivalry football game between the Cowboys of Chimacum and the Redhawks of Port Townsend was exciting from start to finish. With only a breath of time left on the game clock, the Redhawks found the end zone for a 24 to 22 victory over the Cowboys. 

The Redhawks, who took possession of the ball following a Chimacum touchdown, used its powerful ground game to move the ball to the one-yard line, only to have a penalty move the ball back to the six. Mere seconds remained on the game clock. PT had to hustle into position to get one last play off before time ran out. Quarterback Noa Montoya took the snap and threw a quick pass to running back Dylan Tracer near the right sideline. Under extreme duress from Chimacum’s charging defense, Dylan lofted a short pass over the defense to an open Josh Davis in the end zone. Zeros on the game clock! Game over. PT wins! The Cowboys’ 22 to 18 lead had become a 24 to 22 victory for the Redhawks. Pandemonium ruled the stands, including our three KPTZ announcers. The fact that the play was drawn up on the fly by Noa and Dylan greatly adds to the legendary status of this truly great game! We’ll be back next year for another evening of high school football excitement.