Larry Stein Interviews

Interview with Jim Page

Jim Page, veteran Singer-Songwriter and Street Musician, appeared at Rainshadow Recording Concerts at the Palindrome, on September 16, 2023. He spoke with KPTZ host Chris Bricker and shared some of his new music on KPTZ  on Wednesday, September 13.

Northwind Art – Grover Gallery exhibition

(Airdate: May 16, 2022) Some Mornings: Paintings by Meg Kazcyk from poems by Linda M. Robertson.
Larry Stein interviews painter Meg Kaczyk and poet Linda M. Robertson about their exhibition pairing poems by Robertson with paintings by Kaczyk, inspired by those poems.The exhibition is on view through May 30.

Bring Your Records – Shelby Silver

(Airdate: June 30, 2021) Shelby Silver, a teaching environmental artist at Northwind Art, will be teaching Kaleidoscope from the Sea:  Art with Plastic Debris from our Waters.  Classes July 21 and 22 at the Northwind Art classroom building at Fort Worden. July 21 for young people, July 22 for all ages.

Bring Your Records – Janette Force

(Airdate: April 21, 2021) Guest Janette Force, Executive Director of the PT Film Festival, talks withLarry Stein about the upcoming Women & Film Festival 2021, which runs from April 23 through May 2. Passes are available through

Bring Your Records – Katie Semro

(Airdate: April 14, 2021) Katie Semro, audio producer of Blue DressTransmission Times, and the upcoming Mother, Mine series, talks with Larry Stein about crafting audio pieces from first person stories of contributors from all over the country. Her work has been heard on KPTZ and 38 other radio stations in the country, as well as on podcast services. 

Bring Your Records – Andrea Love and Phoebe Wahl

(Airdate: April 7, 2021) Larry Stein interviews Andrea Love and Phoebe Wahl, creators of the new animated film Tulip, a modern take on the fairy-tale Thumbelina. The film was produced in the Port Townsend animation studio of animator Andrea Love, in collaboration with Phoebe Wahl, an illustrator and writer based in Bellingham. The film is stop-motion animation, using wool, felt and fiber as the main materials. The film is part of the Seattle International Film Festival 2021, running online April 8-18 ( Tulip is in the Family Picture Show program. For info on the film go to

Bring Your Records – Alice Howe and Freebo, Wayne Horvitz

(Airdate: August 5, 2020) Bring Your Records host Larry Stein brought three musicians familiar to Port Townsend music lovers, and KPTZ listeners. They talked about how they are maintaining their sanity and music life during this difficult break in “music as we normally perform and share it.”

Alice Howe and Freebo have performed a number of times in the Port Townsend area, and have played live on KPTZ. They each spoke with Larry from separate locations in Los Angeles.

Wayne Horvitz is a composer, bandleader and performer based in Seattle. He has performed many times in Port Townsend, taught at Centrum’s music festivals, and appeared on KPTZ. He and his wife Robin Holcomb, are co-founders of The Royal Room in Columbia City, Seattle. On KPTZ we often speak with, and play the music of, artists who are performing at the Royal Room. It has become a major stop on national and regional tours of adventurous musicians. Wayne spoke with Larry from Seattle.

Bring Your Records – Carla Main, Rocky Friedman, Mary Hilts, Mike Grady

(Airdate: April 22, 2020) KPTZ’s Bring Your Records host Larry Stein interviewed four Port Townsend notables about their lives and work in this pandemic period.
Guests included:

Carla Main: Vocalist and former Centrum Board President
Rocky Friedman: Owner since 1992 of the Rose Theatre
Mary Hilts: Centrum’s Acoustic Blues Program Manager
Mike Grady: Writer, co-producer, and performer in KPTZ’s Death of Comedy.

Bring Your Records – Anna Quinn and Teresa Verraes

(Airdate: April 8, 2020) KPTZ’s Bring Your Records host Larry Stein interviewed four Port Townsend notables about their lives and work in this pandemic period.
Guests included:

Anna Quinn: Author, Founder of Writers’ Workshoppe, and former co-owner of Imprint Books
Teresa Verraes: Executive Director of PT School of the Arts